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    Wow, what a story. Your journey has been rough. I understand everything you’re saying though. I don’t’ want to believe we (Black people) are so lost that we’ll never find our way back to our Greatness! If a people has no knowledge of their “true” history, and what they’ve been shown as their history is a lie (passive slaves), then the action to be taken is EDUCATION. We certainly don’t get that in White America’s educational system and we shouldn’t expect to. Every culture, country, nation has its own educational system designed to enhance and enrich its community, so that’s what the White system does. So, when we’re educated in their system, we do what they do or try to be like them. You sound like an extremely intelligent woman and your journey has provided you great wisdom, can you use your skills in an educational capacity. I’d love to work with you because I feel as you do, but I think Education about our great contributions, scholars, inventors, basically, our stolen legacy, is the answer. We need to find a way to instill self worth and especially our connection to African and African people.

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