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    While I do not subscribe to the silly theories that of social justice, this is beyond absurd. First there should be no difference in the quality of schools-BUT you can thank the federal government & the Dept of Education for that-if schools were controlled locally as they were meant to be there would not be the difference. As a mother/parent I consider this Judge’s response absurd. Where were all the bleeding heart liberals that are always running their mouths. Where was Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, all the other race mongers including the NAACP, why did they not offer & provide legal services for this woman-who clearly did not get punishment to fit the crime. As usual with liberals they want to bitch & complain yet will not do anything concrete to help anyone, they like having their “poor” class they have to maintain this group to keep any power at all.

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    Leexan Hong

    I think the saddest part about this story is the fact that they took away her ability to get her teaching degree. This “punishment” seems to go against all that the criminal justice system should be about.

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    Shannon LC Cate

    My white family did this exact same thing–crossed state lines, in fact–to get my younger brother into a public school in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri–on the wealthier, whiter, Kansas side of town. Used a business address for over a year.

    Raise your hand if you’re also white and have done this or know someone who has. Anybody go to jail? Didn’t think so.

    White Supremacy is alive and well, step out of your place and you’ll find out soon enough. And this woman wanted to be a TEACHER? This really needs to be picked up by the ACLU or someone who can help her appeal/counter sue the school system.

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    Khalid Moffitt

    This is blatant disrespect to the African Americans of so called America who live in poor neighborhoods or “The Hood”?This woman did something wrong by not….DID NOTHING WRONG!She registered the girls at their fathers home&they lived w/her?If it was a public school,why is their tuition that calls for restitution when that money can be transfered&the girls can continue to stay there??WHY….BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN…BLACK…NIGGAS…This is a classic case of racism because they’re charged w/Grand Theft even though the father lived in that district???A white racist parent got fed up&investigated the entire record of the girls&then called the racist ohio police to help.

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    Since when is wanting your children to get a better education a crime? I pray she gets this case overturned!

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    Marcus Garvey

    And Black people wish to remain in America for…..remind me again? I laugh at reports like these b/c everyday as life passes us by I don’t know if it’s obvious to the masses but it’s time for Blacks to stop complaining, whining getting mad when we see and read stories like this. we’re NEVER going to get a fair shake in this plantation called america, let’s face it. Pack your shit and bounce. Life is so much more beautiful and fulfilling elsewhere. The greatest advice we never took from white folks is……drum roll please………GO BACK TO AFRICA! When I would hear that as a kid I was offended but ya know what, that’s the best idea the cave man has ever bestowed upon us. That should be our new aim in 2011. Let’s go home! and see how this place functions without their negroes.

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    Myckal Josephs

    She used HER fathers address, not the childrens’ father.

    Ofcourse the punishment no where fits the ‘crime’ but she did break the law.

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    Jessica L. Stewart

    Another piece of evidence that proves racism is still alive and kicking!! I mean, seriously, sentence someone to 10 days in jail and 3 yrs probation for trying to provide a better education for her children?? Isn’t that what we all want – a better future for our children? And THEN to prohibit this woman from becoming a teacher so that she can make a difference, not only in her own children’s lives, but in the lives of other children as well! I hope that the ACLU and/or the NAACP gets involved. This is ridiculous!!

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    This is why we as african Americans all ways try to cheat the system because when we try to do the right things they use dumb pityful laws against us this is a very heart breaking story all she wanted was a better life for her self I can’t believe a DA would even take a case like this court are you white people still mad we have a black president ?? Get over it man and let us live as one slavery time is over stop trying to hold us down this is posed to be america the land of dreams yet can can we live our dreams when they keep getting smashed

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    fed up

    Bet it was an all white jury that convicted her.

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    Little Kiwi

    This is nothing but plain old fashioned racism, and it’s literally making me feel sick to my stomach.

    Even uglier is the comment from “victoria_29” who sounds like one more white Conservative bigot who should do us all a favor and get sterilized.

    This story is about the ongoing racial inequality and injustice in America and that idiot Victoria, no doubt sitting pretty in her white vanilla Republican cocoon, turns it into a slam against “liberals”

    what a pig.

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    I heard about this the other day and I tried to avoid the story because it hurts my heart that our children aren’t allowed to have the same exceptional education as white kids. Hell Black Brown Red Yellow…all of us. And the fact that he took away her ability to get a job as a teacher? To futher educate other children and make a better life for her kids? He WANTS her to stay on welfare. That’s such bullshit. That’s why I believe that black kids should hvae their own schools. From K3 on up…I just can’t with that story right now.


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    Paul Anderson

    How is helping your kids to a better education a bloody crime? I’m a British white guy living in California where this shit would never fly….bloody racist facist white courts punishing people for being black. It’s racism pure and simple.

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    My own parents did this. Although my sister lived with my mother full time, my father’s house (less than a mile away) was in the town where we grew up, so they used his address so my sister could stay in the same school. Both towns were predominantly white, and I know many other people that did similar things and can not thing of anybody being jailed over it!

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    The underlying story here is about quality of education. Many of you are thinking that the “rich, white” school spends more money on the students than the “poor, black” school, but that simply isn’t the case. Most inner city schools (poor, mostly minorities) spent MORE per student than the suburban “white” schools.

    The issue of a “bad” school goes back to the attitude of the students as well as their parents and teachers. I’ve observed many younger black student who didn’t want to do well in school because they would be called too “white.” What is that?
    In Harlem there is a charter school that is almost all minority, but the “don’t give a shit” attitude isn’t tolerated – from ANYBODY (students or parents). Black people need to stand up and realize that a “black” school isn’t a bad school – not try to cheat the tax system and send kids to a different town.

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    Good grief

    Yeah, don’t focus on her breaking the law, focus on her skin color. Don’t focus on her life decisions that keeps her in the projects, or section 8 government housing, focus on her skin color. Don’t focus on the father who COULD have let the kids live with him and go to school in the district, focus on her skin color. Keep perpetuating that culture of victimhood and blaming race. That has been working so well so far.

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    I’d like to beat the spit out of the judge, i’m sure im commiting some type of crime by saying this. the problem with that is, i don’t really care I’d say it to the judges face! A bunch od bs, I thought we were beyond this! My 2 13 year olds go to a ghetto school but speak proper english are well behaved and well dressed awe live in a decent mostly white neighborhood, in a nice big home. Wonder what would happen to me.

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    Dr. Boyce, I agree with just about everything you write. However, I think you could accomplish more if you focused less on the racial aspect of this case and more on the socioeconomic aspect of the case. There are plenty of poor white people suffering the same abuses as they struggle to deal with “the system” and the odds stacked against them. Once black and white stop fighting and blaming each other and start focusing on the REAL problem—ECONOMIC INEQUALITY–then together black and white can fight against the REAL enemy—those that have all the money and power. The battle lines are NOT based on color of skin, they are based on wealth and the lack of wealth.

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    You can sign the online petition Calling for Reduction on Appeal of Ms. Kelley Williams-Bolar’s Unfair Sentencing for Fraud and Theft here;

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    That is so draconian and speaks of white racial supremacy of course all eyes will be on the movement of the President! This is where I want to see Michelle at work! This is where there has to be swift law changes within the education system in the USA.
    OF course all eyes of the world will be focused on OHIO and THE SENATE AS WELL AS THE WHITE HOUSE!

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    this is a damn shame.  a mother who wants more for her children and for herself is now barred from doing just that. the crime here is in a system that shuts her out of opportunities to provide a better life for her family. where will the kids go when she’s in jail? what will they take away from all of this?

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    Their is nothing more stupid then putting someone in prison garb and
    a trial over this. The idiots who pursued need a attitude check. Just because
    they can dont mean they should. I dont have unyielding repsect for our law system
    its a elitist club that can easily be manipulated an uses glorified latin terms to seperate
    itself from common folk. No one could grasp the concept of a fine? Its public school she uses the rich district and her old district gains a bonus. the point is a school is supposed to be safe and the same as the rest so this wouldnt have to happen.

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    trena woodson

    Where is the children’s father. Leaving them living in the projects. Women. You need to form a family with childrens fathers toraise them. If not. They will et short end of the stick. Perhaps both parents together could move to proper bounderies. The school did an unjust thing just like their father did to them. That mother needs astrong family man by her side. We as a black race need to practice family before practing sex. Then it should be safe sex. Wake up. Our children should not be used to right wrongs of this world. Food stamps. Clinics. Financial aide. We must look at life before we make a move. Do it for our children. Perhaps two working parents could move in a better school system. This is the change obama wants. No babies no problems. Look inside. Hopefully that mother will reach out to the. Fathers. Mother and fathers when you decide you want to walk away from you families because you are weak this is the beginng of making your children 3/5 of a person. I am an african american who knew what was needed to provide a competitive edge in life. I actually wanted six children but stopped at 2 adopted another. A that was number that we coud have provided for

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    This is total Disrespect if I had enough money I would buy them a Home in that district and hire them a Real Lawyer to fight this … Just a very unfortunate situation very sad Day ..

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    Jessica Mokrzycki

    All of America’s children should be able to have great educations…this story makes me so angry! I agree with some of the other commentators…what good is this going to acheive? Especially for her children and family? She might lose her job…this does not add to America’s prosperity and is a ridiculous punishment.

    I pray those in this nation open up to compassion for others more. If we only reorganized our priorities there would be enough for all children in this country to have a great education.

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    The system is so screwed up. They are always making an example out of black people, dont let them know in the system how well your doing and never been in trouble as a black person, they will chew you up and spit you out.Most people can say what they want, the system is very hard on black people even if your at your best. They are more harder on first time offenders than they are on repeat offenders.The system gets a kick out of taking black people names under and dont think twice about it. IT IS WHAT IT IS AND ITS UNFAIR.

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    This is so sad all the mother wanted was something better for her kids and now she is jailed and bared from being a role model to other kids.

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    We are white, and our daughter lived with us in a predominately black suburb of Wash DC. She had lived with her grandmother in England for a few years and did very well in “good” schools.

    When she moved back with us, we tried to cross the tracks to get her into a better school than the one she was designated. it too was predominately black, just a better school. When our daughter mistakenly spoke up and we were caught trying to enroll her, we were threatened with legal action. We were forced back into the “2cd worst school in MD”. With-in a year student, an prior A student who could fluently speak french, was failing French 1, as well as the rest of her classes.

    She ran away from home from all of our efforts to keep her focused on learning. The cops would not bring her back because it was “not illegal for a 16yr old to run away”. She dropped out, married her drop outed boyfriend, has two kids, and no jobs for either the past 3 years. Bad schools are bad schools, no matter the color of skin.

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    Ashley D

    I have to say that while I think the punishment for this woman trying to offer her children a better life is completely insane, I don’t necessarily agree with the comments on “white racial supremacy.” I think that we should be focusing on the issue at hand instead of making this another story about racism. The fact of the matter is when something like this happens to a black family the first thing people want to do is yell racism. Afterwards everyone starts yelling about how if the person was white it would be different. Can I ask how is that any different? Do people not think that claiming that the whites get some sort of pass isn’t racist? All I’m saying is that this is a poor judgement call on the judge’s behalf. A person made a mistake and the judge was apparently on some sort of power trip, but I don’t think it’s fair to assume racism. For God’s sake our President is black, don’t you think that pulling the race card is a little played out. While racism still unfortunately exists, it is not as predominant as everyone who is responding to this article is making it out to be. In addition, racism works BOTH ways so when people are spouting off
    “it’s time for Blacks to stop complaining, whining getting mad when we see and read stories like this. we’re NEVER going to get a fair shake in this plantation called america, let’s face it. Pack your shit and bounce. Life is so much more beautiful and fulfilling elsewhere. The greatest advice we never took from white folks is……drum roll please………GO BACK TO AFRICA! (Marcus Garvey)”

    it not only makes you sound ignorant, but proves that you are pulling the race card instead of facts. These kinds of things happen to all different races so people need to get over themselves as well as their “entitlement” attitudes.

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    Not A Racist..A Realist

    I guess I’m the only one in here who doesn’t think this is a racial issue, rather an issue of BREAKING THE LAW. She broke the law no doubt. Why send her to jail though? So our taxes can give her room and board and free meals for a couple weeks? Simply put her on probation and make her pay rather than us.

    And she was in a quest to become a teacher? Please…Stop trying to gain sympathy from people who actually ARE teachers and actually contribute to society. Get a job, climb the ladder of success, and maybe you will be able to move out of the projects and into that school system you desire.

    Your attitude of entitlement is what is draining our country’s economy.

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    Is there a law against this or not?

    If there is, then both parties have to agree. You can’t just use up someone’s tax dollars because you like it.

    While the outcome may be de facto racist, the law is the law. You can’t just send your kids whe…rever you want. If your parents did, it was a mutual agreement. I know when I went to school in another county, it involved taxes from my county going to that county, it wasn’t an open door.

    And yea, she lied on applications too, saying the kids lived where they did not.

    Just because you are a minority doesn’t mean fraud doesn’t apply to you.

    The only problem I could possibly find here is the punishment being too harsh, not the …conviction itself.

    Similarly, someone can’t just claim they live at my address and set up tents in my back yard just because my yard is nicer than there’s.

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    This just broke my heart. As a person who is where she is in life today due to my mother doing the same for her kids… it’s horrible to think that they just RUINED HER LIFE!!!

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    It’s annoying when people always try to turn everything into a race game. There are certain channels you have to go through to try and get your child placed in a school outside your distric. I was raised in suburb of MN and we moved to a house just outside of that suburb when I was in 7th grade. When the school realised it, they said I could not be there any more, my mother worked it out for me to stay that year, but 8th grade I was in a horrid inner city school. For 9th grade the nearest good school was up the street, but consider out of my distric. It had a waiting list for kids outside the district. My mother went to the school and somehow got me past the waiting list. I had friends stuck on the waiting who could not get the same treatment. Drum roll please, I’m black and most of my friends were from rich white, and hispanic families. We were poor middle class and black. My friends had previously been to nicer schools, but somehow I’m the one who got to go to our dream school. My school was diverse with rich and poor and all kinds of races. It annoys me when people try and play the race game. Sometimes you should at least try a legal means. Alot of good schools will put kids on busing programs, but instead of trying that she simply flat out lied. To make it safer, she should have maybe had the girls split their living between the two homes. It would’ve made it near impossible for them to then charge them the way they did. Or even if she had of went and flat out told them “my father lives over here and my daughters will stay with him some of the time, but they may spend alot of their time with me” she could have tried to work with the school, but instead she chose to fool them. Now the results are extremely ridiculous. Kicking them out of the school would have been heartbreak and punishment enough. BUT you cannot sit back and try and say the family is completely w/o fault for what has happened to them. They placed themselves in harms way by trying to pull one over on the system.

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    Young Dia

    First off racism is and always will exist (in our minds) because we as humans naturally fear and dislike what is different. Human Beings naturally do not understand differences. With that said, there are still many tests done racially to put these differences in perspective to everyone in the form of statistics (polls, surveys, focus groups, etc.) So Jack, Jim and Good Grief, all of you can only say a pre judged statement on inequality if you have not been on both sides of an un- equal situation. Whether it has been a racial one or a socio-economic one. I am also a graduate of central High school in philadelphia where student body is composed of many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures so i do not make my statements lightly. There are still places in America where racism and economic stature blend. This case is dominant proof of my last fact.

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    Do you have a reference for that assertion: “Most inner city schools (poor, mostly minorities) spent MORE per student than the suburban “white” schools. ”

    A quick google of my area shows the opposite.

    Cheryl (in Philadelphia)

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    As someone who works with a nonprofit and tries to provide equal care regardless of color, religion, nationality, etc., this story outrages me.

    Is there nothing we can do to change a system that continually prevents people from affording better lives for themselves and their families based on race (or other such “class distinctions”)?

    I suppose that, individually, what we can do is bring more awareness to the issue, and perhaps let those in power know that we won’t stand for it. Unfortunately, I know that change does not come overnight.

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    concerned citizen

    Technically the only crime committed was fraud. The mother received services she didn’t pay for. However, educational scholarships are available so why wasn’t she allowed those for her children. Education is a fundamental right. Parents can be arrested for not making their children go to school. This mother was working towards stopping a cycle and bettering herself and children. Where were the school vouchers that allow children to attend schools out of their district? If You ask me the real problem here is that judge. Now not only did she ruin the future of the mother to secure an education to be a contributing citizen, she has taken away the same opportunity for those kids. I worry everyday about NY children’s education, we aren’t rich by any means and I’m a single parent with 3 jobs to support them. I would do the same thing if I thought there was another school with a better educational opportunity for my kids. Unfortunately, there isn’t. All of our schools are pretty academically challenged. Good luck to this woman and her children

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    This is the stupidist waste of taxpayers money..WOW..Big crime..!!

    Guess what ~~>>we do the same as this woman did here in Hawaii all the time..Our kids arebeing watched before and after school by our parents and it makes it easier in case of an emergancy for our parents to pick the children up from school if the school is in their district…

    I think because she’s black she’s being made an example of..AND, education should be Equal for ALL children..!!!
    The Judge is an idot, taking away her teaching degree will now make it even harder for this woman..!!
    SHAME on Ohio..!!

    God bless this woman and her children..
    Education should all be EQUAL for ALL children in U.S.A…!!

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    Donald Frazell

    This is criminal, on part of the courts, where is the NAACP and ACLU? APPEAL!. This happens literally everyday all across this country, i do know of dozens of cases, and did so myself. Especially in sports, kids go live with cousins and extended family to get into better schools. Desean Jackson lived in Inglewood,CA and “moved” into the LBC with his cousin to go to Poly High School, more NFL players from there by far than any other HS.

    I know of MANY other cases, and kids often transfer to underused Fairfax and Westchester form crowded inner city schools for basketball. They are still LA unified, but monies come from the State here in Cali since Prop 13, All public school get their greatest funding from the State. No way in hell is this fraud, the FATHER lived in that district. People get good at faking lieing in areas, but even then, simply get either expelled, or more likely kept but inelligable for sports, mostly because of politics on the parts of jealous dads.

    I brought several kids in to live with me, one from out of district and i was not legal guardian. No one complained, he often went home for the weekend, but we played ball on travel teams and were often busy together. So I could got to Jail on a FELONY!! That is beyond absurd, it is criminal. Stay strong, Appeal, a circuit court will ovetturn, tehy msut. This happens in tens of thousand of cases all across our nation, and is NOT criminal.

    When my wife told me about this, I am white she is black, I said it couldn’t happen in our country anymore, it must be somehwere else. But she is from Ohio, and after HS age in Atlanta said they are more racist from frustrated bitterness by far in Ohio. Pure racism, this happens all across the country and it is PUBLIC school. Call Obama, make this a federal case, for it is.

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    Just thinking out loud, was’nt Lebron James from the projects? Did’nt he go to a all white private school? I said that to say this, if our kids don’t have anything to offer the other side,preferbly athletics & entertainment, we are considered a threat, this is nothing new in this white society & until we come together & take charge of our own, we will continue to suffer these type of injustices. I challenge everyone of the viewers who watch these injustices happen over & over again to our communities to take a stand & it starts with each & everyone of our votes. Kind of ironic that Ohio has an all white congress. Just a thought.

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    The penalty is not racist.. this ARTICLE is racist. While it is understandable why she would want her child to be sent to a more affluent school district…. what if EVERYONE did what she did with no penalty? Then no school would be able to receive the necessary funding it needed to function properly.

    Second.. she is NOT being treated as if she committed a “fourth degree felony.” I am pretty sure they get more than ten days.

  47. 42


    i just think the way this woman is being treated is disgusting. i am white, and have been lucky enough to grow up in a nice environment, but some people arent that lucky and the people who govern us dont care. they and the media always try to point out our differences; colour, income, nationality, gender, sexual preferance, etc, and they do that so they can keep the working class fighting with other working class, the downtroden fighting the downtroden, so that they, the rich, can take all our fucking money. we need to rebel and fight, but only after we educate the poor the rich the middle the black the white etc, cause only once people are EDUCATED can they take over without becoming what they hated, only the EDUCATED can successfully run a nation, a world, and guard and care for the people. educate, rebel, fight, win, govern. only in that order can we make the world a better place.

  48. 43


    This is so sad. What is message this is teaching her kids? I hope more is done.

  49. 44


    and to maria, you are wrong, education should be free for all people of all ages in all parts of the world. learning is never something you should stop trying for as you get older. knowledge is ultimate power, and once we have it, the people can rebel and take back what belongs to them. i live in the uk and we are currently having a shitty time with a conservative government cutting back on spending accross all boards and making more and more people jobless and homeless. educate, fight, rebel.

  50. 45


    This is wrong on a deep level.

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