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    This website is only one of the many reasons why there is racism in the US. You want equality but you make a website about differences. Black people were slaves that sucks really it does, but does any one know a black American slave that is alive today? In the same note does anyone know a white slave owner that is alive today? I thought not. Slavery happened get over it nothing anyone can do will make it different. All these numbers and percentages, it’s all great but who really gives a shit. If you want good education programs, schools, etc its up to the community to provide that and if your community you live in cant then MOVE! It’s the land of opportunity I went to a public school had a bunch of black friends and now coworkers and they never bi*ch about schooling and their education. They just worked hard. I watched a documentary on a dude that was born with only half a body and he STILL found a job so if he can make it anyone can. Stop making excuses and start making changes. As for comparing slavery to 911 and the holocaust are you retarted? No America is not going to forget 911 we AMERICA were attacked as a country you fuktart and the holocaust happened in Europe so why are you comparing that to slavery in AMERICA? Oh and by the way I am good friends with three AFRICAN AMERICANs from Africa they are all white so calling all black people African Americans doesn’t make sense and I had a black roommate in college( notice how I said college, somehow he made it past all these excuses you’ve all been making up) his parents were from the Caribbean so is he still African American?

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    “Finally, lets look back at history. Right wingers speak out of both sides of their mouth when they say things such as “never forget the Holocaust” or “never forget 9/11? but they want blacks to “GET OVER” slavery.”

    I cannot believe you would say something like this Mr. Randolph, regardless of how long ago this blog was posted.

    This is the most insolent rant I have ever read.

    Most of this subject matter is hollow; your statements in bold are not valid nor are they reliable.

    Comparing slavery in the United States to the Holocaust is very far fetched.

    Please stop brainwashing people into thinking that certain races deserve preferential treatment Hitler.

    Auf Wiedersehen!

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    dave kurtz

    Heck, the people who should be bitchin’ are the Native American Indians that’s if you can find one. The real American settlers were all slaughtered, given smallpox, or made to live in concentration camps called reservations!!!This isn’t in history books and taught in school what they did to these people, I wonder why? It’s like x10 of the Jewish holocaust right here in America. The largest genocide in history!!! For what? Control? The Native Americans lived off the land, had their own necessities, own language, own belief in the Great Spirit, they did their own thing, had their medicines, but they wouldn’t conform… to our ways. So sad, now we are all slaves, all of us. PEACE

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    David Kurtz

    WE THE PEOPLE better wake up and really understand what’s going on, open your eyes!!! We are all intentionally being played and kept in a continuous dissention, put at odds with one another to be divided by our own government. Race, religion, hertiage, culture, languange, background, gender, sexual preference… and the biased media presents hate to us each and every single day to be instilled in us and our kids. Most important, we are divided on party lines, WHY? The political powers that be only have to convince 50% of their agenda and blame the indiscretions on the other half while the dirty politicians keep laughing all the way to the bank with OUR money. i.e., The problem, reaction, solution.

    Wise men seek answers and find solutions while the ingnorant only cast blame and point fingers.

    WE THE PEOPLE all need to get on the same page, think for ourselves, not like a democrat or republican, but as American people finally united as a real democracy.

    WE NEED TO HAVE ONE PARTY, the most powerful – “THE AMERICAN PARTY” by the people for the people… the powers that be would lose control of us, and not be allowed to do what they want without OUR approval. The American Party, you and me!

    President John F. Kennedy gave a speech 7 days before his assasination, “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot”.

    Remember, WE all came from God, if you go back to the begining of time, we all have the same Mother and Father. Take care of and love one another, not fear our differences but embrace them and learn and grow from them.

    The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye until we meet again.
    – Jimi Hendrix

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    slaves were never treated like “wild animals.” More like domesticated beasts of burden. Big difference between, say, a giraffe or a wildebeest, and an ox, or a mule.

    also, there have been and continue to exist, millions more people treated way worse, all over the world, who still choose to come here, often times at risk of death, still believing america means freedom. They get here, with no money, often times treated like “the other,” and can’t speak English… and yet- they make it.

    Rather than keep looking to the past, doesn’t it make more sense to see the examples of Blacks in America who have succeeded, accomplished, and achieved greatness in areas other than sports and pop culture, in spite of dire circumstances, and ask what they did right?

    The size of the black middle class has shrunk and continues to shrink from the time of that horrible Reagan. good thing democrats like Pelosi want to expand subsidies and aid programs she herself would never dream to have to use to survive.

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    The problem here is Envy (via, Willie Lynch Letter)! We have been indoctrinated with a Slave Mentality – even those affluent, educated, “Successful” Blacks, are in the same boat! Instead of them thinking of ways to empower OUR race, they brag about their success, while (blaming) us for our own demise! The indoctrination is REAL, not Excuses to Live By! I’ve chronicled a topic in my book “How to help the community Help Themselves…” No, the community has been “Brainwashed” into believing any HELP they receive will come from, and by our Gov’t!
    We must learn to help ourselves, employ ourselves, educate ourselves…
    We must learn to let go of Materialism and the worship of “Things” we cannot afford, wasting money on things we Don’t NEED!
    Please download my eBook – if only to educate yourselves about your past, so you can learn how to “Fix” your future!
    Digital Download, via, $9.95.

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    What do you mean Blacks are not the face of Welfare. Yes, statistics as of 2012 show that blacks have the highest percentage recieveing welfare. Excuse after excuse is all I hear. Enough is enough. Immigrants are showing that Black Americans have no reason to complain. Immigrants have faced much more in this generation as opposed to a number of generations ago and they are making things happen for themselves. Stop it and get an education. Its all there, they just need to use it. It’s just old news at this point. The tears just don’t work anymore.

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    The problem isn’t that black people have a “slave mentality”, it’s that the people who went through the Civil Rights events of the sixties are still alive. I was born in 1981 and when I went to kindergarten my mother explained to me that people would look at me differently because of my brown skin. She lived through “separate but equal” and has not forgotten that and has passed that on to her children and her grandchildren. She was born in 1950 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 happened when she was 14 years old. Old enough to know exactly what the fire hoses and dogs in Birmingham, Alabama meant. I think it’s unfair to discount all the people experienced these events and to look ahead as if they never happened. This has nothing to do with slavery. Black people have been persecuted since this time. I think it’s time that people stop ignoring that this was only FIFTY years ago that black people earned the right to cast a vote without a poll tax. That’s not that long ago. It’s sad if you actually think about it. While immigrants face adversity, blacks are subjected to many racisms that they are not since many immigrants fall into the “White” category when it comes to race. Egyptians, Middle Easterns and many Mexicans are considered White which skews the amount of Whites on welfare compared to Blacks. Come on people, let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s 2013…..

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    Correction: When I talked about the “Slave Mentality” I’m referring to “some” individuals who are indeed indoctrinated with ignorance… It is that ignorance that causes a select group of individuals to “Waste” $$ foolishly where “Bling” is more important than saving for your child’s education… It does not reflect “all” Blacks, and in my eBook, I both applaud our Civil Rights Movement for so-called “Equal Rights” and condemn those who don’t take advantage, but I also explain the WHY! Every (bad) conmment above are a continued, stereotypical reflection of our “entire” race, albeit it only reflects a handful!
    Also, We DO NOT make up the majority of the persons on Welfare! Besides, we are only 13% of the population, therefore, cannot be 90% of the Welfare recipients [do the math]!

    Your Media has led you to believe that, just like we’re all lazy, uneducated, don’t want to work people when nothing could be further from the truth!
    You want truth, Download my eBook, Red White and Poor!

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    Blacks aren’t the only ones who live above their means. White people waste money too as well as Mexican’s and Asians and whoever else. I think that America as a whole has a problem with education. Many Americans care more about sports and extra curricular activities than education.

    Also, the fact that Blacks only make up 13% of the population is correct but out of that 13% (of the population which is about 313,914,040) 39.8 percent of those people are on welfare. That number is scary, and it could be a reflection of all kinds of things. In contrast Whites make up 78.1% of the population and they account for only 38.8% of welfare recipients. Again, many people live outside their means, hence the reason our countries middle class is in dire straights right now with the help of greedy corporations and politicians.

    Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
    Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
    Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
    Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
    Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

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    America has a clash of cultures. For 150 years we have tried various ways of blending the African and European cultures and it hasn’t worked. The African culture is still a subculture and will continue to be. The European culture is a thousand years more advanced than that of the Africans. The playing field cannot be leveled in three or four generations.
    Make believe equality has only hindered the advancement of blacks in America. It lies in the assumption that all people are equal and can succeed at the same standard. Many blacks have surpassed their white peers but they didn’t do it shucking and jiving on street corners listing to ignorant rappers. They rose to the challenge and ignored the black voices that called them Uncle Tom and accused them of “acting white”.
    African Americans will continue to be part of an American subculture until black men start respecting black women and raising their children instead of living under excuses and peer pressure of their ignorant friends and entertainers.
    Get over it! Living in the past and submitting to the demands of socialist liar politicians is destroying black America. A black teacher from Bermuda observed that American blacks, because they refuse to accept responsibility for themselves, are living under neo-slavery yielding their power to democrat white men who buy their votes with empty promises. The democrat party is still the party of black oppression as it has been since long before the Civil War. Their darling president is no more black than he is white. He, himself, is the puppet of evil socialist elites who do not give a damn about black people other than their votes!
    Wake up America! Your country’s future depends upon it.

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    I wish people would quit bringing up slavery days! it’s not an excuse anymore. Blacks have just as many opportunities if not more opportunities to go to school and get an education. Not having money isn’t an excuse anymore, the government gives grants to students who have low income on top of that there are tons of “black scholarships”. It’s about taking responsibility. This article say blacks aren’t the face of welfare/food stamps! how is that so

    approximately 47,000,000 people receive food stamps, of that blacks receive 28%, whites receive 59%. (some sites say its almost 40% blacks and 39% whites that receive food stamps but im giving blacks the benefits of the doubt).

    total of 87% combined (black + white) which leaves 13% for other races. Of this 13%, 10% is claimed by the Hispanic population.

    population of blacks in usa approx.42,000,000.
    population of whites 223,553,265.

    whites on foodstamps = 27,935,644
    blacks on foodstamps = 13,257,594.

    27935644/223553265 or 12.5% of total population of whites are on foodstamps.
    13257594/42000000 or 31.6% of total population of blacks are on foodstamps

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    Peter G

    As a 69 year old retired white business guy who has experienced a slice of historical black-white relations, administered affirmative action programs, and did some MBA programs teaching with a diverse student body ..these comments are very sad for society , Black and White and all races. It seems the prerequisite to addressing this 800 lb gorilla ( race issue with no racial derision meant ) is an honest conversation which has yet to develop among the American people and our representatives.

    Particularly troubling is Obama’s promoting racial division, “victim identification” and disunity as opposed to self-reliance ..where we can see and have graphic demonstrable proof that Blacks can indeed earn their way into the middle class and a better life. Liberals seem to reason and advocate a trilogy of victim-hood, entitlements, and reparations as the recipe for equality and a proportionate piece of American equality and economic dream. One has only to compare African students in my classes MBA to some ( not all ) American African Americans to see the stark difference in attitude and work habits.

    Race relations are in the tank and the discourse between Liberals and conservatives has only widened the gap. Well meaning liberals and conservatives can not impact this intractable problem and the inequities that are part of it. I don’t think a “white ” population can IMPOSE a black assimilation solution on those black population sub-sets( urban poor gripped in a cycle of poverty ) where nearly every demographic ( crime, poverty, welfare, school drop-outs, fatherless children etc. ) weighs so heavily against their success. No more than I feel it is insidious white prejudice deeply embedded in or institutions that accounts for such disparities.

    Bottom-line, the inertia and perseverance to do better must reside with African Americans …who can not wait until white American gives them permission to succeed. We must reach a point where African Americans take the “lead” and disabuse themselves of the fiction that the legacy of slavery can not begin to explain economic differences no man , black or white would support in their heart. And with the cost of welfare growing significantly , continued subsidization of African Americans via welfare programs is not sustainable. We must:
    * reject the race hustlers whose income and stature is acquired by fanning the flames of dicontent
    * Insist our leadership ( Obama ) or his replacement comit to promoting racial harmony and reconciliation
    * Greater society to support emerging black leaders who can rise above the “blame game ” and work for cultural change consistent with equality for all …NO second class citizens
    * Never forget the lesson, but time to put slavery behind us … it is an obstacle not a solution
    * From this day on embrace “skin color-blindness” in all that we do
    * divert welfare assistance to “catch-up” education for all lagging races to increase competitiveness – this can and should be done in a totally color-blind way.
    * Start to trust each other again and take responsibility for bad personal decisions ( dropping out of school, support the kids you bring into the world and not displace that burden / obligation to your neighborhood and communities or government
    * People of strength, smarts, integrity, and fair-mindedness must lead the effort ..Mostly Blacks but as trust grows, other too.
    * Cultivate and nourish the devoloment of strong leaders who are critical in a movement to re-order the country and racial relations to a higher and different plane.

    That alone would be a great start.

    Funny, I can not think of any group who likes the status quo. But we must develop a tolerance for change …because it will be messy and uncomfortable but it is the only path to the equality most men and women irrespective of skin color want.

    This war on solutions tried and failed will be a test of our strength and honor as a people and a nation.

    As a business guy I am a pragmatist but have come to realize that we as a people win when ALL people have the opportunity to succeed.

    This prescription may sound simple or even simplistic but I believe it is our best ” shot” at a powerful solution where the core principles are fairness, honor, integrity, self-reliance, accepting personal responsibility for decisions, and the excluding “mis-leaders” from such a movement. We must shut out the liberal self-serving race hustlers as well as conservatives who do not buy into the “program”… what is left should be people who may not always agree but are committed to the same goals and new core values

    Peter G
    Elk Grove, CA

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    What amazes me is how white people seek out sites where African Americans speak on issues that directly affect us. Its amazing how they try to minimize our plight, compare it to others and act as if they have voice for our people. I don’t care what any person says. If you are not black then shut up, You will never understand anything that you have not walked in. You have a privledge in this country that I don’t think that YOU even recognize. You try to voice your deceived opinions of our situations from a white stand point or what some other black person may have told you. You are not black. You know nothing about being black in America. You don’t face what we face because you’ve never been where we’ve been. Every white person in America needs to listen to Tim Wise, a white man who God has truly opened his eyes to the privledge in white America. Go to You tube and listen to Tim Wise and maybe you blind over privledged arrogant whites will learn something

  15. 65


    Wow, most of the comments here are just pure hatred, and unfortunately the world might not change as progressively until people spewing that filth die out.

    Maybe it’s time to treat people like, you know, real people?

    Education reforms, health care, all the stuff needed to raise society up from the ground. With the rise of Atheism will come the rise of human standards and basic dignity.

  16. 66


    Why is RACE still a factor in the new Millennium? Okay so WE should get over it – there’s only one problem, we’re NOT Equal!
    Society is NOT hiring Blacks, therefore we are NOT Employed… Blacks hear more “Excuses” for (why) we (DONT) get the job versus those who do. We hold more degrees now than ever before, yet, forced to “Settle” for Civil Service jobs! The level of frustration, anger, distrust – all indoctrinated tools to divide us – while Mass Media paints the picture that we’re uneducated and unskilled – B.S.!
    And while those “Skewed” statistics make it appear as though Blacks are the face of Welfare – Your “stats” are based upon all Blacks who’ve ever “Applied” for PA – not the current # of recipients!
    Society can’t have it both ways! You can’t expect people (You) purposely discriminate against and WONT HIRE “Not” depend upon Gov’t assistance! Economically, we are “Forced” to accept PA [which now forces you to work for your benefits], so its not free money, just New Age Slavery! So why fight against those in Corporate America that “Doesn’t want us there” in the first place?!
    The stereotypes that we don’t want to work, and, if we’re given a job, we’ll abuse the clock – take extra long breaks, and (Not) fulfill our job requirements…. There is “Sloth” in every Race, yet, our Media only proliferates Black folks as the guilty ones!
    Outsourcing is Society by Design – to get rid of ALL the Blacks in mainstream employment – to be replaced by 3rd World Cheap labor – until they find out how much Americans earn – Now they’re (Guest Workers) are taking White people’s jobs!
    So now they too, have been reduced to poverty just like we were during the 1970s…
    Also chronicled in Red White AND Poor, how Economics & Outsourcing have Racially Divided America, via,
    Despite the title – America needs to practice Americanism first and come together as the Human Race!
    I would LOVE to be at a Roundtable Talk about the problems that plague the Black Race – just to set the record straight in the minds of White America!

  17. 67


    @Mike Robe… You need to be educated, as you’re only “regurgitating” what mainstream media has TAUGHT you! Our quality of Education (or lack thereof) is the direct result for being poorly educated! When provided with excellent teachers who taught Calculus in a Bronx H.S. and the test scores came back “Above” the National average, the HS was accused of cheating… Like, it just (couldn’t) be possible that Minorities could’ve learnt Calculus AND be successful in solving such complex equations!?! And that’s the problem! People like you, and Mainstream society at large believe we’re just dumb!
    I’m catholic-school educated, and I have seen what the Public Schools teach in the inner-city – Disgusting! I paid for my boys to be Catholic-School educated just to get the same quality education “White suburbia” receives for free, preparing them for college w/o having to do (A Year) of Remedial-Ed just to ‘catch-up’ to the College Entrance standard!
    So, before you blame Blacks for NOT wanting an education, we are a result of a purposeful product of a “Society by Design” that has effectively eliminated the competition through a sub-par educational system!
    There should be NO such thing as Charter Schools – as ALL schools should be good! The U.S. used to rank No.1 in Education… Now we’re down to 17! And who do you think that includes?

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    For one thing Irish slaves were brought over too and were treated WAY worse than African Slaves who cost more!! I don’t hear the Irish whining about slavery!!

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    I don’t know how I got here in 2018, but I just want to make a comment. We white people really don’t know what it’s like to be black in America. I think I got a little taste when I went back to college on my 30’s to finally get my degree.

    My seat in one class was the last one in the row. Every morning when I tried to get to my desk, this black guy had his legs stretched across the aisle and would not move them. He usually wore a T-shirt that said, “It’s a black thang. You wouldn’t understand.” He looked at me like, “I dare you to say something.” I’m a pretty shy, meek person, so naturally, I never asked him to move his legs.

    It really hurt me. I kept thinking, “What did I ever do to him? Why does he act like he hates me? He doesn’t even know me. I bet if it were a black woman he wouldn’t do that to her. He’s being mean to me just because I’m white.”

    Then I started wondering, “Is that how black people feel? Like people treat them badly for the sole reason that their skin is black?” I can tell you it’s not a good feeling. Like MLK said, none of us should judge others by the color of their skin, (black’s included.)

    I still think this angry young man was being rude, but the experience did make me stop and think.

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