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    I was able to hear part 1 and not part 2
    Let me say first that in the Nation Of Islam we were aware of the racist Muslim frm the east. I remember when I first became a member of the Nation of Islam and I had made friends with a young muslim from Egypt and I took him to the mosque with me the brothers told me he could not come in and they explain to me why and I took him to his home and I expained to him that the teachings we were receiving was for the blacks here in America and not for arabs from the east. It was only the blacks from America who took on the Islam from the east that became slaves to the arab cultures and ways to prove to them and be accepted by them. We understood that we were the lost sheep mention in scripture to be the lost tribe of the original nation of earth, so we did not kiss the arab butts to be accepted by them. So we repected any Muslim who repected us as Muslims and the arabs Muslim do not own Islam.

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    @B.Abdullah — Thanks for your feedback.
    You should be able to hear part 2 now by clicking to “page 2” of the post.

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