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    You can’t poll a 18 restaurants in a southern state like North Carolina and expand it to generalize the entire United States. Did they also poll the staff to see if any of them would show preferential treatment to black customers? Apparently it’s not racism when it’s a positive effect.

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    Frank Singer

    I started driving a cab in N.Y.C. 40 years ago as an unbiased, open-minded, optimistic teenager in an era when cad drivers, both black and white, would routinely pass by black fares. My reward for picking up all black hails (I worked 4pm to 4am), was getting robbed twice with a knife at my throat on 117St and Lenox, getting beat out of my fares about a dozen times and a 5% tips. People who take offense at racist behavior need to look at cause and effect. I also notice black servers favoring black patrons over us white diners. Black people need to ask themselves WHY white people feel the way they do.

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