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    this is a great post! And it’s the exact reason I say we can’t be mad @ “them” for not “taking care” of us. Every other nationality built their own schools and neighborhoods and took care of themselves and we can to and here’s the proof. We must stop consuming first and find ways to pool our money and put it to use educating our children. It should be a school for us built by us in every major city. We can’t complain about needing help and @ the same time spend a trillion dollars a year on crap we don’t need.

    I hear ppl say that republicans saying personal responsibility is hypocritical but how can that be when we really do have the means to take care of our selves?? We can no longer expect to be taken care of. We gotta take care of ourselves… This is what Obama was trying to say, but since the truth hurts we got offended like we have a right to spend our money on BS and expect a handout. Us black ppl need to wake up! We need to get back on that Marcus Garvey tip, Do For Self!!! You know why Obama wouldn’t use that language with any other group?? because he wouldn’t have to!!!! We’re the ones who have step our games up. It’s gonna be hard, really hard but we are our own responsibility and until we see this as true we won’t ever reach our true potential.

    here’s a link to a black owned internet bank
    every black person should have @ least a small savings account here. Do your home work on them and open an account.
    I love love love my ppl and I know for a fact we can and will get our sh*t together… Just gotta change our thinking…

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