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    Original and National Million Woman March

    On June 1, 2012, the originator/Founder of the historic Million Woman March, Sis. Empress Phile’ Chionesu, returned from a fact finding, exploratory, and Movement building expedition that successfully resulted in an exciting and powerful collaboration with the Republic of Benin, West Africa.

    This historic visit, which officiated the launching of several major and long awaited “next step” operations of the Universal MW Movement, specifically the MWM “Africa Ancestral, Freedom, & Self-Determination Journey” 2012 Project, also served as the first of several “Repentance, Solidarity, and Reconciliation ” dialogs and initiatives that has been uniquely designed to begin an incredible process to pro-actively connect, during 2012-2013, Africans born in North America with African countries located in the Western Region; thus furthering and stabilizing meaningful relationships and productivity for all concerned. (NOTE: 2013-14 will begin designated initiatives for the Eastern African Region)

    For more information contact the National MWM Headquarters at:,, or call: 267-636-3802

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