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    Christina Baldon

    How can we help this woman in Ohio? Is there a petition to be signed or an account where money can be sent to help with legal cost?

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    Tony Green

    If her children had been athletes, no one would have said anything. In fact, out of district schools athletic staff would have actually encouraged her to list false residences (unless they were a private or parochial school). That practice is so common it’s pointless to even complain about it. But a mother who sends her kids out of zone for ACADEMIC reasons gets nailed? Some message – ‘we only want your kids if they can win us a sports title’.

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    Marvin Gentry

    This case is a common and oft repeated one tht makes our community look as if we are completely helpless and dependent upon the State and those who are elected to go beyond the call of duty on our behalf.

    I say that in conjunction with putting pressure on those officials we establish a fund call it a “a day of want fund” to handle matters such as the case of the woman who tried to go undetected by the officials.

    Let us own up to this violation, pay the cost of her efforts, and charge the State with limiting our choices to those that lead to reinforcing inferior educational opportunities on the tax paying public in general, and black communities in particular.

    Unite! Fight for independence from discrimination by uniting and pooling our resources. Every other ethnic group is doing it. Why do we think we will have any support from them?

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    Rev. Dr. Stephen Greene, Sr

    I heard about this when it first hit the airways. It is an absolute crime that here in America, years after the Brown vs The Board of Education decision, we still have unequal education in the United States. And worse, after reading this article and about the Ohio laws regarding their “invincible repugnance to racial fellowship” I can’t help but wonder if we’ve drifted back into the 50’s and 60’s of the 20th century. The ugly head of racism has risen up in our society worse than it ever had. While the three percent of the population who have enough money to buy the entire world, and continue to get filthy rich off of all of us, we are at each other’s throats in the name of racial intolerance instead of banding together as one community to fight the economic disparities from which we all suffer, like job losses, inadequate incomes, homelessness, starvation, poor health care, mortgage foreclosures and the list goes on.
    This woman has done what thousands of people in every city would do and are doing right now; seeking better education for their children. It’s what has been promised to us by the United States Constitution. Yet, racism is at the root of writing laws that hold us back as a people, like these laws in the State of Ohio. Something must and will be done to right these wrongs. America, you can’t be all that you want to be until your people, all of them, are what they want and need to be.
    Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.
    May God help us!

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    Sultana Ali

    If they won’t treat you right, they won’t teach you right. We need our own schools. You will never get proper education in their hands. I support the Sister Clara Muhammad schools, that are nation wide.

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    Instead of relying on the white man to take care of black problems and black causes, black people should start taking care of each other an their own people. I am really sick of the blame the white man speech of black Americans. Seriously, black people, the major problems you face is due to lack of unity. Follow the footsteps of other races and take care of your own kind. I live in Canada in a so called multicultural society and all around me these other non black races including the caucasian look after their own people. The success of the black will only come when they start to love and value their family and then in turn that love and respect will extend to the rest of their own kind. Stop blaming the white man when it is clear that blacks are the one preventing each other’s success. A leopard will never change its spot, thus, the white is not going to be non racist because it is a different century. Please stop looking for the white man to change and start looking after your own kind. Lets stop with the drugs and lets stop kiling our own people. Stop the mentally desctructive rap music that refers to black women as hoes and bitches and encourage them to only aspire to become baby mamas instead of educated successful wives. Look around you black people. The white man isn’t the cause of your problems. The white man and all the Indians, Chinese and Phillipinos (your new oppressors) aren’t going to change but you blacks have to change and start respecting the family and looking after your own kind.

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    I agree with you Marvin Gentry. Black people need to wake up and start pooling their resources together in order to protect their own kind from situations such as these. Every other race I know of take care of their own kind whether it is through religious organization, their own schools or their own community support groups. It is time black people stop relying on caucasians to take care of them.

    And another question, why are black people following the religion that oppresses and enslave them? Now that slavery is over shouldn’t black seek out the religion of their ancestors for englightment and freedom? When has the church done anything for the black race? Since black people tend to be church going religious christian fanatics you would think their church organization would have funds and resources to protect them. Every other race that I know of be they East Indians, Chinese, Phillipinos, Islam look after their own community right here in Canada and these people are in turn very successful because of the support they get from their own community. Black people, your success lies in how you treat your family and your own kind. Stop the exploitation of black women and children by black men and some black women. Give up the psychologically damaging music. These rap artists are only in this for their own financial gain. Take it from a person who gave up dancehall reggae which is no different from rap music with it is psychologically damaging lyrics. Which group but blacks are rapping about their own women being hoes or rapping about killing their own kind (genocide)? It is disgusting to see blacks dancing to their own kind. And by the way black people, BET is not own by blacks hence they do not have your best interest at heart. They will only put on self destructing programs.

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