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    David . L. Frank

    This is a crucial ” Mission Statement” that Black Anerica so desperately needs Norman!
    My question is how can we filtrate this to the necessary number of our people who really need to hear this, digest this, and adopt this plan while executing it in every black community possible?
    The black church was ( and hopefully still is) that one entity in our communities where we could reach our people at the grass roots level and move in greater numbers!
    How do we get this to the people?
    This is the proper time!

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    Norm Bond

    We must spread the word and be accountable. We have more communication, networking and educations tools than ever from mobile phones, to tablets, to PC’s to word-of-mouth. We can make this go viral and also implement it in our local communities. Of course, Dr. Anderson has laid the groundwork through his books including PowerNomics and videos. I agree that it’s now about implementation and execution. We must exert and apply the will!

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    I’ve been listening to Dr. Anderson all day because his message is clear and this is what our so called leadership should be telling us instead of the other way around.

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    Norm Bond

    Dr. Anderson is unafraid and has been telling the truth for many years. His book PoweNomics laid out the clear action plan for the survival of Black America. Now we need to be about implementing! Be sure to check his site out and apply the principles in your local community.

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    THEY NEED TOLISTEN TO YOU DR..ANDERSON and thank you for the ROCK NEWMAN show as well it was great keep up good wok you do.Pastor DON F.LONG WEST BETHANY CHRISTTAIN CENTER.GOD CHURCH.

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