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    Its like my grandma used to say: “A fool and his money is soon departed”. Its shameful the millions of dollars that are
    wasted by entertainers/ athletes. This wasted money is money that could have been used to build institutions and bussinesses in black communities across the country. This is the only way black america will improve, through businesses and institution building. The government and no one else will save us or fix our communities.

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    Here in Chicago we have car clubs. Where basically people just ride around town(in the city’s porrest areas) dressed up showing off their 40k+ cars and making the indian gas station owners richer. Thats it thats all they do. Someday very soon I’m going to approach them very politely and friendly and ask them these questions:

    1. Do you have any assets?
    2. Do you own a business?
    3. Do you know what your credit score is?
    3. Do you have a mortgage or pay rent?
    4. Do you have any savings in the bank for yourself
    or your children?
    5. If you lost your job tomorrow what would you be able
    to pay all your bills for 1 year or until you found
    another job?
    6. Do you have money to retire?
    7. Do you expect to retire?
    8. Are you on welfare?
    9. Is the mother of your children on welfare?

    I have no doubt that the majority of them wouldn’t be able to answer these questions positively. They most likely still live in their mothers basement,or are renters etc. There is a lack of financial literacy in our community. Its not just about getting money. Its about having something of value to show for it, something that appreciates over time and will create more wealth like a bussiness.

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    Jackie S.

    This article is a huge concern , should be anyway, for the Black community. Its interesting because I was just talking to someone about the lack of positive wealthy people we have in our culture, because there’s nothing wrong with being wea…lthy. However, there is no dialogue coaching my generation (because I’m only 20) the ins and outs. We just see the end results aka the flashiness in the videos. I simply love the last sentence in this article, because anyone can learn, but not many can think. Thank you for this article. I will be sharing this!!!!!

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    Black Thought

    One of the worst things to ever emerge in the black community is/was the rap sub-culture, specifically gangsta rap. We will always stay behind as long as the predominate music of choice among blacks is ignorant rap and pop.

    As blacks we need to purify the various sub-cultures and mindsets that hold us back. Easier said than done. We seem to believe the hype and live out stereotypes only to leave more black men in prison than in college.

    good article.

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