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    Azania Nduli-AmaZulu


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    Hakim Anderson

    My sincere condolences goes out to Dr. Robinson’s wife and family as well to His African American family who loved, admired and respected him and all of his contributions and activism for the African American struggle in America and the diaspora. I had the privilege to work with Dr. Robinson on a “rights of passage program” with young African American males/females, as part of a program in the Philadelphia public school system one summer. It was an experience that I have never forgotten, watching him at work and reliving our ancestral pass. I will always value his promoting the “Cultural Glue concept’ and the need to use the silver screen to wake up African American peoples to our splendid pass. As Dr. Robinson joins the ancestors, he has found himself some peace….

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    Eric Walker

    You were well loved by your family and respected by your colleagues.May your life be celebrated and may you rest in peace.

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    Weller R. Thomas

    My condolences go out to the family of Dr. Ed Robinson and the community at large who loved and were impacted by this great giant of a man. His passion for correcting the evils of the world by exposing truth and knowledge as it relates to Africa and its peoples, ensures that his legacy will be remembeered for the ages. Thank GOD and the ancestors for his life, legacy and the valuable writings that he leaves behind for future generations. He is at peace now, gone from this realm but we know he’ll be watching us as the struggle continues.

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    Jim Clingman

    The first time I heard DR. Robinson speak, at the 1999 MATAH Conference in Philly, I was simply blown away. In my speech to the MATAH that day I referred to him as a strong tree whose shade I enjoyed, as I sat and absorbed the knowledge he imparted. And that voice, oh that voice, as he and his Queen, Harriette sang “Freedom.” Indeed, Dr. Ed Robinson was and always will be an icon. On the bright side, he now joins our dear brother and his protege, Ken Bridges, in the transitional realm. Love you, Doc. You definitely “Died on your way to freedom!”

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    Emmanuel Joyner

    I remember his passion in delivering historical accounts of our African heritage. I have been so inspired by him as a very young person (1966 and beyond). May the Creator grant him forgiveness and allow him nearness to Him. Ameen.

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    Milton McGriff

    I had the good fortune to know Dr. Ed and always held him in high esteem. He fought in the trenches for African peoples all his life and has earned a well-deserved rest among the ancestors, of which he is one of the most highly esteemed.
    Thank you, Dr. Ed, for the example of your life. The struggle continues!

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    Dennis Roberts

    Throughout his book, The Journey of the Songhai People, Dr. Robinson speaks of the beauty of the tapestry of world culture. Such a metaphor is equally applicable to the human tapestry. Dr. Robinson’s “thread” will forever stand out as being particularly valuable and important. God’s speed.

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    Warren M Battle III

    wher can I get a list of his Books or please send to my email

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    Charles Mckenzie

    I met Dr.Robinson in 1973 at one of his corrective history courses at the OIC building on North Broad St. From that time on my life was changed. I learned about the beauty and grandeur of our direct ancestors. From that time on my ego was protected which help me survive white so called supremacy. I owe him so much. But for now ” may the spirit of our ancestors protected by their blood carry us on and my Dr. Robinson be in peace with the ancestors. Ashay.

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    You can get the book “Journey of the Songhai People” via the link in the article or order through your favorite bookstore. You can also visit Dr. Robinson’s website at

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    Percy White

    One of the Greatest has finally laid to rest. He has blessed us with his gifts by documenting the truth of who we are and where we came from. I feel honored to have listened to him and talked to him. You could feel his strong spirit and energy when he looked at you and his wisdom and presence took over a room when he entered. We have lost a great one but he did leave something special in his work for any and all to see. His relevance to our true African history is a snowball that was toss at the top of the mountain. As more people come to understand who he is and what is has done grows this snowball as it will become an unstoppable force that all must recon with who want to learn our TRUTH and only TRUTH. He will be missed but NEVER FORGOTTEN. My deepest condolences to his family. As time will heal the wounds of this lost know many share in the pain of his passing. AmenRa

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    Bro. Zawdie Abdul-Malik

    My deepest sympathy and condolences to Sister Harriet and the Robinson Family. Dr. Robinson was a great force in my life. Through him I learned a great amount of our past.
    At the debut of “The Journey ofThe Songhai People” he and his family of writers encouraged me to become very involved in learning and teaching OUR HISTORY. I also went on to become a prolific salesman of that book. Although that was several years ago, that book is very salient to our continued STRUGGLE. Dr. Robinson and his organization and his Co-writers, me to become more knowledgeable of OUR PAST, AND THE CONTINUED STRUGGLE OF AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF AND FOR OUR PEOPLE. Because of their teachings, I have become more aware and dedicated to THE STRUGGLE OF US, THE AFRICANS BORN IN AMERIKKKA, AND THE AFRICANS IN THE DIASPORA. MAY THE CREATOR CONTINUE TO SHED HIS WISDOM UPON US!!! Amon, Ameen, Amen.

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    Heru Maat Ra, El-Bey

    Rest in Peace Brother Dr. Ed Robinson. During my short time on earth I can count on my fingers how many truly great men and women I have been blessed to meet, dine with and work with. You are truly one of them. You gave us the concept of the Pump Primers, The fittest of the fittest of the fit and more. all of which has helped me to develop as a True African. Thank you Dr Robinson for your undying efforts to Free the Minds of our People. I will love you forever, Shem Hotep!

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    Kenny Perry

    A legacy of learners is what Dr. Robinson have influenced. Children and adults alike anticipated his every word. Albeit a duck or eagle, after listening to him, one could not help but fly. With much more to learn from his praxis, Dr. Robinson, thanks for leaving footprints to follow.

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    Cynthia Turner-DeCourcey

    Our community has lost a guardian of African History! Our children, and their children unfortunately will not have the opportunity to learn; and share the magnificent history and power which we inherited from our ancestors from a sage as Dr Robinson. He was truly one of the last elders who shared so freely. He has gone but will be always remembered, and his wisdom must continue to be shared! It was a great honor, a privilege to just listen… and be in his presence to learn, and realize truth. Truth of self that impacted who ever would take the time to just listen… My condolences to his graceful, lovely wife. And his remaining family! May truth and wisdom continue!

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    Cheryl White-Herbert

    Adorations to Dr. Robinson for all of his self-less service to humanity and adorations to his family for sharing him with us! Know that his work shall continue through those of us that he inspired and shared his light with!!


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    Rev Elliot J Harrigan

    There is a saying that when a child is born, there is apprehension and hope; but when an old man dies we have lost an entire library. There is no doubt that this fits my dear friend Dr Robinson, for indeed he was a walking library with an unfettered enthusiasm for teaching African Americans the truth of their past and by so doing, he has created a sea-change of thought for future generations. I have had the pleasure of sitting at his feet seeking to understand his vision. He left me with these words: “As you teach, dare to be different and be radical in your thinking…you must teach more than spiritual development, teach the black man about his identity, about the greatness of his people and his self-worth.” We will miss this great soul; but his legacy will live as we teach our children the essential message of the journey.

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    Charles Segure

    My deepest condolences to the Robinson family.
    Dr. Robinson, despite his stature, was a warm,
    Accessible and supportive man who loved this
    Heritage and his people. We are all less by this
    Passing, but are better for having the privilege of
    having him in our lives. Rest well Warrior, rest well.

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    Ma’at Hotep
    complete and produce the Movie “Whispers of the medallion”

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