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    Just because it’s the truth doesn’t mean it’s racist. Also, might want to go inform Limbaugh that his co-worker is black. Apparently for all the years he’s known Snerdley/Golden, he didn’t know he was black.

    Dumb*ss. Figures you’re just another ignorant mainstream rapper talking sh*t about things you don’t know.

    Also, I’d like to see you in charge of the country. You could stop the violence that comes from the U.S., but you’re going to have to deal with all the people bombing us first who hate that we have rights.

    Again, another ignorant rapper who thinks violence stems from the U.S. Go check out the middle east, dipsh*t.

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    The King

    Hey Nick,

    Go f*ck yourself first, then pay attention to all the f*cked up crap happening around you. You think you know shit… LOL.. Who the f*ck are you? Some terd stuck on a f*cking toilet waiting to be flushed down. What have you ever done. Atleast Lupe has the balls to say shit and he has done more than you ever will. You just want to f*cking post comments. That’s why your life sucks man. Compare Lupe to you, you are an insignificant piece of terd.

    Suck it bozo. Go f*ck yourself now. And do something with your life mofo.

    The King.

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    Dirty Communist

    The reasons why Limbaugh and Beck are really racists is because they tote the line that anyone who is poor is poor because they’re lazy. This collides directly with the reality that black people face higher levels of poverty – homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and underemployment. Less likely to advance, less likely to go to college, less likely to graduate high school.

    So right wingers explain this through the choices and actions of black individuals, and can only conclude that black people are lazier and dumber than more successful whites, rather than concluding that capitalism requires and reproduces the environment for racism.

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    Daniel Morris

    Hey Nick. Just because it’s truth doesn’t mean it’s not racist. I feel Limbaugh on quite a few things he says, but at the same time he singles out groups in which African Americans fill an overwhelming quota… It’s like if I attacked rappers, people might think I’m racist because most rappers are black. And if I was racist, wouldn’t that be an ingenious way of disguising it? “I’m not racist. I just don’t like rappers.” Then I would be free to make all the bigoted comments I want.
    And because there are an overwhelming number of blacks (including me) who are critical of rap because of it’s lack of substance and ignorant messages, it would be easy for me to get an African American on my side to help me dig in to the rappers. And then I could say. “I’m not racist, because I have a black friend who feels the same way I do.”
    Dumb*ss. You guys aren’t that deep. A mainstream rapper could watch politics on youtube for 3 seconds and see what’s wrong with this world better than you could. You’re too in the mix. You’re too nit-picky. Overtly concerned with nuances that have nothing to do with the overall picture. You would be so balanced if you just stepped back to see the overall picture.
    As far as stopping “the violence that comes from the U.S.” and dealing with “all the people bombing us first who hate that we have rights.” I kinda feel you on that one. I can go both ways with it. Both views make sense to a certain degree.
    I love America because of the protection it gives me, personally. lol. I know it’s selfish but man… I semi-agree with you on that Nick. But I still think you’re a racist…. You see how that works?

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    Whether or not I agree with him,I love that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and shine light onto topics that his audience generally may not care/know about.

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    King: Uh…I do? Lol what are you saying I’m unaware of exactly? You basically just flamed me is all…I point out how your beloved idol is wrong and you suddenly say that means I don’t know anything going on in the world? Fantastic logic right there (by the way, that’s sarcasm, meaning I’m not actually saying your logic is fantastic…I don’t want an idiot thinking I complimented them just because they’re stupid).

    Also, you posted a comment like me, so not quite sure where your logic is with that one either…You insulted yourself! Congratulations. And Lupe is just as insignificant to me as I am to you. He makes music I don’t like (with lyrics that lie) – he’s meaningless to me. And considering you don’t know me, you really can’t tell anything about my life. It’s just further evidence of what a moronic, unthoughtful imbecile you are.

    And to conclude…You named yourself “The King”…LMAO. ‘Nuff said, yes?
    Communist: What you listed is basically the sad truth. It really is a vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of. But that doesn’t mean facts can be ignored just so people can avoid being called “racists”. It is what it is, and people shouldn’t be judged as “racists” simply because of undesirable statistics/facts.

    That doesn’t mean that they conclude Black people are lazier, though. However, it DOES give them grounds to say a PORTION of Black people are lazier than whites.

    I live near a city that’s mostly populated with Blacks. There are some Whites, but it’s predominantly black. I live in a town outside of the city, so we have very different life styles. But because certain stores are between where I live and the city, our two lifestyles sometimes mix. Do you know what I see MUCH, MUCH more in these stores (Wal-mart, mainly)? Women with their fancy nails, tattoos, etc. But do you know what they pay with? A WIC card. They apparently need MY money so they can use their own money to have $60 nails. Again, it might not be nice, but it’s the truth.

    And of course there are white people living the same exact way, and being just as irresponsible. But I can still confidently tell you that there are more Black people like this than White people, at least where I live.

    Of course, I can use other examples of how this works (the whole false-racism concept), such as my high school, or the school my mom went to, but that would take up space.

    My point is that people aren’t racist just because statistics exist. Limbaugh and Beck have both SUPPORTED black people, meaning they aren’t racists. They get mad at the facts. If the facts naturally include a predominantly black group, then that’s how it is – that doesn’t mean they’re judging by skin color, it means they’re judging by fact. They don’t like the LAZY people, they aren’t upset that someone’s skin is dark.
    Daniel: If I’m racist, you should probably let my Black and Muslim friends know. Although one of my Muslim friends is in Pakistan at the moment, so you might have some difficulty telling that person.

    I.e. No, I don’t see how that works. I’m not racist. I don’t judge people by their skin color or their race.

    Anyways, I’m glad you can understand and agree with some of what I’m saying.

    However, I do somewhat disagree with what you said. In some extreme cases, I know that’s true, but I really don’t think it’s that common. Some people might disguise their racist attitudes like that, but most people don’t. And again, just because someone disagrees with something about a group of people that’s predominantly Black, it doesn’t make them racist.

    You used the example that people who say they hate rap could be racist against black people…And it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. But no one ever says “You’re racist against White people because you don’t like country music.”

    Funny how that works, isn’t it? And I know LOADS of people who hate country. Yet no one calls them racist! And that’s a huge problem with our society today. So many people jump to the conclusion that someone is racist if it goes against something that’s mostly black. But go against something that’s mostly white and it’s COMPLETELY overlooked. People WANT racism. People WANT to use that accusation.

    Allow me to tell a story:
    A long time ago, around 7 years or so, there was a fairly local incident that the radio station I was listening to reported (a news station, which also airs Beck/Limbaugh).

    What happened was, a kid had a gun and was going to shoot himself or something like that. The parents called the cops, and one of the cops went inside to try to resolve the situation. The kid had the gun, wasn’t listening, and the cop shot the kid out of fear that he would hurt himself, the cop, or the parents. It wasn’t a vital shot (or that would have been counterproductive).

    A woman called one of the shows’ host and said that because the kid was black, the cop was racist. She insisted the cop was racist and shot him because of that. Well, as it turned out, the cop was also black, and she was told this. She had nothing else to say.

    End of story.
    People are eager to jump to racism as an answer, even if it’s most likely not the case. It’s as if people are trying to overcompensate for history – instead of people actually being racist, people are insisting anything against a minority group is racist, and even give special privileges to blacks over whites (which is racist in itself…But again, that’s a black-on-white type of racism, so that’s allowed to be ignored).

    I think if people could just accept that people have different opinions, there would be a lot fewer people throwing around the word “racist”. Like Lupe.

    And again, I’m no more racist against Black people than I am White people. Disagreeing with a group that’s mostly black is different from disagreeing with a group BECAUSE it’s mostly black.

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    Nick: ROFLMFAO!! ok dude first, if you’re gonna talk about people being imbecile and morons, maybe you should GOOGLE WTF A WIC CARD IS!!!WIC is a nutritional program given to women to when they have a child 5 years or younger. It is not cash, so how the F*** would they spend it on nails? There vouchers to get free food from the market, and the food is specified so it’s not like their buying tons of soda or chips. There’s no way you can get out of this one because you specifically said “But do you know what they pay with? A WIC card.” Enough said, you really do need to learn something before you say stuff, that’s the reason prejudice people exist, because they need to educate themselves.

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    You know what I think our societies problem is? The problem is we are told to be color blind and that skin color doesn’t matter – but it does. It matters when when the very people who say don’t pay attention to color make every case on color and see everything the the spectrum of color. It’s always “don’t treat me unfairly because of my skin color, but at the same time don’t treat me fairly based on things other than my skin color”. And yea I realize that blacks were slaves once in this country, I get it pounded into my skull for an entire month of “shame on you whitey” black history. The fact of the matters this- no black person in this country is still enslaved, and no white person in this country can be held responsible for slavery. I mean seriously, do you really want reparations? You wanna trace your lineage and maybe discover that your family sold people of your own color to white slave owners? That door swings both ways. How bout this: live your life and play the hand you’re dealt and stop blaming other people, things and situations for your shortcomings. Stop downing on people because they have more than you. Stop trying to hold this generation of people responsible for the past. Stop viewing yourselves in a group mentality therby reinforcing stereotypes and assuming ideologies of shared problems. Be individuals and find your individual strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them. Success doesn’t come by following a mold and doing what everyone else did before you. This is America. Not Africa, not Venezuela, not Germany, not great Britain, and not China. We became what we are by being different that these countries I. Every way.

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