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    I live in NJ and we have similar programs that actually assist people in starting and growing business. Will this project just be operational in Philadelphia?

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    OIC America is a national organization. The program and announcement will apply across America. Be sure to come out to hear the announcement and also check the website at following the event for the new website launch and ongoing announcements and updates.

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    Will they also find funding for these entrepreneurs and there projects? Becuase funding is most improtant thing after they come up with there creative endeavor. ( Clean and stress free!

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    Yes, the funding approach will be based on the principles of Rev. Leon Sullivan who founded OIC in 1964. He also successfully funded Progress Plaza in Philadelphia,
    the nation’s first Black owned shopping mall through a grassroots, community oriented, self-help approach. Following the announcement on Tuesday,
    be sure to visit the new website at and you can directly participate in the funding effort for this vital initiative.

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    Darcel D. Davenger, M. Ed., PLS

    Giving honor to God, and the late Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan, I give thanks for the opportunity to have been one of the wave of individual women to have gone through the OIC Clerical program in 1969-1971 South Branch. I will be attending the program on March 15th at the Progress Plaza Center. Dr. Sullivan opened millions of doors for us.

    Thank you for the invitation.

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