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    Emile Sissac Jr.

    Great article. We can only hope that something both constructive and applicable came out of the 2012 Rainbow/PUSH Annual Conference.

    As they say in the business of media, “image is everything.” Media is one particular area where investments, ownership mandates and practical business ventures can be readjusted for newer challenges by Black investors. One of the reasons why economic and racial stereotypes cannot be effectively challenged and reproached is because of the lack of controlling interests in this industry. Over the years, it’s been disheartening to witness the demise of historical Black media over the past twenty years.(i.e. Essence Magazine, BET, Inner City Broadcasting, Black newspapers, etc.)

    However, there are still many opportunities within reach in spite of such setbacks. One of the reasons why such events have occurred within the Black media market is because of lack of education in economics and finance among mainly its consumers. Consumer education sets the foundation and direction of where Black consumer and investment dollars begin and end. Although there may be Black celebrities within major media, none of these advertising dollars are redirected to support Black/Hispanic media as a prerequisite of good business practices. Our dollars are taken for granted because we allow this type of behavior.

    We can change this type of financial behavior and change the game through consumer education, sound and profit-oriented investments and a plan for market growth internationally. The world is a smaller place these days, but the opportunities are greater for Black media. We just have to realize this fact and get back on track by producing relevant content for a larger audience.

    I know that this can happen, because it has been done before.

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    Sunray Morgan

    What a terrible shame to hear about the demise of Inner City Broadcasting. The power structure in the USA has black owned media prospects on lockdown, it’s incredibly difficult to make a successful black owned media business when discriminatory practices remain largely unchallenged and backed up by the legal system.

    Just as important, black people need to start spending more of our dollars within our own black community and I really do wish people would stop linking the Hispanics to Blacks. Stop worrying about the Hispanics PLEASE! We are irrelevant as far as the Hispanics are concerned . Start worrying about and supporting our black owned businesses and spend your dollars with them. Dr Claud Anderson ( The Harvest Institute) wrote and spoke about this behaviour years ago. Hello? Is no-one listening???

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    miles reed

    I strongly agree with poster number 2, because they said something that seems to be a no no in many circles today, they said “unchallenged.” today’s black america will not challenge the systems that continue to bring them down, they rather continue in a fatal attempt to play in those systems that “at the end of the day play them.” it’s a sad set of programming and conditioning that black america is allowing itself to go through today.

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    Larry Coleman

    I recall meeting the great Percy Sutton years ago! Sorry to hear that Inner City Broadcasting that Attorney Sutton founded is dead!

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    Linda Harding

    This is why the Black Economic Development site is so important. It is the CNN of our global community.

    And congratulations to our griot Norm Bond for being named (yet again)Most Influential African American in Philadelphia. Mr. Bond’s intellect,dedication,spirit,compassion,wisdom and expertise are boundless. Much love.

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    @Linda, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful remarks. I am always glad to read you comments here and also on your outstanding blog at I can only stand on the shoulders of the giants in our community who lived a life of sacrifice, commitment, and belief in the possibilities for Black people. Today we face similar challenges as they did. yet we have more tools to agitate, influence, re-program and awaken those in the “Valley of Dry Bones”. Hopefully my contribution hastens the arrival of a day when Blacks gain economic and psychological freedom.

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    With every national article comes awareness but what happens when the articles stop coming. I never thought I would see the decline of Books. Now there is books on a digital computer and the love of reading is being stripped away from us as a species. I can read ten books and not have headaches but try that with a tablet and grab the Tylenol. I hope a national dialogue will surface on the decline of Ethnic media. Our technology can create a platform but we are only as good as the content. So a general call goes out to new producers as well as old producers without a home. visit us online at let us help the new inner city media moguls.

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