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    This is my observation. Several years ago to my dismay I was charged tax on snack food. In my state there is no tax on snack food. Came home and did the math for all of those stores in my city. At 6%/transaction for snack food it came to over $2M for all of the stores. Downloaded the tax information from my state’s website and gave to the store owner. Was told to leave the store & that I did not understand the tax code. Excuse me, I only have two engineering degrees and can read the law as an expert witness in my chosen field.
    Contacted the AG & Comptroller’s offices. They also discoverd that untaxed cigarettes ( & “loose ones”)were being sold in my city.
    Calculate both the unauthorized tax on snack foods and untaxed cigarettes and now the monies come to over $10M.
    Now calculate the fact that foreign businesses owners do not have to pay federal tax for five years. Untaxed income comes to over $30M. Schools are facing a digital divide in my community. Plus foreign businesses support some right wing organizations against taxes. This mercantilism has to stop!
    This is a crime. Calculate $30M across the USA and now the income comes to almost $1B.
    As an African American if you dispute this situation your considered a militant.
    The tax code must be changed to address this situation.
    I am not a republican, but the state of Ky. has the right idea to have performance based tax breaks for foreign businesses locating their state.
    Please ask your readers to comment on my accessments.

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    I think this is an excellent article and should force the Black Community into crisis mode. This is a topic that most Blacks see everyday but don’t do anything about. I wish Roland Martin talked about it. I also believe that one of the most damning conspiracies ever to fact the Black Community on an economic and wealth level was “White Flight” and unfortunately no one speaks of it. They act like it didn’t exist. It is one of the major reasons why the inner cities in the U.S. constantly have problems with education and crime. Our leaders never found a weapon to destroy it. So now today we still suffer from it.

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