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    SOVEREIGN brother from Maryland. I too have been studying the Britsh copyright legal system from england for many years!When i got the email on adverse possesson and look at this great brother with knowledge of the hidden adverse possession it didn’t take me long to understand what he was doing. I did my own research on the adverse possession that legal in the Unite States. I have since aquiring his affidivat of adverse possession, I have now took adverse possession of an illegal foreclosure home appraised around $400,000.00 and the person who abandoned the home didn’t realiz that the signing of the promessary note paid the house in full because the slick bankers flip the note over and stamped on the note paid in full-torned the promessary note into to a check but not revealed to the purshaser. Fraud on top of Fraud and now i have several adverse houses and this is all i will do the rest of my life! One of the problem with adverse possession is the the electric wants you to bring a Deed to the property to activate your electricy! In such a situation you have to remind the corporation that are the trutees of you estate and they have a fuduciaty dutey to carrty out the wishes of the OCCUPANT OF EXECUTOR OFFICE, when i sent a letter to Pepco reming them of that, they sent me a conformation number for my utitliteis being turned on the 15th of Semtember and use the word estate instead of property because the word estate includes all and any

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    Ken Robinson the “brother” was evicted! Adverse possession is an urban
    myth and Ken Robinson the dumb dumb is back in the hood where he belongs!

    So much for getting a house for $16.00 “brother” dumb dumb!

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