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    Kelvin Abraham

    While Obama maybe the President of America he does not run America. If Piddy is really concern for the Afrikan Americans He should set a coporation with his fellow rappers and open busines in the black community. buy houses and turn them into affordable homes for those Afrikan American who are currently loosing there homes.

    It is the multi nationals and the lobby groups that runs America Obama is just a figuire head who is just continueing the status quo. I do admire him and have trimendous respect for him, the fact of the matter is the big coperations runs America and you can see it with all the measures Obama have tried to introduce especially with health care which is badly need in the USA.

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    Charmin Edwards

    Thank you Kelvin for speaking the truth. Can someone please tell me what is it so different White America wants more than me? The President runs the country and the country is more than black people. Diddy why dont you help people. You have the means to buy homes and raffle them off and help give families a jump start. If all your groups put up just 3% of thier net worth to help people we could get a lot done.I love the Preisident and if you knew him and if you are a family man NO ONE needs to tell you how to or what to do for your family!!!!!

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    rita jones

    President Obama has done more to keep the U.S from economic collapse that has affected other countries around the world, including China, then any other head of state.President Obama saved the auto industry and is having a hard fight to get people like Diddy,Doody or whatever to pay their fair share of taxes,and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep from paying.Outrageous!The Republican fat-cats appear to have only one goal and that’s to stick it to President Ombama regardless of how much their cut-backs hurt the American public.Outrageous!

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