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    Dori Lashon

    While I understand the comments about increasing education among the black community, more needs to be addressed about the reality that even with the education, experience and credentials, blacks still are not given the opportunity to build careers in science, math and technology. Or I should say only limited quantities are given the opportunities. These industries tend to allow one or two in as representatives “that they are equal opportunity” then shut out the rest of the African American community. While a company will fast track a non-black and give or support career training, blacks are often passed up for company sponsored career training. Some very lucrative career training blacks can not take on their own accord; some of it is extremely expensive as well as requires company sponsorship. Often times blacks are passed over for this company sponsorship and support for career growth. It’s not that blacks don’t want it, they just don’t get it, no matter how hard and well they work for the company. If you’re black and female the shut out is even worse in science, math and technology careers and including advancement and career training. Not enough research is done on the complete shut out of African Americans on the opportunities. You can educate the entire community in science and technology, but if no one wants to give them the opportunity to work in those industries, to get internships in those industries, then great you educated them now what? Even black entrepreneurs aren’t given the same opportunities to funding as some other groups, research has shown. There needs to be a plan to make opportunities available along with the education and to stop assuming that once you fix the education everything will magically fall into place and the floodgates of opportunities will open. Just like the unemployment situation, while other groups went down in unemployment the African American skyrocketed, not all tides lifted all boats…we need strong leadership, not biased rhetoric speak on education, but a real plan of action like former President and First Lady Roosevelt and former President John F. Kennedy. These were men of action not just speech. We have weak leadership in this country, too conscious of offending other groups, instead of doing the right thing for all. Lest I remind you the plight of African American men, Tuskegee Airmen, who wanted to fly and defend this country during World War II, whites were not going to let them in until Mrs. Roosevelt convinced her husband to let them fly and protect our nation. It’s something to think about. Very strong feelings when it comes to the STEM jobs today, including Marketing, IT, Social Media, Biotech and Project Management. Make the opportunities available, the environments welcoming instead of elitist to get hired in these industries and the kids will take the subjects necessary in school.

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    Rusti Nale

    Then the Black Community, Entertainers and Athletes need to give back to the Community and become entrepreneurs instead of being so focused on self . Create business and industry , make an investment in the community . Also, maybe there needs to be a reminder that the Black Community did not make those marches on their own, there were many thousands of whites standing beside us marching and moving to ensure that things were made right. We need to remember the party affiliation of them and remember that what is now being taught by the educational system is not the way it was when it happened.

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    Sounds familiar, plenty of black college grads im the sciences unemployed from lack of opportunity.

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    Hogwash, there’s plenty of opportunity if you make it. But how many black youth are being steered into Math and Sciences? They’re too busy emulating their favorite hip hop artists, and spending what little money they earn on tattoos and piercings and insane hairstyles. Meanwhile our White and other ethnic counterparts don’t spend their money on frivolities and having a good time.

    Parents need to step up, get involved, and stop making excuses. Meanwhile, we all need to stop worshiping 0bama, because he’s doing a terrible job of improving job conditions in the inner city, and that’s truth.

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    “Hogwash”? Blacks are not taken seriously in the Math or scientific fields even if they do have the education and credentials. We can have higher education from top universities and credentials up the ying-yang but not be taken seriously trying to get the job using them. I have a Math teaching license from the state of New York but can’t get taken seriously as a Math teacher to save my life. All I can get are substitute jobs where I get asked “do you even know Math” and the racist level of surprise that I went to Yale and Johns Hopkins. When people see me it’s the “you look Black” treatment not the “you have a degree from Yale and a New York math teaching license” treatment. All of my education goes flying out the window as soon as people see me and that’s what has to change if people expect blacks to go into the STEM fields and not just the liberal arts or humanities. And this assumption that anyone who even “looks” black must not have gone to college AT ALL – THAT has to stop, period.

    When I Google “why can’t educated blacks get jobs” all I get are these forums where everyone who’s writing in starts with something along the lines of “you people all dropped out of high school, so go to college and you’ll be able to get a job” nonsense. It’s like the door slams HARDER in our faces when we DO have college degrees. And no field is more “white men only” than the STEM fields. I’ve had a few of my Physics students in a long-term sub assignment mutter in what they thought was under their breath, something along the lines of that they weren’t going to listen to “no Nigger.” Kids in the math and science classes are being brought up to think they don’t have to listen to their teacher if the teacher is an American Indian or Black – do something about THAT because there’s nothing that American Indian teacher CAN do about that. In the high school I went to, in the college prep suburban environment that I grew up in, we had one math teacher who was a black male from the West Indies, and we didn’t not-listen to him because he was black – it’s an abomination that kids are being raised that way these days!!

    The problem of “why can’t blacks with an education get jobs” and “why don’t more blacks go into the STEM fields where there are jobs” starts at the roots. Blacks don’t get taken seriously IN the STEM fields so there’s no incentive to be any good at them let alone to major in them in college.

    Anyone who’s not an American Indian or Latino with dark enough skin to be treated like Black by society even if they AREN’T one, couldn’t possibly understand.

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    There are jobs and careers outside of Math & Science that are being filled regardless of education status. History has shown that unemployment rates for African Americans have always doubled are counter parts White Americans in economic downturn. I have a Master in business with a concentration in Human Resources. There are few African Americans with the authority to hire minority in a corporate setting without jeopardizing their own positions. It begins with the EEO questionnaires at the initial application. In order for EEO to work properly, the questionnaire should be done after the hiring process not before. The companies get credit for taking an application from a minority person, not hiring them. You would think someone would realize that the EEO can not report how many minorities was hired, only how many African Americans unemployed. This country is the only obsessed with race and it is to ensure the future of the White race. No other country labels races like we do. African Americans should demand that the government change this EEO policy. If gay people can demand from President Obama marriage rights and Mexicans their citizenship, then we need to demand the some change. If Obama was Mexican, they would have got citizenship his 1st term.

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