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    Janzlou Falf

    Good storyline. I adore how black mother wanted her kids to sent in a better school. So a need for the black mother to strive hard in order to achieve the dream of her kids. Eventually that’s the time her kids will help them to do such things to make her dream come true. There are school whose looking for a aid so I guessed the kids should avail on that so that her future will be okay. Good luck to you black mom and your kids, hope someone will help you.

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    Damndif Iknow

    She broke the law by purposely and fraudlently,using the father’s address, thus make the “3rd” statement invalid! “Third, I’m not sure why the court is treating this law-abiding mom like a thug…”

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    I bleed for this family. This is SO WRONG, SO WRONG, SO WRONG! Every child is entitled to go to a good school. If I were in her shoes, I would handle it differently.

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    Her father pays taxes, her sister pays taxes, every one pays taxes. EVERYONE pays, and pays, and pays, and pays. GET REA|L.

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    it’s a sad commentary,its racism but of a different kind, rich and poor.that equates to black or white. i can see if she was pocketing the money,that would be considered fraud. the sad part is she won’t be able to pursue her dream as a teacher. the racial undertone is she wont be able to inspire other underprivilege kids as a teacher,they just snuffed out a generation of kids,of a good teacher.the laws are design to hold people back, when you defeat them , they change it.

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    To all the idiots, dumb asses, f* up, that claiming racism in this case check out this case one of the blogger posted on here…

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    The law does discriminate, that’s what law does. Many times if not all the time it is based on money. Working in a school, I’ve learned that many people attempt to put their children in a “better” school with fraudulent address and the drive alone is a great effort of dedication on the part of the parent. Money does affect where you will live and where your child will attend school. I’ve never seen someone prosecuted to this extent for such a crime. I firmly believe the punishment is too severe and would not have been if the mother had money. We all believe with enough money people have and will commit murder and walk. Need I make a list? Bottom line: I see a mother who places a strong emphasis on education – shame on you judge – your’e ignorant and an extremist. I don’t know if the courts ever did serve the people but I do know it never fails to serve itself and money. A reasonable man will always fall flat in our court system, this case is based on inequity which is prevantly the norm. BTW: Most judges and criminals tell their kids, “Do what you want, just don’t get caught.”

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    If a crime is proven and a set punishment written then we don’t need judges, do we? The judge is the human factor. I believe the judge is morally obligated to do a proper job and give consideration to cases on individual contingencies for reasonable punishment to fit the crime, as oppose to cookie stamping them out. As a previous post points out, the grandfather did live in the school district and paid taxes. Was that taken into consideration? I understand it is theft of $30,500 for two girls to attend two years. Really? Is that correct because that school sounds very poor. So how poor was the school they did not attend. My question is about the school they did not attend, what was the overall grade for that school? If the children qualified for a free or reduced lunch and the school has a poor grade, then the children qualify to go to another school district and in lieu of that,tutors,- at least where I live. This judge lost perspective on why there are judges. There was bias as it is a known fact that women judge other women harsher than women judge men. I understand that but won’t elaborate on it here. Why is the punishment harsh? If a judge is convicted of embezelling from his firm or smoking pot or whatever crime, he will not go to jail first and second his resignation as a judge is considered punishment enough and he will return to work as a lawyer. Justification for this is that to take a man’s livelihood from him is too drastic of a punishment. This theory is not unknown to any judge. And yet, What this judge doled out to this mother was in sharp contrast to that standard; admittedly knowing of the consequences she imposed onto this mother makes the decision harsh and creates a stench that we can’t eradicate.

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    Everyone seems to have forgotten the state standards that govern schools. How can one school be “better” than others? The curriculum is managed by the state to insure that all kids have access to the same education. A good parent would have pushed her children to excellence in their own school district . Moving them a few miles down the road won’t change their work ethic.

    The author claims that this woman was charged because of racial prejudice and states ” Had Ms. Williams-Bolar been white, she likely would never have been prosecuted for this crime in the first place (I’d love for them to show me a white woman in that area who’s gone to jail for the same crime).” Note that he says “in this area”… is this a deliberate attempt to ignore the fact that a white woman was tried and convicted of the same offense in new england? This is blatant race-baiting.It is true that race plays a big part in who gets charged with crimes in this country… case in point: the “jena six” Six young men who,had they been white, would have gone to prison
    The willingness to cry racism and the resulting white guilt are the two biggest obstacles to racial equality. Stop. Stop crying wolf, stop looking for klansmen behind every bush…start making your own destiny

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    Hate Tamara


    You are a true b#tch! You’d better hope that you never experience injustice as this…

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    So, all things being equal… shouldn’t the “cost” and quality of a public education in one neighboring district be equal to the cost of the education in her district? But I do see. The two districts are separate but equal. The mother broke a law, but did so in order to achieve parity in public education. How dare she want a better life for her children. The question is, would you falsify documents if you KNEW that your kids were going to receive a worthless education because you HAD to live somewhere you could afford versus somewhere that you’d like? It’s not like you can put your kids’ education on hold. Did she break the law? Yes. But we as a society should be ASHAMED that she had to.

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    Mike Davis is Pathetic

    Mike Davis is pathetic, and so is everyone else who won’t wake up to the realities of institutional racism/classism and how it affects sectors of our country such as the education system. Our education system is clearly BROKEN, and the only way to fix that is to stop blaming on an individual level and learn your HISTORY so something can be done about the future. The lawmakers from 300 years ago all the way up to the 1970s created this problem, and sugarcoating the issue by stereotyping and generalizing all poor parents and children doesn’t solve the problem. Neither does sugarcoating the issue by saying “there are examples of poor people who make it.” Truth is, hard work and determination only get you so far in education because it also has to do with luck, money, and being in the right place at the right time. How dare you blame a child for his/her bleak future when the school system they went through didn’t have the resources to put them into post-secondary education? How dare you dismiss the parents as apathetic, likely druggies? You clearly show that you have no idea about the cycle of poverty and how that relates to race and/or education.

    Regardless of the relevance of our broken education system (along with institutional racism and classism) to this particular case, and let me say that you would be blind to not see it, you cannot deny that these actual issues exist. To put it in terms of money: by this current system, the few people who indeed find educational and economic success will in no way support the growth and economic needs of this country. However, as illustrated in my aforementioned comments, this doesn’t even touch on the ethical problems with the system. We have already determined that “separate but equal” is unconstitutional, so why do we not only have education related laws based on geography but also have funding based on geography?

    Lastly, I must reiterate what the commenter before me said: “Did she break the law? Yes. But we as a society should be ASHAMED that she had to.”

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    Mike Davis is Pathetic

    I forgot to mention a few books that I suggest reading:

    Jonathan Kozol – “The Shame of a Nation”
    Jonathan Kozol – “Savage Inequalities”
    Karl Weber – “Waiting for Superman” (also a movie)

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    I have recently started a site, the info you provide on this website has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work. “The man who fights for his fellow-man is a better man than the one who fights for himself.” by Clarence Darrow.

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    The lady should have claimed to be an illegal alien and started speaking Spanish. Then they would have left her alone.

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    This is SAD. Now if the father ok’d her 2 use the address bcuz he 2 knew the benefit…wats the prob? The answer is simply due 2 the fact the children chances were gr8r 4 them 2 prosper in a white sch dist rather than go 2 sch near Moms home makes more sense in the education choices than 2 have her kids in an environment that they might of gotten transferred anyway (if shes attending sch 2 become a Teacher 9 out of 10 her kids were advanced & she didnt want them 2 suffer in the local sch as her kids being advanced, picked on by those who r nt as educated) Just because she lives in the projects doesnt give right to make her a project! My prayers r w U n ur fam! Stay strong n dnt gv up 4 nothing!

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    Just saying

    “This case is a textbook example of how racial-inequality created during slavery and Jim Crow continues to cripple our nation to this day.”

    *eye roll* When will blacks stop using the ancient slavery/Jim Crow eras as an excuse for everything that’s wrong with their lives TODAY? Last I checked the vast majority of white people living right now in this country never owned slaves and hadn’t even been born yet when Jim Crow laws were enforced.

    If black failure is really all about white racism then ask yourself this: why is it that immigrant blacks from Caribbean nations and Asians who don’t speak a lick of English are able to thrive in this so-called racist nation while U.S. blacks continue to flounder in their own country?

    For the record, I don’t blame this woman for “defrauding the educational system” in order to send her daughters to a better school. Most parents who care about their child’s education would do the same in her shoes. But I don’t believe that her situation is 100% pure rank-and-file racism. There are other factors at work here.

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    Dr. Watkins, as a Black Man in Cincinnati, OH watching my school district being robbed by the homosexual/teacher union coalition running the Democratic Party, I think your article is garbage.

    Urban teachers are paid at least a third more than suburban teachers, and the Democratic Party running the school board forces the tax payers to pay for homosexual insurance. So, when you make the statement “that urban schools are underfunded” that is absolutely not true.

    The Akron school district that this benefit pump (Williams-Bolar) resided in spent $14,000 per student. The school district she was stealing from spent 10,000 per student (my figures come from the Ohio Department of Education). Roughly $4100 came from the state; the rest came from each school districts tax payers. So she was stealing about $12,000 a year from the Copley Township tax payers.

    Racism has no place in this conversation. Black, so called political/social pundits like yourself should check you testicals, if they are intact, use them and began to address the real problem decimating the Black Urban Education, the homosexual/teachers’ union coalition running the Democratic Party…

    The first thing the homosexual/teachers’ union coalition did via the Obama administration was cut funding to the Historically Black Colleges, after President BUSH (who you most likely have called racist several hundred times) raised the HBC funding to $170,000,000…

    Well, you tell me BLACK MAN?

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    James P. Hilton

    I am white. And I read alot. But few stories I read these days pissed me off as much this one.

    I hope this lady somehow finds justice in this bleak situation.

    If I were a rich man I would hire her the best lawyers money could buy so she could give her kids a shot at a better life and then expose this gross miscarriage of justice and the heartless, hypocritical monsters who perpetuated it.

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    My favorite part in this whole article is where the writer states that rich white women don’t live in the projects. This implies that only blacks live in the projects. Okay, answer me this, “Doctor,” why are there so many blacks in the projects? Because, “the white man is bringing you down” excuse? No. Blacks are lazy, ignorant, uneducated, and are more raciest than any white person. Get off your lazy asses, go to school, and get a job. I did. I’m a proud, black mother that can send her kids to a great school, own a beautiful home, and feed my children healthy meals. I didn’t get handed my great life, I earned it. Anyone can do it. Nothing held me back. If anything, being a black woman helped me get scholarships. I proved myself to my employer and landed a 70k a year career. I did all this because I didn’t want to stay in the projects, I wanted more for myself, and I got it.

  24. 223


    To Shaniqua, I agree that many Blacks make excuses for not being able to get ahead in life. But this article shows a woman that was clearly trying to get it together. So for that I take my hat off to her. I stay in a white town with only two high schools and I have seen White people by a house on the other side of town for sports alone. So to the mom I can say you go girl. Keep your head up! And don’t let this stop you from giving your children the best.

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    K. Williams

    Can SOME athlete step up and pay to provide a legal team to represent Ms. Williams-Bolar!!!! This is ludicrous for her to have to spend ANY time behind bars for using another address to ensure that her children have a better education so that they can compete with the rest of the world once they go to college! We KNOW that she is not the ONLY person using the address of another.
    Lady Justice, you’ve peeked through that blindfold because you KNOW this is not JUST!!

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    I am a 30 year old black single mother to an already very intelligent 2year old. I am a Store Manager as well and I would’ve done the same thing for my child! I am a product of the poor class education system & I absolutely refuse to raise my child through such a struggle for a low rate education (compared to other (better) school districts). I tip my hat to this mother!!! GOD HAS AN EVEN GREATER PLAN FOR YOUR CHILDREN!! GOD BLESS 🙂

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    As a black man who worked his ass off in school to get to where I am today, to say our inner-city schools are set up for faliure and it is the reason so many of us fail is extremely offensive to me. Being in a class with 25 other students, in which only 2 were white, the vast majority of the class had no intention of learning what-so-ever, the 2 white students included. So don not take away my hard work and dedication to suceede by saying it was the result of the schooling system when only 3 other students as well as myself were intent on taking advantage of our educational oppurtunity provided to us. I had some wonderful teachers who truly anted us to succede and to say it was the schools fault and not those kids whos only reason being there was to make friends and not to learn is very offensive to me. We as a people will never rise above our current place in society by blaming all of our faults on white people. They do not force us to do the things we do, and to say that our under funded educational system is what keeps us down is just b.s. Instead of blaming how we turn out on everyone else instead of taking a look in the mirror is just passing the blame. I feel for this proud black woman, but at the end of the day she commited a crime and she must deal with the consequences, although I feel it would indeed be an injustice to prevent her from obtaining her teahing liscense. Fining her is appropriate, maybe even the 10 days in jail, but she does not deserve to be punished for the rest of her life.

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    Kirk Dougluss

    this is RIDICULOUS- and a total waste of the legal system funding and manpower- they arrest a parent for going to the wrong schools, while the thugs are selling crack, heroine, and meth on the streets. They should arrest and jail the local, state, and federal government officials, who allowed the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM to deteriorate to this point, causing a parent to be forced to do this. The woman was only looking out for her kids’ welfare and safety ,and wanted them to get a good education, in a safe school. If you are a citizen of the USA, you should be able to attend ANY public school, that you can physically get your children to in the morning, so they can attend. PERIOD. Kids who are lousy students and don’t want to learn, won’t want to travel to go to school, and will quit as soon as they are old enough to quit- regardless. They should institute a nationwide VOUCHER system, so one can attend ANY PUBLIC SCHOOL in the country, they want to. Wealthy people should not have a chokehold on the better public school systems, and be able to monopolize them for their own kids. Not everyone wants to go in debt $500,000 to buy a house and pay $15,000 a year in property taxes, just to go to a good, safe high school. REAL ESTATE prices and property taxes have become the “barrier to entry” for a good public school education. This is what happens when we have no tariff system, and USA mfg. jobs get outsourced to China, to take advantage of cheap labor. Our education system suffers, along with our entire social structure.

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    This is a very heart wrenching story. A true tragedy. My comments.

    1..UPDATE…WHITE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN Governor John Kasich has reduced her felony convictions to misdemeanors and given her a “second chance”. He did this even against the recommendations of the parole board to deny her any relief.

    2..For those of you who wrote she did it for a better school…you are wrong. She admitted to the court that her only reason was that she thought her children would be safer after school, not that the 2nd school was better.

    3..Kirk Douglas above is correct…the REPUBLICAN supported “voucher” system would have allowed her to get her children to another school. Liberals, Democrats and teachers unions fight vouchers. I strongly urge everyone to elect Repubicans so that Kelly Williams-Bolar (and “Vonda” above) will get a voucher to send her children to a school of her choice.

    4..”K. Williams” above suggested that others might also be sending their children to wrong schools. Even if that is true does that justify what she is doing? If you murder and get caught, do you argue that there are murderers who have not been caught and it makes it ok for you? I fail to see how pointing to others violators (who have not been caught) somehow makes it ok for her.

    BOTTOM LINE…White Conservative Gov. Kasich came to the rescue. Conservative supported idea of “vouchers” would allow school choice.

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    Truth be told- this wouldnt be on this website if she werent black- what about the other races who experience day to day racism from blacks? You read it right- from Blacks- and do they get a voice? F*ck no!

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