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    Christina Baldon

    Is it possible for those who might want to go back and forth with natural and relaxed or is that not good for the hair? I took a break from the relaxer in 2009 for about 6 months and wore braids, it felt good and my hair grew out, but I still needed to maintain and trim the hair . I have went back to the relaxer and thought of going natural, but I feel like you can do both. Can you?

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    MaMa Akosua

    There are actually many points to consider in answering your question. The first wearing one’s hair in a natural state is much healthier for your hair, body, and eventually your mind. The use of extreme heat to press the natural hair or harsh chemicals to relax or weave the hair are very damaging and can led to health challenges. Secondly, just economically wearing one’s hair in a natural state can save a person money in the long run. Although there are other reasons why a person would want to wear his/her hair naturally and not go back and forth, the most compelling reasons are that when a person wears his/her wear naturally he/she gives honor to his/her ancestors, gains more confidence in his/her appearance, a sense of courage, true self-identity, more awareness of health, a change in his/her perception of true beauty, and last he/she does not have to run out of the rain?

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