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    Will President Obama restore funding for the minority small business assistance centers run through the U.S. Small Business Administration? They are slated to close for the administration’s according to published reports about the proposed 2013 Budget.

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    Good question. It’s not likely to happen. There’s little discussion from the Administration about “restoring funding” to anything. In fact, it’s more negotiating about what cuts can be made to appease the other side. In 2010 the SBA announced a new “Advisory Council on Underserved Communities” What have you heard about their results? crickets..

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    robert ward

    the problem with directing funds and advantages to minority owned firms is that the minorities dont use these privaleges to their full potential….becuase of the money coming in etc….they get lazy and just count on the advantages from the government to stay in business….what ends up happening is zero growth….so while there may be more funds directed or more advantages given, the black owners will jsut sit and take instead of growing….the government onows this and thats why its unlikely anymore funds will be allocated….i worked for a minority owned firm for years…..this is what happened where i worked and at all of the minority owned firms we did business with….the only way to stop black unemployment is for the blacks to stop relying on the government, get up and work as hard as they can to exploit capitalism in america….everyone has the opportunity….its whether ou want to work hard enough to get it

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    What a racists comment Robert Ward but I would not expect anything less from an American.

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    I think we have to go with what has worked before. By that, I mean Black people in the u.s. have to re-emerge as unique and practical entrepreneurs as our ancestors were forced to do under the social and economic duress of their times. Places like the Greenwood District-Tulsa-OK, Harlem-NY, Bronzesville-Chicago-IL, Rosewood-FL and other numerous Black communities were created out of sheer necessity for economic survival, close to what we are experiencing today. Not only did they become successful with their ventures but also provided substantial employment and economic frameworks for their respective communities.

    In the 21st century, it is my belief that opportunities lie outside of the u.s., and will become an advantage to be realistically considered and pursued by Black businesses. It’s a proven fact that government, in all forms and approaches, becomes an impediment while supposedly “helping” Black businesses. Most small business programs sponsored by government are designed to curtail the true marketing potential of small businesses. We have so many underutilized assets (culture, creativity, etc.) that could be very helpful in bridging opportunities from other countries back to the people who need it the most. The key to doing this is to figure out ways of exploiting modern technologies that can be used as a vehicle to create modern small enterprises that are nurtured, positioned and maintained for growth over the next decade. Skills development, real-world business models and new marketing strategies are a must for existing Black businesses, as we will have to pursue customers and clients outside of the u.s.

    Whatever strategies or solutions that are agreed upon, we know that the real enemies are stagnant unemployment levels and unfulfilled promises from inept government programs. Most importantly, the dilemma of Black unemployment will need to be answered by Black businesses in a uncomplicated and pragmatic way.

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    Solomon Burke

    Solomon Burke says:

    April 13, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    I find it disappointing and disturbing that Black people still keep talking about Black buying power without the first clue as to what exactly Black buying power is. Power to do what?

    Currently, Black people are doing nothing more with their so-called “buying power” than giving it away to the white mainstream business establishment. Black people giving away their economic rescources to the white business community while the Black community becomes weaker and poorer.

    How is that power? Black people need to wake up to the simple fact that group success is acheived by group economics, meaning that most of Black peoples money must be kept in the Black community. How? Transfer your money into a black owned bank, patronize Black owned businesses for most of your needs, seek out Black owned professional services like doctors, plumbers, stores etc, then Black people can eliminate the unemployment gap by providing jobs for their own community.

    When are Black people going to realize it is unintelligent to continue to depend on the mainstream business establishment to provide them with job opportunity when the track record is a dismal failure? How long will Black people be content with accepting the crumbs off the mainstream communities table when the Black community can set their OWN table? It doesn’t make sense for black people to continue down this same tired path of dependency.

    Wakeup Black people to the fact that all other successful ethnic groups in America are successful for the simple reason that they all practice group economics! Jews practice it! Asians practice it and nobody calls them racist. Blacks are in fact the only group that don’t practice group economics!

    Is there any wonder why we as a group are a failure in every category? It is not racist for Black people to do the same. Don’t people realize that the reason the mainstream establishment IS the mainstream establishment is because whether whites realize it or not, they do most of their business with each other. That’s why it’s concentrated in their community.

    If Black people are going to succeed not just a few individuals but as a group, then they too must start practicing group economics and thus provide jobs for more of their own.

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    We got many places in America where blacks
    Are doing just that. Go in any black owned barber shop, hair salon, restaurant, and even car wash and its full of black consumers all day long. I see this all the time.

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