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    What year is this??? Come on with racism already. The Planet wasn’t meant to have only one color of human being on it. Ignorant people make thing difficult

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    sounds like she’s just a pathological liar. the punishment is excessively severe, though. hopefully people who read this story who are tempted to lie will remember that at some point just saying, “you know what, I’m sorry – I lied” gets you out of many such situations where you’ve lied to start with. years ago when i was a supervisor in new york city for a small company we had a pathological liar. she just would never admit to lying. i caught her at least five times lying about various things. we finally fired her, was too much. could not tell the truth on anything. shakespeare said it best so many years ago – the truth always comes out somehow or another. but this punishment is clearly ridiculous. jail for sending your kid to another school district? are you kidding me? i could see jail if you don’t send your kid to school – maybe. with all the other crimes one can imagine sending someone to jail for, this one is clearly insane.

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