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    I can agree that the drug war unfairly targets inner city poor black people but the bottom line is if you don’t possess or use or sell than they can’t put you in prison. This problem is compounded when you factor in that many of those black people are convicted are poorly educated (sometimes due to their own desire not to maximize their educational opportunities). However seeing how drugs has wrought destruction on many black communities and families no only should no black person touch drugs (not including weed) but they should burn them. I can tell you that here in the D.C area the crack and cocaine epidemic produced many devastating effects that we are still seeing the repercussions of. These black drug users and sellers are not misguided souls or just confused but in many cases are violent, dangerous criminals who unleash their destruction on their own communities.

    While I agree it was a plan devised by racists if the bait was not taken by many black people then the plan would not work. Even though its unfortunate that many people allowed themselves to get caught up I have no problem as a black person myself that they are in jail and not ruining future generations of black children or infesting black neighborhoods with their illicit activities.

    The remedy is for those of us in the black community to set up more treatment programs and get more resources for those drug users and sellers who truly want to get out and minister to them, but for those that are violent and unrepentant I have no problem seeing them behind bars until they have learned their lessons and change.

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    Sal DelVecchio

    There is a disheartening sense among educated black job-seekers that rather than helping African-Americans, the Obama presidency has actually lessened their job prospects.

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