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    Brother Tracy Gibson

    The Gibson Principals for the Positive Development of Our African Society… as of November 30th, 2012…

    These principals are written to bring about greater unity among the diverse countries, peoples, languages, cultures and economic structures found on the African continent, in the Caribbean and among African people throughout the Black African Diaspora including in the United States, Cuba and Brazil… They are also offered to bring greater democracy, freedom, justice and openness to the people of the Black and African Diaspora and to weed out corrupting influences; encourage openness, encourage consistent and fair elections; and help the Black and African Diaspora in attaining its fair share of the world’s resources, development, wealth, health care, food, water, fair and equitable labor and wages, decent and fair business practices, land, mineral wealth and so forth… They are offered with the spirit of LOVe and cooperation in which they were intended and just before Kwanzaa and the Spirit of Kwanzaa which is deeply instilled within them… They were inspired–in part–by the Sullivan Principles which were largely successful in playing a part in disrupting and eventually dislodging much of the Apartheid System in South Africa… {Along with the hard work of thousands of activists and literally millions of people of all races and colours who boycotted certain pro-Apartheid businesses and venues.}
    1} All African Nations {and Caribbean Nations and Black Nations outside of the African Continent {Such as Brazil and Cuba} as well as African peoples in the United States and elsewhere} should be open to the concept of having open, consistent, fair and free elections for ALL levels of public office…
    2} ALL African Nations {and Caribbean Nations and Black Nations outside of the African Continent; as well as Among people of Black African descent in the United States} should seek and find leaders who are impregnable to corrupting influences from within or from outside of their borders such as: the undue manipulation of money; the manipulation of power; bribes; war; physical and mental abuse; rape; murder; the manipulation of currencies and or their economies by corrupting influences such as the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, The CIA, or wealthy corporations or individuals or other such entities who may well not have the best interests of the people of these countries and lands at heart.
    3} All developing African Nations or Nations with a good amount of Black populations such as Brazil and The United States and Cuba should seek out real justice, real truth, and real freedom, the attainment of wealth through peaceful and legal means {Non-Exploitative}, and democracy in the Way they select leaders from the community level on up…
    4}ALL families in Developing African and Caribbean Nations and other developing or developed Nations with large percentages of African residents are asked to develop and maintain strong Progressive family values; strong ethics among the family unit {Whatever that may be}; and a strong will to discourage corrupting influences of all sorts that might impinge on the stable development of the family. Our African children MUST NOT be exploited or used for war or harsh treatment, go unpaid {or underpaid} for their labor, or be forced to engage in unnecessary labor within or outside of our borders…
    5} All families in Developing African and Caribbean Nations, The United States and other developing or developed Nations with large percentages of African residents such as Brazil or Cuba are asked to develop and maintain good relations with organizations that serve to develop and maintain Human Rights; Gay and Lesbian Rights; Labor Rights; Women’s Rights; Civil Rights; Children’s Rights; and the Rights of the Under-served, the left out or traditionally discriminated against sectors of the population.
    6} We MUST ALL learn to treat each other with respect and dignity at ALL Times…
    Through Brother Tracy….. Updated on November 30, 2012 {Friday}
    Contact me at 1.215.471.64.94 / or

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    Editor’s Note: These Principals are by no means complete or all-inclusive, but are offered just as an augmentation for work that has already been done and / or academic endeavors that already exists and give credence, support and publicity to that which is already taking place.

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