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    Linda Harding

    Yes, it seems that the ghost of Harry Houdini has once again manifested in the body of a handcuffed Black man. This happens far too often and the police are never held accountable for these crimes against humanity.

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    Maurice D Muhammad

    Most people will find what I’m about to say foolish or even down right ignorant. But just let it settle in your head for a while and then come back and judge what I’m about to say. Here it is We need to go to the officers home and drag they ass out and hang them from the tree and let word go forth that for every Cop who kills a Black Person And we the community declare it to be wrong them we will go and hang all of them that had something to do with it. It’s easy to kill someone when their is no punishment coming behind your actions. That why the police do it and get away with it but we must alter the powers of relations. When they understand that we will go after them then I promise you they will stop! Truth has come to you!

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    Nothing more to repetitiously add to an obvious fact! One good point is that this killing…and many others CAN be conscientiously avoided…only by way of a concerted effort on everyone’s COLLECTIVE part. Families, friends, and others must be aware of their loved one’s actions and whereabouts. It’s very necessary, and becoming crucial. This young man is very handsome, and it probably weighed heavily on the twisted mind of the perp who killed him. Guns….a COWARD’S weapon of choice..

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    america land of the free,only if you are wasp

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    i am left handed,and with my hands cuffed behind my back,it is impossible for me to get a gun (from where?)and then shoot myself in the right temple.but then i am not an contortionist as american police claim all blacks to be.america you should be proud of you gun laws and your nrfa .not

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