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    you can contact bobsa. they can assist you with getting this law changed. braiding is our culture. my braided my hair, i braided my sister hair. so why should we need a license to do something that we were born to do. school dont teach braiding.

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    This is like saying you need a license to comb your own natural hair. How stupid and ridiculous is this. Who thought of this nonsense either some white race controlling freak or worse a beyond retarded black person. A license to braid our hair, this is about the lowest and dumbest thing I heard in years. Braiding is bonding and almost sacred. Your talking about centuries of our cultural bond. I can’t believe some fool has taken braiding hair to this level. what next what type of draws you can wear? We’ll have to get a license to wear red panties, no, you have to get a license to put a wig on. this can go on on and on. Stop this madness Sisters and Brothers, and all others who want to protect their freedom.

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