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    “What is the best strategy for black communities to pursue their political interests as a whole?” The answer is to not ask your oppressor to create change but rather to liberate yourselves as Africans one billion strong. The Uhuru Movement launched a campaign called “What about the Black Community Obama?” in 2008 because it correctly recognized Obama as white power in a Black face. The only way to change conditions for African people worldwide is to overturn this system that is born out of slavery and genocide and create a new system through the theory of Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African Socialist International: African Internationalism. This is the only way forward to liberate all people, including white people such as myself, who want to jump off the pedestal of white power and join the rest of humanity, rather than living at the expense of all oppressed people.

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    Peggy Seats

    Hi Norm,

    This is an excellent article. Of course, from time immemorial, or at least for the past 50 years or so that most African-Americans have been able to vote, that we have attempted to choose the lesser of the evils in political campaigns.

    However, his analysis of the pitfalls of the snub the black community receives from Obama as well as other “elite” blacks who routinely want to distance themselves as far away from other blacks as possible is true.

    The illusion of inclusion is staggering in the colored mindset. Our Ancestors gave their lives for us to be in positions to have black politicians and black corporate moguls; but little did they know that these same blacks would become our worse enemies via either snobbery and/or outright betrayal. Few of us are willing to admit that we are our own worse enemies. We’re a lost people.

    And that’s a tragedy.

    Peggy Seats, Founder/CEO
    Washington Interdependence Council
    [Administrators of the Banneker Memorial]

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