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    ositsena Igebu

    Incidentally I logged into this africa web site. I found something very intresting that I was from on of the riches,
    Country in africa. Nigeria my country is so rich but yet
    There is nothing to show for it.
    We live in a country where pooverty is the order of the day
    No electriy in most of the country . I ask the present government to rescue the nation.

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    Edwin Ogolo

    Your figures and GDP rankings are wrong and need to be corrected. According to world Bank, IMF and CIA world economic ranking report of all the countries in the world for 2010, South African economy is estimated to be larger than those of Egypt. South African economy has always been estimated to be larger than that of Egypt. Please click on the url below for more details on world economic ranking. I will also be including the economic ranking of the top three african economies below as published by the three listed organizations and agency:

    World Ranking#….Country… Bank…..IMF……CIA
    25………….South Africa…525,806…….524,198…524,000
    Please note that these are all in dollars.
    Thank you,


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    Guys were is the smile of Africa ( Namibia). Namibia is supposed to be in the top Ten. being rich is not just because of oil. talk about stability,diamonds,uranium,gold,beef, tourism,etc. this survey are not acurate. there are many rich countries who were supposed to be there

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    Don stan

    I thank God that upon all the means Nigerian government tries to degrade and bring low the countries economy we are still 3rd of which when ever we decide to stand firm to know our capacity / level, then i thought we shall meet 17 to 21 in the world, i thank God for that………

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    Nigeria are rated 3rd richest country in africa,but we suffering alot,can u immagine graduate are outside there searching for job,children are dieing for hunger unemploment everywhere and they say we are the richest in africa,am sorry we are the poorest.

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    Dhritiman Sharma

    This is wrong. Where is Gabon?

  7. 7


    what about kenya and what determines the economy of a country

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    Nigeria are rated 3rd richest country in africa,but we suffering alot,can u immagine graduate are outside there searching for job,children are dieing for hunger unemploment everywhere and they say we are the richest in africa,am sorry we are the poorest.

  9. 9


    The Main 3 problems with Nigeria is the following, and why I don’t it will be an Economic Power-House In Africa (Not unless they get these issues fixed):

    When I went there on Oil & Gas Work – I noticed the following, that needs to be fixed for Nigeria to Thrive:

    (1) Very Major Corruption. You have BMW Show-rooms and luxury apartments, right next to shanty town. There is VERY Little “Middle Class” in Nigeria. Any successful country needs a Educated Middle Class, this is probably why many educated Nigerians are leaving the country (there’s nothing in the middle). Also with all the Oil you’d expect good and developing infrastructure. Outside Lagos, I saw very little development, for Schools/Hospitals/Road/Trains Etc…

    (2) Nigeria (like India, where I am originally from) has a high fertility rate (India is just under 3) – For 2012 it was 5 kids per woman. Nigeria is under 10% the size of the USA, however its population is well above replacement level – The population currently is 180 million (2012) it will be 300 million (2025) and balloon to over +400 million by 2050. Despite all the Oil Wealth how can any country, with that kind of massive population growth (young population) effectively feed / educate and provide decent/meaningful jobs for its peoples/citizen.

    (3) Finally I noticed and know, there is a thin but potentially deep Christian/Muslim Divide issue, and some tribal issues, that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Again the Politicians are ignoring the issue.

    Just my take on this topic.



  10. 10


    God bless Nigeria nd d rest of sfrican country

  11. 11

    Dogbovi Kokoutse

    It’s obvious that we couldn’t see Togo
    Republique of peace among the the richess

  12. 12

    adekoyaa kolawole

    so sad dat nigeria is rated top 3 richest country in africa,so far there is nothing 2 show 4 it.
    Nigeria is d first country i’ll c where d riches ar getting richer while d poor ar getting poorer wot a shame!.

  13. 13


    In all give thanks to GOD.

  14. 14


    nigerin gov. surpose to look into population growth rate

  15. 15

    goodluck chimezie chijioke

    Nigeria is a blessed country rich in economy and endowned in other things such as agriculture, coal,oil etc .but daspite all these things we are realy suffering in this country .these a country where the government treat the massive any how despite they were voted in by the massive .graduate are out there suffering while some have not gotten work up to six year they finish school .lack of security people died daily yet we pride ourself amonge the richest in africa God save us

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    Nigeria need to do something about its population. The population of Nigeria is too much that’s why the resources can’t be shared properly and religion crisis christian muslim they don’t agree

  17. 17

    Eneh Hilary ph.D

    It’s quite a shame that despite all this recognition of nigeria as the 3rd richest nation in africa, we the indigens still live in abject poverty.It’s only by God’s intervation that nigeria will be a better place to live in again. ___hilarioh

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    yeah….we r rich quite alright buh I think d major problem.wif d Nigerian economy is CORRUPTION…..funds are not being used appropriately instead dose in power rather use it to entire demselves. they believe in IMPUNITY which I think is really thriving in this great country of ours. wat dis great country of ours, Nigeria, needs is for all those corrupt officials. to be flushed out and given jail terms in accordance to wat they’ve embezzled…….d big question there ld be ” WHO WILL BELL D CAT???? ” it’s left for us nigerians to stand up n fight for our rights.

    I rest my case.

  19. 19


    I can’t believe it that Nigeria is the third richest country in africa, despite it poverty rate and the high level of insecurity, still made it to the third position. May God help africans and bless the people of Nigeria.

  20. 20

    Henry kelechi

    Well i was thinkig that nigeria will be number one in africa but i’m not supprise because 70% of money the country make from oil exportation is one man salary so i think we do try being in third (3) position.

  21. 21

    neli Vaneli

    you guys are all wrong,is ecuatorial guinea the most richest. my home

  22. 22


    Haahahahaha lol plss do some research, google is your friend use it!@ neli vaneli

  23. 23


    Dis statistics thy dnt tell the truth abt the wealth of sum diz countries for instance the infrastructure iz of low quality,unemployment iz very high,corruption nd crime a high thrz ernomus food shortage nd its not safe to visit this countries jst to mention a few.there a countries who should be in tat top 10 take Botswana,Namibia and Mauritius 4 instance regardless of the low population diz countries a excellening in jst abt anythn.i thnk da standard of living,education,infrastructure shud determin the wealth of a country not only people who a in power or those who associates wit thm.

  24. 25

    joe amor

    and kenya is like nigeria too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oooooooooooh!my country kenya!
    amkeni ndugu zetu!

  25. 26

    Emmanuel Dominion

    Critics wont solve the problems dt r inherent in a Nation…all dz critics r demeaning nd degrading a country’s value…
    …America has of date is characterised by numerous entrepreneurs who hv succeded in taking risks by pooling numerous resources,dey r willing to face nd overcoming whatever challenge dt comes dere way regardless of d negativities.
    …entrepreneurs r doz who dnt care abt what d govt does bt r determined to build up dere skill 4 d betterment of dere nation…diz is lacking in Africa.we all depend on the govt nd d more we continue to do dz,d more dangerous nd uncertain d future will be
    …Lets try nd b innovative,utilise d various resources dt r being unexploited nd within a shortwhile our continent will b transformed
    ***lets read out our way to make our country a top leading nation nd stop d unprofitable task of rating d country we havent laboured for!


  26. 27


    I agree with those of you that commented on Nigeria being the 3rd Richest country, but as an individual or as a Nigerian, what are we doing to help improve the economy or what plans do we have for the homeless or the uneducated ?, are we honest ourselves ?….., Remember all this negative post will not take us anywhere, it will only give us a bad reputation as a Nation. THE CHANGE IN THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY HAS TO START WITH YOU…….PROUDLY NIGERIAN

  27. 28


    With 5 of nigerian pastors among the richest 10 pastors ??n the world.
    2 richest I?????n????? african top 10
    1 among the 100 richest.
    4 among the richest 10 musicians I?????n????? african.
    Petroleum all over I?????n????? the southern nigeria,bitumen I?????n????? southwest,exporting the cocoa I?????n????? africa,timber,rubber,e,
    Northerns not leftout with there agriculture
    Well,the only problem we have is bad government/leader
    Why are we called giant of africa
    What can we prove †? the world?
    But proud †? be A???? nigerian.
    Waiting Fø????? DR mimiko †? rule nigeria

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    African Youth

    i am a kenyan teen…proudly,now ive read each and every one of your comments and i think its a reasonable discussion…i dont have facts or links or as much experience as most of you but i know this..ok so look,Nigeria and sudan have oil, south africa has gold,egypt is amazing in agriculture despite its desert nature and oh my gosh dont get me started on the mineral wealth of Congo,all countries have something to offer…mix it all together and the west will finally stop looking down at us and calling us a god damn third world continent(i hate that word)..and please note that we are still young..i mean lets take one step at a time..the rest of the world are where they are because of experience..Africa became free just a few years back but honestly with our peoples will, i dont think well take a century to catch up if only we work together,i vouch for U.S.Africa..theres nothing worse than turning against you own people,we Kenyans learnt it the hard way via post election violence ’07
    Another issue is our pride…oh lord our African egos,the reason for setting this ranking isnt so that the top countries can think they live in luxury..some people commented on that and i totally agree..i cant speak for other countries but if Kenya was anywhere near the top of that list,i would call it utter lies(yet again,im proudly Kenyan)…Africa has the most outrageous differences as far as economical classes are concerned,bad roads,POLLUTION,corruption, POOR GOVERNANCE!!!!,unemployment..i mean how is it that in States you would find most teenagers having small scale jobs while a 30 year old degree graduate from Arica who passed exemplary well in his high school is a tout or a driver and is payed half as much as the teenager…lets not be ignorantly blinded by rankings and seat back patting our backs when all is wrong.

    pleasure being here, Tracy

  29. 30


    South africa iS the richest country in Africa wth our natural resources such Gold,silver,platinuM etc etc. But there’s stil povertY n ada socio -economical issues, but m a liTtle disappointed abt Nigeria thy shuld b on the second spot cause of their Oil. Clearly corrupt leaders dO too much damage than we think

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    Morgan Daniel

    I cant seem to find the whole list. Am only seeing 3 countries. wossup?

  31. 32


    Last line of the post reads “Click here to see more of the wealthiest African nations. And be sure to let us know your ideas as to how better utilize the info to improve our global economic development.”

  32. 33


    Nigerians posting on here clearly need to learn more about their country. Yes, we know corruption rate in nigeria is unfortunately high and it’s has been hindering and slowing the countries growth for some years now. But nigeria despite its high rate in corruption is experiencing rapid growth in its economy, and its said to overthrow South Africa as the No.1 ranking economy in Africa by the year 2018. With its growth in various sectors like agriculture, Oil, Coal, and all other commodities, Nigeria has also seen foreign investors flooding in from the UAE, U.S, UK, Qatar and China e.t.c. The African economy for it to experience better growth needs Nigeria to make this growth happens for them with its large and strong economy. A little transparency and less corruption from its government we see the nation topple South Africa and move up the ladder on the global ranking from 30th to 15th in the space of 8years and further more if it sustain that growth. And the energy growth in southern nigeria is great

  33. 34

    Chibuike kennedy

    It is not a suprise that nigeria came third in the ranking of richest country in african in terms of g.d.p because they have the resources. If not becauseof bad govt, nigeria is suppose 2 come first in the ranking

  34. 35

    opeyemi Babatunde

    Thought Nigeria would be First or Second….Buh anyway m a Nigerian nd m Proud

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