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    Ginnette Powell @caffeinehusky

    Not too long ago they would have been lynched – and who knows what might happen.. the man should be arrested…

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    he should be arrested. point blank.

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    Stay away from these european cave nigg@rs. They are no earthly good and history and present events have shown us that they are depraved animals. Their ignorance and arrogance will be their downfall.

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    Destin Sky

    he should not get arrested because he was taking uo for his daughter…..

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    I’d personally like to see pride and a sense of obligation instilled in Black Youth to choose and pursue other black youth of the opposite sex to develop healthy relationships with. In 2012 why is it even worth discussing that a black boy could feel so good passing notes and stealing a kiss from a white girl in school as if that is the true test of the best in us on display. Why keep trying to force ourselves in where we are obviously not going to fit or benefit our own people? That’s almost as sick as abandoning black businesses because integration is allowed. And now there is no Economic Power Base for Black People and no substantial unifying agent that we could point to as a cultural building block.

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