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    Mr. Jimmy Nieves

    Jimmy Nieves
    10:39 AM (21 minutes ago)

    to me
    The Creation Of The Latino or Hispanic ( No Such Race )

    Many people have been indoctrinated and mis-educated in believing that
    there is actually , and factually a racial group called Latinos or Hispanics .

    Let me set the record straight on the manner in question . The term
    Hispanic or Latino has nothing to do with race , it is a cultural tag .

    In fact the term Hispanic is a political cultural tag created by the
    United States
    during President Nixon’s administration .

    The term Latino was also a political tag that was created by the Europeans
    of Spain ( The so- called Spaniards or Visigoths ) .

    Both of these political cultural tags were now placed on Spanish speaking
    Blacks that have Native American ( Taino , Aztec , Inca ) and European
    ( Spaniard ) ancestry . Thus , you now have the creation of the Hispanic
    or Latino race .

    These are fictitious and slave tags placed on Spanish speaking Blacks
    that are racially mixed . The purpose for this confusion was to divide and
    conquer , to separate the Black family from each other . This was achieved
    by using differences based on culture , complexion , language and hair
    texture ( differences in phenotype ) .

    In the Willie Lynch letters , it states that they ( white folks )
    would use the light
    skin Negroes against the dark skin Negroes in order to divide Black People from
    each other . The creation of the Hispanic ( Latino ) is the fulfilment
    of that agenda
    and conspiracy .

    How many times have you seen light skin blacks from Virginia that look like the
    average so-called Latino in your neighborhood ?

    You have people that would call me Spanish , even though Spanish is a language .
    It’s amazing how ignorant people can be

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    Jimmy is absolutely right, and I also mention the Willie Lynch letter to demonstrate how the indoctrination of all minority races is what keeps us divided.

    We need to learn how to pool our resources, learn how to use the “new rules” to our advantage so we can begin to create our own wealth!

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    I dont know what part of latino= caucasian blacks dont understand.

    This race hates itself so much that it has to DRAG in other races thats not even black,in order to feel good about themselves.

    Just because someone has dark skin dont meant thery are black. Look at the ppl in INDIA. They are DARKER than some blacks..but they are really caucasian .

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    Jimmy Nieves

    Read ” From Columbus to Castro ” by Eric Williams and ” Sex & Race , Vol.2 ” by J.A. Rodgers and then tell me is the people you are calling Hispanics are not black .

    I agree , having dark skin does not make you black , but having African ancestors that were shipped to the spanish speaking Caribbean Islands and South America does make most so-called Hispanics black .As a Afro Puerto Rican i am black , because history and Genetics ( science ) say i am .

    You and Dr. Claud Anderson have fallen for that Willie Trick Bag and delusion , which states ” We will separate the light skin Negroes from the Dark skin Negroes ” . I see you are making sure that this Willie Lynch Plan fulfill it’s prophesy.

    I guess the father of black history in this country , Arthur Schomburgh ( A Puerto Rican ) is not black . Including such baseball players like Roberto Clemente , David Ortiz and etc.
    You people must have Torey Hunter Syndrome .

    I got it , the rule is that if you are of African Ancestry and you speak spanish , and your slave master was from Spain or Portugal then you are not black .

    You and Dr. Claud Anderson are promoting what the Ancient Nile Valley Africans called ISFET ( confusion ) .

    From Mr. Jimmy Nieves
    ( The Afro Borinquano American )

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    Jimmy Nieves

    This idiot ( Dr. Caud Anderson ) said that in 1840 there wasn’t a
    single Hispanic in
    this country ( The United States ) . Of cause there wasn’t a single
    Hispanic at that
    time , the term Hispanic was not coined until 1970 ( a term created by
    Richard Nixon
    in 1970 ) . In 1840 there wasn’t a single African American ( coined in
    the late 70’s by
    Jesse Jackson ) , nor was there a single Black American ( a term
    coined in the 60’s ) .
    In 1840 you had Negroes or Blacks in America ( not Black Americans ) . In 1840
    these Negroes or Blacks in America spoke mostly English , but you had a small
    remnant already here from Latin America . See , ” The Afro – Latin ,
    History And
    Culture In The United States ” by Miriam Jimenez Roman and Juan Flores

    In this Video ( ” Black Labor White Wealth ” ) by Dr. Claud Anderson ( in the
    Slave Theatre – 2003 ) , he spued rhetoric and dis-information on the So-Called
    Hispanics ( a fictitious label created to separate one member of the
    black family
    from another ) . ” DIVIDED WE ( WHITE FOLKS ) CONQUER “.

    Dr, Claud Anderson has fallen for the Willie Trick Bag ( Willie Lynch’s Plan
    to separate the Light Skin Negroes – So-Called Hispanics from the Dark Skin
    Negroes – Blacks in America ) . In the words of Willie Lynch , ” Thank You
    Dr. Claud Anderson For Fulfilling My Plan And Prophesy ” . Again , ” Thank
    You , Mr. Mis-Educated Negro ” .

    The Book ” The Afro-Latin ; History And Culture In The United States ” by
    Miriam Jimenez Roman and Juan Flores disputes every thing that Dr. Anderson
    teaches about Hispanics . This is a open challenge to Dr. Claud Anderson , I
    challenge him to dispute the evidence contain in this book .

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    The first step we must take is to read Dr. Anderson’s books, watch the DVD’s watch the Youtube videos so that we can begin to educate ourselves on a real strategies to win. Dr. Anderson confirmed that Willie Lynch is nothing more than a methodology to make Whites appear more powerful than they are to have the power to impact Blacks for hundreds of years. Please don’t give them that much power. Second, he teaches us to stay focused on the vertical issues NOT horizontal meaning if it is not related to Black Economomic Empowerment through community building – ownership rather than consumerism leave it alone. NOTE: 51% of Hispanics in the 2010 census stated their race was White, they do not acknowledge or mention the 49% and most of those who are Afro-Latino refuse to claim they are Black. I question how the “powers that be” who classify Hispanics as a minority for contracts, education, loan and other race based reporting requirements justify the minority classification when the majority of them self designate as White. This is a part of the institutionized systematic methods to ensure Blacks remain the underclass.

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