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    Looks like Central Africa. I’ve seen pics like this before. The Dutch were very brutal to the African people. Have you read “KingLeopold’s Ghost”?

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    Thank you for the comment. Haven’t read it but I just check it out and will have to give it a read!

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    grant alexander

    needless to say this makes me very angry. What if an African man grabbed some white woman like that and dragged her around with her tits out and vagina covered like this? How would white people feel about that? Whites have much to answer for in raping and pillaging people of color around the globe and they have not stopped. A day of reckoning is coming which will be quite horrible indeed for the misdeeds of those who act and have acted so savagely to so many for so long. This photo is a very painful reminder that they have not stopped at all and think nothing of their past gross dehumanizing acts of violence and oppression.

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    Yes, besides the awful depiction here, I’m still questioning my eyesight-as I cannot make out any normalcy in either of this man’s hands… Is it just me; or, both of his hands appear very deformed?? Smh!

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    Shekeela, Thank you for stating that….. I also thought it was Africa, then, because the photo was labeled “slave” thought it was from transatlantic trade…. but pretty sure it’s not. Then thought Congo & that the man is Belgian & that this was during Leopold’s reign of terror. One big clue is that he’s wearing a polo shirt. I don’t believe that these were in existence until 1930s. Perhaps a prototype was available earlier. Footgear looks like a white soft-soled tennis shoe, possibly canvas. His pants are hard to see but it’s difficult to see if they are jeans or khakis…
    So I am leaning towards 20th century but it would be good to compare it to some dated photos.

    BizG…. hands…. don’t appear deformed from here. In one he is holding something…. In the other his palm is behind her upper arm.

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