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    Minister Jimmie Walk

    As it takes a whole village to raise a child, it takes the Afro community to come together and intentionally trade with each other by tradition as we see so many others do. patronizing our Afro-American and African born business owners, listing to speech, hand gestures and such.

    We want others to trust our integrity and do business with us, but we need to bring products and services to the table that promotes commerce in the community.

    Education is vital to our future. You may want to be part of the scholarship give-a-way on way at Fasttrack Home Study, a subsidiary of this ministry.

    There is also thousands of dollars in stimulus for your small business or for those that wish to start a small marketing firm from home while taking part in a Back To Work Workshop, earning instant cash money for getting young adults enrolled into our free online Back to Work Workshops that normally cost $1339.00, but is now absolutely free to our member partners.

    Finally. May I say this one last thing… it is true that we may have to pay slightly more for products and services from our Local Community Small Business Locations, but others do the same every day and take pride in the fact that they made at least one purchase that day from a person of their same race, from their same country, church and it goes on and on… and God bless you for not wanting to be racially bias against business owners that are not of your race, just remember… “even an infidel will take care of his or her own”, even while helping others.

    Jimmie Walk
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    The statistics regarding median income are horribly off. The US census information directly contradicts the assertion that “white families went from a median of about $22,000 in wealth to $100,000 – a gain of $78,000. In the same period, Black household wealth inched up from a base of $2,000 per family to only $5,000.” In 2009, the median income for Black households was $38,409. The Median White family income was $62,545. A difference of about $24,000. An even worse disparity is shown when comparing Black families to Asian median family income which is the highest in the nation at $75,027. Asian median income is, approximately, $13,000 higher than white families and $37,000 than Black families. This shows a dramatic disparity in income equality, but it is a diservice to so horribly misreport the numbers. It’s as if the numbers in this opinion were plucked from thin air. Just making up numbers doesn’t help address the problem.

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    @John: the numbers were pulled from the study performed by Brandeis University in Massachusetts. The problem is you’re looking at “income” — not “wealth”. There is a huge difference between what you earn on a job (income) and the the value of your assets minus your liabilities (wealth). A key point is that in the US wealth is transferable from generation to generation. This study and post is looking at the wealth gap.

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    Shaunteka Price

    What make anyone think 2099 will be any different? I save now as a black person. I already have a savings account for my daughter. Save black people save. My net wealth is now more than the average white. And always will be.

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