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    I don’t know who I should feel sorry for. Ms. Palin for living in a fantasy world or the GOP for letting her highjack their political party!

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    I think you miss the point….

    False racism is used daily, as a crutch by many in the liberal community, It’s a crutch that should be shed. Until we can have an honest discussion about this, nothing will change. I think what Sarah Palin is saying, and what most Americans believe, is that we are living in an exceptional Country. And that thought, should be understood, first and foremost.

    It does not help the view of many Americans, when you have comments made by Rev Wright with “God damn America”, or Michelle Obama with “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”. These thoughts do not express a great love of County, or an understanding of the concept of America.

    Another example of Palin’s argument, was the denegation of the Tea Party by the NAACP. We can have different points of view, but to use the race card this easily, against a whole group of people, just doesn’t wash. These comments, stereotype the views of many Americans, and just play into this ongoing false conversation.

    Many black American conservative intellectuals such as Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele would agree with many of Sarah Palin’s basic arguments, regarding today’s Society. We all have deferent points of view, but to Say that Sarah Palin is playing a race game, is just another cheep shot that will never get us anywhere.

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    Theron K. Cal

    Real Brother here.

    Racists with this “False Racism” claim tickle me. We are talking about a sitting President of the United States. If Racism against him is off limits then who is worthy of being protected from it? Is there anyone on the planet if not the freakin’ President that should be judged by his true character and not is Race? Sarah Palin is a Racist and so is the GOP and the Tea Party. The rest of White America elected a Black President not realizing the effect it would have on he myth of Whites as superior and they are the ones who are allowing Racist Whites to destroy him.


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    Sarah Palin is a dumb, trailer-park trashy, unfit mother who has nothing going for her but her divisiveneness and her white skin. She is a retard whose intellect is so stunted that playing a race game is all she has to offer to the old, poor, white, tea-partiers. Sarah is just another country, creep who will never get “yall” anywhere.
    I betrcha!

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    Roland Price

    Its amazing ia country of several hundred million people, a person such as Palin becomes a constant news figure. Interviewed several years ago had not read anything worthwhile, now turns out book almost every month!! Who are her ghost writers??

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    Is it not odd that less than 3 years ago, Sarah had read nothing and to date she is being credited with writing at least two books? What an intellectual transformation.

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