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    I hope that it is a movement. I’m so tired of seeing my sisters in weaves and wigs. What are they trying to hide? What are they afraid of. It’s un-be-weavable!

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    I too hope it’s a movement, a movement towards “consciousness.” All of the weaves and wigs are out of control, it’s the craziest thing to me that a Black woman would place somebody else’s hair on her scalp and totally neglect her own hair under that wig or weave. I wear my hair cut real low and sometimes I let it grow out to an afro. I just get tired of putting so much energy into hair, so I let it grow, then cut it. But I always take care of it and give it MUCH love! I love my hair, but I didn’t always love it when I relaxed it. It was lifeless, thin, fine, scalp always dry. No more chemicals for me and it’s so freeing. I want color, but because that’s chemicals, I won’t color it either.

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    C.S. Stone

    I think its a little early to tell among the younger women whether it is or not. There are women my age (50+) who have been wearing natural hair for years and noone has seemed to noticed…

    with that said, it could just be a fad.. we see what we want to see and follow what we want to follow. When bored.. we move on to something else. We shall see tho, because this time through, there is more support and acceptance of natural hair from people who don’t have textured hair… which is the key to it becoming a a movement.

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