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    I couldn’t agree with hopin more!! I may b white but I ain’t crazy!!! This country must go through a major transformation for mere fact the pale faced ppl WILL b replaced with other ethnicities, and I’m sure white man feels pressured noticing this. I have BiRacial children, they are witnessing all of this shaking their heads. More & more BiRacial children are being born and this will b prevalent in the years to come; hence the major transformation taking over the white man!!!

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    Haha! That should read I couldn’t have agreed* with you more!!

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    What the hell is that map of rifle crosshairs?? I’m in OH & see some of the congressional members on the list….I don’t know or want to know anything about palin, she seems loopy to me, hah! Another paleface, dam shame….

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    Black pathologies have been ignored for decades in this country. We are more concerned about ethnic gang members who kill our children and siblings.

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