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    Hopefully this is a wake up call for our people to reject any & all businesses that disrespect & refuse to invest in our communities. I see from this article though, some of our people remain asleep.

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    Harkhuf Tehuti

    The asian was correct on at least one account, we need to go back home but many of us are too blind to see it, too bad! We aren’t and never were slaves as we’re not slavic. Instead we are 4th generation kidnappees which is a federal offense punishable in federal court if we were to unite as one and sue the entire government. Their greatiest achievment has been fooling us into having little to no interest in going back to the home of our DNA where all the riches are! Stop protesting and give them back their stuff and have our own stuff in our own homeland!

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    The racist undertone of the Chinese man’s insult is clearly evident, but if we as Africans want to be honest, we really should, as a people, start considering returning to Africa. Not only because the Chinese are doing it themselves in the form of economic investment in African resources, but it is time that we too take a long hard look at where we are 150 years after the end of chattel slavery.

    It is time to stop investing in hope (like buying lottery tickets) and pool our resources to develop banks, businesses, and most importantly a mindset that identifies with Africa, (which is the richest continent on Earth in terms of natural resources) and develop a long term strategy to reclaim, return to, and develop African-centered frameworks of education, culture, and consciousness.

    Playtime is over.

    There is something seriously amiss if immigrants can go to the US and just days of the plane or boat have businesses opened in the African cmmunity and Africans, espcially members of the NAACP and Nation of Islam are doing little to nothing to promte, train, nor encourage Africans to enter the business world themselves. Start a training and investment program and compete with the business owners that insult you, don’t just stop at a boycott.

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    The Asians told him to “He said ‘you’re a slave and you all should go back to Africa,’” Well I consider that to be a blessing in disguise. When will we as a people understand this. Hell we are comparing ourselkves with whites while Asian household income is 25% higher than whites. Until Blacks understand they should be the ones who are exploiting the consumptive habits of their own. They should be the ones who are supplying the produced and manufactuired goods they need to sustain themselves. They should be the ones who control the economy with the populous areas they reside and not an immigrant who has traveled from 12 time zones away. That they must connect to the African Continient as a hub … a HOME BASE to achieve this by working in conjunction with Black Africans as we see that Asian doing with his homeland too. We should thank that Chinaman for the harsh wake up call he delivered in time for the holiday spirit.

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    He told the owner to go back to China first. What goes around comes around.

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    They are both at wrong, whether who started first. Exactly, what goes around comes around. We all loose.

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