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    Doni Glover

    Always glad to hear of African-African American economic cooperation. Very interested in learning more about opportunities in Botswana, one of the largest diamond reserves in the world (to my knowledge).

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    I think you’re correct. My understanding is Botswana transformed from an agricultural-based economy in the 1960s to a country that has consistently displayed one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. The diamond production has spurred that growth. A number of people (and governments) see Africa as a key global market for the next 20 years.

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    This is powerful> < We all need keep an eye of this one … 2040 …

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    Derek Mangum

    I am currently in early phase development of outlining potential real estate projects in Africa with a biz partner who is living in there. Would love to bounce ideas around with anyone that’s interested.

    Countries of interest: Morocco, Gabon, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana. Tx – Derek

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    Jen Bennett

    Very helpful – Thanks Norm!
    @Derek Mangum – Get in touch with me at I have others with interest in real estate projects in Africa as well.

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