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    Shantae Pelt

    This is absolutely incredible ! Happy to see three clearly educated and resilient women create such an authentic platform . Will surely be downloading and spreading the word .

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    Love it! I now reside in Humble Tx, which is outside Houston Tx and I have not been able to find one black beauty salon. Why? I truly abhor buying from Asians who are usually quite rude. My roommate braids to bring in extra money and is known by the name of Goddess, which is her real name. I will be so elated when black people reclaim their inheritance and gain the respect and support of black people supporting their own.

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    Norm Bond

    Yes, that’s a big problem. Check out the link for BlackTradeLines. It’s an app you can download to your phone to find and add Black–owned businesses and has other function including social. Also check out (black owned beauty supply association). They may be able to put you and your roommate dwon. In Texas, also check out Naturally Isis (you’ll find an interview with her on this site). She does an annual natural hair parade in Dallas. Also has products and working on a braiding school. Keep the faith, and the works.

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    Also check out to locate top-tier beauty pros catering to women of color

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