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    The FCC is trying to take us back to precivil right days – it is time that we have a black FCC commissioner appointed. It seems the Media monopoly is back in business ounce again.

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    Your letter makes great points that should be heeded in taking corrective measures.

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    for the last 30 years the fcc has become a agency once entrusted to police broadcast owners to now have those same people they were entrusted to police be today’s body of the fcc, there is a reason police can’t police, police. time for action now! and obama and the only black fcc commissoner clayborn should not get a pass from us either!

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    Akil Muhammad

    The dumbing down of our community is in full affect. If the CBC or the FCC can’t stop this train wreck, then we as a people must be willing to stand up to this White out of our radio stations and face whatever consequences come our way. Whether you like talk radio or not, it’s very essential to society and it should not be just, music-music-music. To the CBC, when you lay down at night, ask yourself. Am I doing the best that I can do for our community?

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