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    While I do not subscribe to the silly theories that of social justice, this is beyond absurd. First there should be no difference in the quality of schools-BUT you can thank the federal government & the Dept of Education for that-if schools were controlled locally as they were meant to be there would not be the difference. As a mother/parent I consider this Judge’s response absurd. Where were all the bleeding heart liberals that are always running their mouths. Where was Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, all the other race mongers including the NAACP, why did they not offer & provide legal services for this woman-who clearly did not get punishment to fit the crime. As usual with liberals they want to bitch & complain yet will not do anything concrete to help anyone, they like having their “poor” class they have to maintain this group to keep any power at all.

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    Leexan Hong

    I think the saddest part about this story is the fact that they took away her ability to get her teaching degree. This “punishment” seems to go against all that the criminal justice system should be about.

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    Shannon LC Cate

    My white family did this exact same thing–crossed state lines, in fact–to get my younger brother into a public school in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri–on the wealthier, whiter, Kansas side of town. Used a business address for over a year.

    Raise your hand if you’re also white and have done this or know someone who has. Anybody go to jail? Didn’t think so.

    White Supremacy is alive and well, step out of your place and you’ll find out soon enough. And this woman wanted to be a TEACHER? This really needs to be picked up by the ACLU or someone who can help her appeal/counter sue the school system.

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    Khalid Moffitt

    This is blatant disrespect to the African Americans of so called America who live in poor neighborhoods or “The Hood”?This woman did something wrong by not….DID NOTHING WRONG!She registered the girls at their fathers home&they lived w/her?If it was a public school,why is their tuition that calls for restitution when that money can be transfered&the girls can continue to stay there??WHY….BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN…BLACK…NIGGAS…This is a classic case of racism because they’re charged w/Grand Theft even though the father lived in that district???A white racist parent got fed up&investigated the entire record of the girls&then called the racist ohio police to help.

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    Since when is wanting your children to get a better education a crime? I pray she gets this case overturned!

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    Marcus Garvey

    And Black people wish to remain in America for…..remind me again? I laugh at reports like these b/c everyday as life passes us by I don’t know if it’s obvious to the masses but it’s time for Blacks to stop complaining, whining getting mad when we see and read stories like this. we’re NEVER going to get a fair shake in this plantation called america, let’s face it. Pack your shit and bounce. Life is so much more beautiful and fulfilling elsewhere. The greatest advice we never took from white folks is……drum roll please………GO BACK TO AFRICA! When I would hear that as a kid I was offended but ya know what, that’s the best idea the cave man has ever bestowed upon us. That should be our new aim in 2011. Let’s go home! and see how this place functions without their negroes.

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    Myckal Josephs

    She used HER fathers address, not the childrens’ father.

    Ofcourse the punishment no where fits the ‘crime’ but she did break the law.

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    Jessica L. Stewart

    Another piece of evidence that proves racism is still alive and kicking!! I mean, seriously, sentence someone to 10 days in jail and 3 yrs probation for trying to provide a better education for her children?? Isn’t that what we all want – a better future for our children? And THEN to prohibit this woman from becoming a teacher so that she can make a difference, not only in her own children’s lives, but in the lives of other children as well! I hope that the ACLU and/or the NAACP gets involved. This is ridiculous!!

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    This is why we as african Americans all ways try to cheat the system because when we try to do the right things they use dumb pityful laws against us this is a very heart breaking story all she wanted was a better life for her self I can’t believe a DA would even take a case like this court are you white people still mad we have a black president ?? Get over it man and let us live as one slavery time is over stop trying to hold us down this is posed to be america the land of dreams yet can can we live our dreams when they keep getting smashed

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    fed up

    Bet it was an all white jury that convicted her.

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    Little Kiwi

    This is nothing but plain old fashioned racism, and it’s literally making me feel sick to my stomach.

    Even uglier is the comment from “victoria_29” who sounds like one more white Conservative bigot who should do us all a favor and get sterilized.

    This story is about the ongoing racial inequality and injustice in America and that idiot Victoria, no doubt sitting pretty in her white vanilla Republican cocoon, turns it into a slam against “liberals”

    what a pig.

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    I heard about this the other day and I tried to avoid the story because it hurts my heart that our children aren’t allowed to have the same exceptional education as white kids. Hell Black Brown Red Yellow…all of us. And the fact that he took away her ability to get a job as a teacher? To futher educate other children and make a better life for her kids? He WANTS her to stay on welfare. That’s such bullshit. That’s why I believe that black kids should hvae their own schools. From K3 on up…I just can’t with that story right now.


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    Paul Anderson

    How is helping your kids to a better education a bloody crime? I’m a British white guy living in California where this shit would never fly….bloody racist facist white courts punishing people for being black. It’s racism pure and simple.

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    My own parents did this. Although my sister lived with my mother full time, my father’s house (less than a mile away) was in the town where we grew up, so they used his address so my sister could stay in the same school. Both towns were predominantly white, and I know many other people that did similar things and can not thing of anybody being jailed over it!

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    The underlying story here is about quality of education. Many of you are thinking that the “rich, white” school spends more money on the students than the “poor, black” school, but that simply isn’t the case. Most inner city schools (poor, mostly minorities) spent MORE per student than the suburban “white” schools.

    The issue of a “bad” school goes back to the attitude of the students as well as their parents and teachers. I’ve observed many younger black student who didn’t want to do well in school because they would be called too “white.” What is that?
    In Harlem there is a charter school that is almost all minority, but the “don’t give a shit” attitude isn’t tolerated – from ANYBODY (students or parents). Black people need to stand up and realize that a “black” school isn’t a bad school – not try to cheat the tax system and send kids to a different town.

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    Good grief

    Yeah, don’t focus on her breaking the law, focus on her skin color. Don’t focus on her life decisions that keeps her in the projects, or section 8 government housing, focus on her skin color. Don’t focus on the father who COULD have let the kids live with him and go to school in the district, focus on her skin color. Keep perpetuating that culture of victimhood and blaming race. That has been working so well so far.

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    I’d like to beat the spit out of the judge, i’m sure im commiting some type of crime by saying this. the problem with that is, i don’t really care I’d say it to the judges face! A bunch od bs, I thought we were beyond this! My 2 13 year olds go to a ghetto school but speak proper english are well behaved and well dressed awe live in a decent mostly white neighborhood, in a nice big home. Wonder what would happen to me.

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    Dr. Boyce, I agree with just about everything you write. However, I think you could accomplish more if you focused less on the racial aspect of this case and more on the socioeconomic aspect of the case. There are plenty of poor white people suffering the same abuses as they struggle to deal with “the system” and the odds stacked against them. Once black and white stop fighting and blaming each other and start focusing on the REAL problem—ECONOMIC INEQUALITY–then together black and white can fight against the REAL enemy—those that have all the money and power. The battle lines are NOT based on color of skin, they are based on wealth and the lack of wealth.

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    You can sign the online petition Calling for Reduction on Appeal of Ms. Kelley Williams-Bolar’s Unfair Sentencing for Fraud and Theft here;

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    That is so draconian and speaks of white racial supremacy of course all eyes will be on the movement of the President! This is where I want to see Michelle at work! This is where there has to be swift law changes within the education system in the USA.
    OF course all eyes of the world will be focused on OHIO and THE SENATE AS WELL AS THE WHITE HOUSE!

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    this is a damn shame.  a mother who wants more for her children and for herself is now barred from doing just that. the crime here is in a system that shuts her out of opportunities to provide a better life for her family. where will the kids go when she’s in jail? what will they take away from all of this?

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    Their is nothing more stupid then putting someone in prison garb and
    a trial over this. The idiots who pursued need a attitude check. Just because
    they can dont mean they should. I dont have unyielding repsect for our law system
    its a elitist club that can easily be manipulated an uses glorified latin terms to seperate
    itself from common folk. No one could grasp the concept of a fine? Its public school she uses the rich district and her old district gains a bonus. the point is a school is supposed to be safe and the same as the rest so this wouldnt have to happen.

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    trena woodson

    Where is the children’s father. Leaving them living in the projects. Women. You need to form a family with childrens fathers toraise them. If not. They will et short end of the stick. Perhaps both parents together could move to proper bounderies. The school did an unjust thing just like their father did to them. That mother needs astrong family man by her side. We as a black race need to practice family before practing sex. Then it should be safe sex. Wake up. Our children should not be used to right wrongs of this world. Food stamps. Clinics. Financial aide. We must look at life before we make a move. Do it for our children. Perhaps two working parents could move in a better school system. This is the change obama wants. No babies no problems. Look inside. Hopefully that mother will reach out to the. Fathers. Mother and fathers when you decide you want to walk away from you families because you are weak this is the beginng of making your children 3/5 of a person. I am an african american who knew what was needed to provide a competitive edge in life. I actually wanted six children but stopped at 2 adopted another. A that was number that we coud have provided for

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    This is total Disrespect if I had enough money I would buy them a Home in that district and hire them a Real Lawyer to fight this … Just a very unfortunate situation very sad Day ..

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    Jessica Mokrzycki

    All of America’s children should be able to have great educations…this story makes me so angry! I agree with some of the other commentators…what good is this going to acheive? Especially for her children and family? She might lose her job…this does not add to America’s prosperity and is a ridiculous punishment.

    I pray those in this nation open up to compassion for others more. If we only reorganized our priorities there would be enough for all children in this country to have a great education.

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    The system is so screwed up. They are always making an example out of black people, dont let them know in the system how well your doing and never been in trouble as a black person, they will chew you up and spit you out.Most people can say what they want, the system is very hard on black people even if your at your best. They are more harder on first time offenders than they are on repeat offenders.The system gets a kick out of taking black people names under and dont think twice about it. IT IS WHAT IT IS AND ITS UNFAIR.

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    This is so sad all the mother wanted was something better for her kids and now she is jailed and bared from being a role model to other kids.

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    We are white, and our daughter lived with us in a predominately black suburb of Wash DC. She had lived with her grandmother in England for a few years and did very well in “good” schools.

    When she moved back with us, we tried to cross the tracks to get her into a better school than the one she was designated. it too was predominately black, just a better school. When our daughter mistakenly spoke up and we were caught trying to enroll her, we were threatened with legal action. We were forced back into the “2cd worst school in MD”. With-in a year student, an prior A student who could fluently speak french, was failing French 1, as well as the rest of her classes.

    She ran away from home from all of our efforts to keep her focused on learning. The cops would not bring her back because it was “not illegal for a 16yr old to run away”. She dropped out, married her drop outed boyfriend, has two kids, and no jobs for either the past 3 years. Bad schools are bad schools, no matter the color of skin.

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    Ashley D

    I have to say that while I think the punishment for this woman trying to offer her children a better life is completely insane, I don’t necessarily agree with the comments on “white racial supremacy.” I think that we should be focusing on the issue at hand instead of making this another story about racism. The fact of the matter is when something like this happens to a black family the first thing people want to do is yell racism. Afterwards everyone starts yelling about how if the person was white it would be different. Can I ask how is that any different? Do people not think that claiming that the whites get some sort of pass isn’t racist? All I’m saying is that this is a poor judgement call on the judge’s behalf. A person made a mistake and the judge was apparently on some sort of power trip, but I don’t think it’s fair to assume racism. For God’s sake our President is black, don’t you think that pulling the race card is a little played out. While racism still unfortunately exists, it is not as predominant as everyone who is responding to this article is making it out to be. In addition, racism works BOTH ways so when people are spouting off
    “it’s time for Blacks to stop complaining, whining getting mad when we see and read stories like this. we’re NEVER going to get a fair shake in this plantation called america, let’s face it. Pack your shit and bounce. Life is so much more beautiful and fulfilling elsewhere. The greatest advice we never took from white folks is……drum roll please………GO BACK TO AFRICA! (Marcus Garvey)”

    it not only makes you sound ignorant, but proves that you are pulling the race card instead of facts. These kinds of things happen to all different races so people need to get over themselves as well as their “entitlement” attitudes.

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    Not A Racist..A Realist

    I guess I’m the only one in here who doesn’t think this is a racial issue, rather an issue of BREAKING THE LAW. She broke the law no doubt. Why send her to jail though? So our taxes can give her room and board and free meals for a couple weeks? Simply put her on probation and make her pay rather than us.

    And she was in a quest to become a teacher? Please…Stop trying to gain sympathy from people who actually ARE teachers and actually contribute to society. Get a job, climb the ladder of success, and maybe you will be able to move out of the projects and into that school system you desire.

    Your attitude of entitlement is what is draining our country’s economy.

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    Is there a law against this or not?

    If there is, then both parties have to agree. You can’t just use up someone’s tax dollars because you like it.

    While the outcome may be de facto racist, the law is the law. You can’t just send your kids whe…rever you want. If your parents did, it was a mutual agreement. I know when I went to school in another county, it involved taxes from my county going to that county, it wasn’t an open door.

    And yea, she lied on applications too, saying the kids lived where they did not.

    Just because you are a minority doesn’t mean fraud doesn’t apply to you.

    The only problem I could possibly find here is the punishment being too harsh, not the …conviction itself.

    Similarly, someone can’t just claim they live at my address and set up tents in my back yard just because my yard is nicer than there’s.

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    This just broke my heart. As a person who is where she is in life today due to my mother doing the same for her kids… it’s horrible to think that they just RUINED HER LIFE!!!

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    It’s annoying when people always try to turn everything into a race game. There are certain channels you have to go through to try and get your child placed in a school outside your distric. I was raised in suburb of MN and we moved to a house just outside of that suburb when I was in 7th grade. When the school realised it, they said I could not be there any more, my mother worked it out for me to stay that year, but 8th grade I was in a horrid inner city school. For 9th grade the nearest good school was up the street, but consider out of my distric. It had a waiting list for kids outside the district. My mother went to the school and somehow got me past the waiting list. I had friends stuck on the waiting who could not get the same treatment. Drum roll please, I’m black and most of my friends were from rich white, and hispanic families. We were poor middle class and black. My friends had previously been to nicer schools, but somehow I’m the one who got to go to our dream school. My school was diverse with rich and poor and all kinds of races. It annoys me when people try and play the race game. Sometimes you should at least try a legal means. Alot of good schools will put kids on busing programs, but instead of trying that she simply flat out lied. To make it safer, she should have maybe had the girls split their living between the two homes. It would’ve made it near impossible for them to then charge them the way they did. Or even if she had of went and flat out told them “my father lives over here and my daughters will stay with him some of the time, but they may spend alot of their time with me” she could have tried to work with the school, but instead she chose to fool them. Now the results are extremely ridiculous. Kicking them out of the school would have been heartbreak and punishment enough. BUT you cannot sit back and try and say the family is completely w/o fault for what has happened to them. They placed themselves in harms way by trying to pull one over on the system.

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    Young Dia

    First off racism is and always will exist (in our minds) because we as humans naturally fear and dislike what is different. Human Beings naturally do not understand differences. With that said, there are still many tests done racially to put these differences in perspective to everyone in the form of statistics (polls, surveys, focus groups, etc.) So Jack, Jim and Good Grief, all of you can only say a pre judged statement on inequality if you have not been on both sides of an un- equal situation. Whether it has been a racial one or a socio-economic one. I am also a graduate of central High school in philadelphia where student body is composed of many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures so i do not make my statements lightly. There are still places in America where racism and economic stature blend. This case is dominant proof of my last fact.

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    Do you have a reference for that assertion: “Most inner city schools (poor, mostly minorities) spent MORE per student than the suburban “white” schools. ”

    A quick google of my area shows the opposite.

    Cheryl (in Philadelphia)

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    As someone who works with a nonprofit and tries to provide equal care regardless of color, religion, nationality, etc., this story outrages me.

    Is there nothing we can do to change a system that continually prevents people from affording better lives for themselves and their families based on race (or other such “class distinctions”)?

    I suppose that, individually, what we can do is bring more awareness to the issue, and perhaps let those in power know that we won’t stand for it. Unfortunately, I know that change does not come overnight.

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    concerned citizen

    Technically the only crime committed was fraud. The mother received services she didn’t pay for. However, educational scholarships are available so why wasn’t she allowed those for her children. Education is a fundamental right. Parents can be arrested for not making their children go to school. This mother was working towards stopping a cycle and bettering herself and children. Where were the school vouchers that allow children to attend schools out of their district? If You ask me the real problem here is that judge. Now not only did she ruin the future of the mother to secure an education to be a contributing citizen, she has taken away the same opportunity for those kids. I worry everyday about NY children’s education, we aren’t rich by any means and I’m a single parent with 3 jobs to support them. I would do the same thing if I thought there was another school with a better educational opportunity for my kids. Unfortunately, there isn’t. All of our schools are pretty academically challenged. Good luck to this woman and her children

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    This is the stupidist waste of taxpayers money..WOW..Big crime..!!

    Guess what ~~>>we do the same as this woman did here in Hawaii all the time..Our kids arebeing watched before and after school by our parents and it makes it easier in case of an emergancy for our parents to pick the children up from school if the school is in their district…

    I think because she’s black she’s being made an example of..AND, education should be Equal for ALL children..!!!
    The Judge is an idot, taking away her teaching degree will now make it even harder for this woman..!!
    SHAME on Ohio..!!

    God bless this woman and her children..
    Education should all be EQUAL for ALL children in U.S.A…!!

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    Donald Frazell

    This is criminal, on part of the courts, where is the NAACP and ACLU? APPEAL!. This happens literally everyday all across this country, i do know of dozens of cases, and did so myself. Especially in sports, kids go live with cousins and extended family to get into better schools. Desean Jackson lived in Inglewood,CA and “moved” into the LBC with his cousin to go to Poly High School, more NFL players from there by far than any other HS.

    I know of MANY other cases, and kids often transfer to underused Fairfax and Westchester form crowded inner city schools for basketball. They are still LA unified, but monies come from the State here in Cali since Prop 13, All public school get their greatest funding from the State. No way in hell is this fraud, the FATHER lived in that district. People get good at faking lieing in areas, but even then, simply get either expelled, or more likely kept but inelligable for sports, mostly because of politics on the parts of jealous dads.

    I brought several kids in to live with me, one from out of district and i was not legal guardian. No one complained, he often went home for the weekend, but we played ball on travel teams and were often busy together. So I could got to Jail on a FELONY!! That is beyond absurd, it is criminal. Stay strong, Appeal, a circuit court will ovetturn, tehy msut. This happens in tens of thousand of cases all across our nation, and is NOT criminal.

    When my wife told me about this, I am white she is black, I said it couldn’t happen in our country anymore, it must be somehwere else. But she is from Ohio, and after HS age in Atlanta said they are more racist from frustrated bitterness by far in Ohio. Pure racism, this happens all across the country and it is PUBLIC school. Call Obama, make this a federal case, for it is.

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    Just thinking out loud, was’nt Lebron James from the projects? Did’nt he go to a all white private school? I said that to say this, if our kids don’t have anything to offer the other side,preferbly athletics & entertainment, we are considered a threat, this is nothing new in this white society & until we come together & take charge of our own, we will continue to suffer these type of injustices. I challenge everyone of the viewers who watch these injustices happen over & over again to our communities to take a stand & it starts with each & everyone of our votes. Kind of ironic that Ohio has an all white congress. Just a thought.

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    The penalty is not racist.. this ARTICLE is racist. While it is understandable why she would want her child to be sent to a more affluent school district…. what if EVERYONE did what she did with no penalty? Then no school would be able to receive the necessary funding it needed to function properly.

    Second.. she is NOT being treated as if she committed a “fourth degree felony.” I am pretty sure they get more than ten days.

  47. 42


    i just think the way this woman is being treated is disgusting. i am white, and have been lucky enough to grow up in a nice environment, but some people arent that lucky and the people who govern us dont care. they and the media always try to point out our differences; colour, income, nationality, gender, sexual preferance, etc, and they do that so they can keep the working class fighting with other working class, the downtroden fighting the downtroden, so that they, the rich, can take all our fucking money. we need to rebel and fight, but only after we educate the poor the rich the middle the black the white etc, cause only once people are EDUCATED can they take over without becoming what they hated, only the EDUCATED can successfully run a nation, a world, and guard and care for the people. educate, rebel, fight, win, govern. only in that order can we make the world a better place.

  48. 43


    This is so sad. What is message this is teaching her kids? I hope more is done.

  49. 44


    and to maria, you are wrong, education should be free for all people of all ages in all parts of the world. learning is never something you should stop trying for as you get older. knowledge is ultimate power, and once we have it, the people can rebel and take back what belongs to them. i live in the uk and we are currently having a shitty time with a conservative government cutting back on spending accross all boards and making more and more people jobless and homeless. educate, fight, rebel.

  50. 45


    This is wrong on a deep level.

  51. 46


    “Most inner city schools (poor, mostly minorities) spent MORE per student than the suburban “white” schools. ” coupled with “not try to cheat the tax system ” – Jim

    Let’s deal with the first idiotic statement you have. In the state I live, there are 3 whole counties (almost exclusively white) that spend more per student than the largest city (and this city is crap poor and full of black folk). And the “inner city” schools that do spend more per student do so for expenditures that “suburban” areas don’t have to because they are so overpopulated (with ratios of 40+ students/teacher which don’t happen so much in the white suburb counterparts): Security guards, metal detectors, before school care, after-school care, reduced priced lunches, breakfast for kids who just don’t have food etc…

    Split infinitive aside, the tax system specifically draws school district lines to keep funding for richer areas to that specific neighborhood rather than spending it equally throughout the state. Hell, the system separates rich areas from poor areas within a county. So who’s cheating who here? I would expect the fire department or the police or the military to do for me what they would do for Bill Gates or the homeless guy over there. But schools are allowed to be different in regards to their public service. State and district governments purposely try to keep the rich areas with pretty schools with nice facilities AWAY from the poor neighborhoods. Why is that? Because rich white people would bitch if property taxes and state taxes were used for the enrichment of the entire state’s school system rather than just their neighborhood. That’s a fact.

    Granted, the total education issue is more about rich and poor than it is white and black. Cuz white kids coming out of predominantly poor black schools are just as undereducated as anyone else. But to slam this lady with a felony meanwhile people who’ve ACTUALLY cheated the tax system are living like kings (read: bailout of any S&L, Insurance Industry, Lehman Bros., Enron fallout, Airline Industry, Car Industry, most of Wall Street etc…) and they will NEVER EVER EVER PAY US BACK) Whatever. People need to have a proper sense of proportion. This lady “took” jack from no one.

  52. 47


    I do not think this is a racially motivated crime. She broke the law, plain and simple. Schools get money per student as well as the neighborhood they’re located in. Many school districts receive funding from property taxes, hence why school diatribe in poorer zones tend to receive less money. Also, she could have filled the paperwork for school choice, where she would put the school she would like her children to attend.

  53. 48


    What is just as heartbreaking as this story are the comments that are being made about it. Read them people and then you can figure out what is wrong with this country. I see issues both on the Black and White side. I also see enough racist comments that prove that racism is alive and well here in America. One person did make a point about it be an economic issue but I would not go so far to say that race didn’t play a part. I am a Black woman who experiences enough racism to know that it hasn’t changed much. I was called a competitive nigger by an ex-coworker just two short weeks ago whom I was friends with and had went to bat for many times as Chairperson of our Union. Who can say that that is not racist? I strongly believe that race was the motivation here mostly because in punishing her, she was robbed of the opportunity to better herself. There are drug dealers who get far less probation than she was given. The chances of this woman committing another crime was very low so why did her opportunities have to be taken away? Now that they have, those chances have increased. If she was a product of her environment, she would not have been going to school, she would not have been focused on putting her daughters in a better school. Black people do have to work that much harder in reality. You can’t tell me any different until you have walked a mile in my shoes. Poor people in general are given a raw deal. It seems that the only people who know how to work the court system are the criminals who frequent it. I hope that this case gets appealed but for her unfortunately, the damage has been done. All the time she spent in school wasted and her children taken from the school that they probably enjoyed, made friends, formed bonds, and now their lives will be turned upside down. I’m pretty sure with this case, they also will be trying to evict her because of her record. Who are the real victims? More than likely the children are going to suffer. What was their crime?

  54. 49


    I so agree with you Alex. Thank you for being such an open minded free thinking intelligent person. We need more like you. Education is the key.

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    Donald Frazell

    It is truly simple. If the father lived in this district and it is public, the children can go there. Happens all the time here in Cali. I have done it. Monies go to the district from the state it is legal.
    But no matter what, Jail? JAIL? REALLY!!!!!! And accusing the CHILDREN?!

    This is racist pure and simple, and realy, I am shocked and in disbelieve, my wife was right, I was wrong. About so many other things as well.

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    Outrageous! Makes me ashamed to white sometimes. I think the judge should be forced to pay for the woman’s teaching degree and for her children’s education as penance for being an asshole!

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    Can you believe we still have such racism and discrimination today? Especially in our judicial system. Blacks, Latino and other minorities will never get a fair chance if this is allowed continue. Ms. Williams-Bolar should expect a decent education for her children just as the white children in her state. I was an Ohio resident, but left for the same reason. I was able to send my child to a better school and he is now attending college. I only wish we could all have the assets to be able to do the same thing. The ACLU, Oprah and anyone else willing to listen need to know about this unjust case. I pray that things will change soon.

  59. 54


    Am I supposed to be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN?

  60. 55


    HOLY CRAP!!! as a canadian i read teh headline and though its got to be a put on this cant be real today can it??? When I was in highschool i went to a different school in a different city because the school offered a program i wanted. I was in a very afluent neighbourhood of Vnacouver and went to a much poorer neighbouhood in nearby Burnaby. I did not even need to lie about my address i met with the school principal and she welcomed me. WOW if i had thr ability i would help this woman thats insane!!! why is it even a crime??? i hope the judge washes her hood for the next meeting she attends. and to take away her ability to become a teacher… justice system should get her through it so she doesnt come back. HOLY CRAP!!!!

  61. 56

    Damian Smith

    What is bad about this is. She’s trying to get the girls a better education to make this a better America for all. These girls don’t get an education, then they get pregnant at 16, then go on welfare then you have white people complaining about system. Or even better they start stealing committing crimes , doing drugs etc. Black people are in projects due to white system there is no way around that It should be that blacks get an opportunity to go to any school if it will better them. Blacks had 400 years taken away from the them. I not saying hand out Cadillac’s and 40 acres but opportunity distribute equally.

  62. 57


    I hav read the comment stream from Victorias gloating screed down to the end. Waht do people think? I mean this is a very Cut and dried situation. It should be over turned on appeal. It amazes me how many people think that this ios fair that, “She broke the law.” as if there has never been a racist law written. That all laws are “Just and Fair” If that were the case it would still be legal to beat your wife, have sex with twelve year old, Lynch blacks and Jews for fun and profit.. The law , any law is open to interpetation.. We see this on a daily basis. the courts can and do decide what is right in particular cases. The judge, by definition sits in Judgement. He/she has certain latittitude to decide cases. This one decided that she was going to throw the book at this woman. It works out fine for the judge. She can go into reelection with her tough on crime stats Puffed up with this conviction. Hell she can lecture at TEA PARTY events. run for congress. I mean it’s not like she convicted any one important. (sic.White) This woman is just a statistic. and the sooner she realizes that the better she’ll be. I bet you that if you went back and looked at this judges record you would find a lot of convictions for petty crimes, by people of color,the poor whites,and political enemies. She does not sound very brave to me.
    This is class war. White people don’t get it, Until it gets them. There was a English man in the comment stream He got it. Because no doubt he’s lived it. Yes there is racism here. Those that say there isn’t are just as blind as those who say it’s all about that. Even if you don’t believe that this about race you have to see the Thread of race that runs through this. It is Glowing red. But the real lost thing here is the chance for this woman to “”PULL HER SELF UP BY HER BOOT STRAPS”” I double quoted that for a reason.. The conservatives are always telling people that they need to do this, that hard work and fairness along with personal incitive will lift the poor out of the muck. But in reality That is a lie. The truth is that the under class is always going to get just close enough to see the prize but never get it. This woman can never get a teaching certificate to teach in Ohio.
    I read the comment by some teacher it was fill with vitriol and self rightous indignation. What a bunch of crap There are those that will use the law to hide behind when they know that there opinions are likely to be disagreed with. This woman is an example of a mothers love. Here in Hollywood we we make movies about this kind of thing. She would make a great teacher. Okay I don’t know that . What I do know is that is unfair. The case has so many holes in it you could drive a truck through it. and a good, smart ,ambitious; lawyer should take it on. and take it to the Ohio supreme court. You could make your bones on this one Not being a lawyer I myself I cant do it But i Can promise you you will hear from this case again.

  63. 58


    It’s really sad to charge a mother for wanting the best for her kids. the system is a mess. If I was her I would do the same. The judge needs to be fired immediately. Who dare he charged a single mother raising her kids the best she can with a felony so she can’t better herself. I say this is racial motivated. To put her in jail is outrageous all blacks needs to protest to have this law changed and for this judge to be fired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 59


    > If the father lived in this district and it is public, the children can go there

    The article wasn’t really clear, but the father in this case would seem to be the woman’s father, not the father of the children. (So he would be grandpa, not dad.)

    Not that that really mattered — if the children lived with grandpa, they could go to the school for the area that grandpa lived. But they didn’t, so they can’t.

    She broke the law — she committed fraud. It may be that many people commit fraud in the same way, but she got caught and prosecuted. The punishment does seem particularly severe — most people just get threatened with legal action in the same situation — but I’m guessing that her lack of funds (rather than the color of her skin) made it worse.

    The title of this article — “Black Mother Jailed For Sending Kids to White School District” — is as much an atrocity as the act itself. “Poor Mother Jailed For Sending Kids to Rich School District” probably would have been just as accurate, but both cases ignore the fraud she committed.

  65. 60


    > is as much an atrocity as the act itself

    Sorry, meant to say “as the sentence itself” (which was way too severe. A misdemeanor and a small fine would have been more appropriate if any charges had to be filed at all.)

    On the bright side, this is getting a lot of attention now, so perhaps she’ll get some assistance with an appeal, and things will turn out better for her. Keeping her from becoming a teacher for this is downright cruel, whatever the color of her skin.

  66. 61


    I’m European-American, not lower case white, and I think this case stinks. The mother was doing what was best for her children. Sounds like the judge was vindictive in taking away her dream of becoming a school teacher with a felony charge. This is why school choice should not be based on property taxes.

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  68. 62

    Good grief

    # Young Dia on January 26th, 2011 12:16 pm

    …{So Jack, Jim and Good Grief, all of you can only say a pre judged statement on inequality if you have not been on both sides of an un- equal situation. Whether it has been a racial one or a socio-economic one. I am also a graduate of central High school in philadelphia where student body is composed of many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures so i do not make my statements lightly. There are still places in America where racism and economic stature blend. This case is dominant proof of my last fact.}

    Young Dia, you assume too much. I went to a high school in inner city Houston, a MUCH bigger city than Philadelphia. I WAS the minority and was attacked for the color of my skin by a group of 8 people I did not know nor had ever spoken with previously. Guess what? Those were just 8 racist individuals with problems of their own. I did not and still do not blame an entire race because of their actions. My lab partner was arrested for murder from a drive-by shooting he participated in and I do not condemn an entire race based on his actions. 10 days in jail for defrauding the government for more than two years is NOTHING more than a slap on the wrist. She will spend more time getting processed in and out than actually being in jail. Your opinion on this case is far from definite proof that this case has any racism involved whatsoever. I do agree that racism exists in America, but anyone who has traveled the world will tell you that while it may not be discussed as much in foreign lands, racism is much worse in other countries. We at least fight against it when we see it here in the US, if not when we just make it up completely, like in this article. Economic disparities have FAR more influence over our daily lives than race.

  69. 63


    Unjustice and unlawfulness served judge. The punishment does not fit the crime. Here is our Rosa Parks situation of the day. She sees the unlawfulness, unfairness in the school system and wanted a way out for her children. Thank God someone stood up for African Americans and got us on the road to success. But we are not there yet! She stands as an example of everything that is still wrong with America. I work in a poverished school system. I see the inequity because of property taxes. Divy up the wealth. Kids are kids. God made us all different, distribute the wealth and let’s see who wins. I am not saying that to be condescending, but if you allow the opportunity to be availabe to all, the community will be smarter. If you choose to not to utilize the best of the resources than that’s up to you. Hope the NAACP is all over this. Appeal!

  70. 64


    > It’s really sad to charge a mother for wanting the best for her kids

    Perhaps, but she broke the law to benefit her children. Hell, what about Wanda Holloway — she tried to have a rival of her daughter’s mother murdered to help her daughter get a spot on the cheerleading squad. She just wanted what was best for her kids too.

    I’m not saying that this case compares to that case, but just because a mother is doing something to benefit her children — that doesn’t make it legal, moral or right.

  71. 65


    The punishment is harsh but when registering to go to school in NY you must sign and have notarized a document stating you live in that school district. It the one I signed clearly states you will be prosecuted for giving false information. I understand her reasons, believe me I do (as an African American mom who moved to get out of a bad school district) but she is no dummy. She knew what she was doing and she knew if she got caught she would be in trouble. Would the school district go out of its way to do the same to a white family…dunno…I can doubt it but the proof (which her attorney should be trying to find) is in the pudding.

  72. 66


    Not a Black and White issue people. Over 100 other families were also investigated. They were all given options of paying the tuition, taking their kids out of the school or prove they actually lived in that district. 3 families, I believe chose to pay the tuition, most proved they actually lived in the district, all other agreed to take their kids out of the school and enrolled them back in the school district they should have been in the first place. This woman, chose not to pay or take her kids out, and obviously she couldn’t prove she lived in the district because she didn’t! Had nothing to do with the color of her skin. There are rules and laws for a reason, I’m sure every parent would prefer their children go to the best school they can find, the difference is those parents obey the laws. She is not above the laws and regulations of the school, and she shouldn’t think she is.

  73. 67

    Black and Know It

    I think we need to voice our opinion to the judge and let her know that when she seeks re-election we don’t want and cannot afford that kind of justice. Send that judge back to the law firm, working insane hours,and having to make her money based upon the hours billed to clients!(knowned as billable hours) For those who said racism isn’t alive I have got some swamp land I want to sell you!!!!!!

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  75. 68

    MIke D

    All you black folk vote Democrat!!

    Democrats are against School Vouchers!!

    The reason her kids were stuck in the bad district are b ecause of Democrats.

    Barack Obama, 30 days into his Presidency, pulled vouchers from poor minority children in DC.

    You lose the right to complain when you vote Democrat!

  76. 69

    Donald Frazell

    Doesnt matter, if the father lives in the district. Happens all the time in Cali, and no way in hell could this ever be a crime. Kids would simply not be registered the next year. Jail time is insane. You cannot defraud a public school district, though my kids old coach did taking school funds. THATS illegal, this is maybe just breaking some rules, which are guidelines, There are differences between the two and it is not up to a judge and jury to play God.

  77. 70


    I was outraged when I read this article. However, after further investigation, I came across which mentions that the parents and grandfather ignored the monthly tuition for the girls. It wasn’t that they sent the girls to a white school and need to be dealt with, they owed the school district money. It didn’t say how long the girls went to the school, though, whether it was a year or longer; still looking into that.

  78. 71

    MIke D

    As a White Republican I wonder this

    Why are we jailing this woman, yet Illegals are stealing from our country daily!!!

    So we are tough with an African American woman, but not illegals?

    There are thousands of illegals in school districts all over America

  79. 72


    Well, Its sad to say Nothing surprises me anymore. I live in Atlanta GA , where a few years back we had two young ladies that made National News as the Barbie Bandits. The two young ladies went inside Bank of America, handed the cashier a note and casually walked out of Kroger with the money laughing. These girls after being caught (not turning themselves in) said “Hey it was just a prank”. They then received 2 yrs probation for “pretending to rob a bank”. Come on, using the wrong address???? The color of ones skin color has no importance in any of these situations the system needs to be the same across the board for all those who break the law. To say there’s not a breakdown in the system and that Blacks aren’t more likely to receive heavier sentences would be absurd. To blame every thing on the system is also absurd. Let’s just fix it and stop pointing the finger!!!

  80. 73


    To the person who comented go back to Africa, how do you go back to a place you have never been? I don”t know about you I am proud to be a black person but I was born and raised in the USA. We have to continue to fight for our rights .We are entitled, our ancesters did not ask to come here this is our home now so we have the same rights as every American citizen encluding a good education

  81. 74

    vicki ali

    please we must all pray for this mother, no one was hurt, im sure this was her first offense ,what did she gain lord help her please.

  82. 75


    It says she defrauded the school district of $30,500. What about the $30,500 saved in the district she should have sent her kids to? Sounds like a zero sum to me. She should owe nothing.

  83. 76


    This country doesn’t need “black” flight from schools. That is not going to solve any of the problems, and it’s not going to improve schools. NCLB needs to be repealed. School vouchers need to be the “norm”, and parents need to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the eduaction of their children.

    I know why this woman did what she did: to better the future for her children, and my heart breaks for her, but at the same time, parents shouldn’t just give up and pull their kids out of a school b/c it is “bad”- we need parents, en masse, to actually go into the schools and help, get involved politically to change educationcal policies, know where your kids are at night and who they are hanging out with, support the teachers and administration, go to conferences, make your children do their homework. It’s not that so called white schools are “better”.- it’s that the the parents just don’t put up with excuses and shift responsibility to EVERYONE but the kids! Back the teachers up and whip the kids’ butts when they disrupt school and don’t do their work. TAKE BACK THE SCHOOLS!!!! I Our kids deserve better.

  84. 77


    To the person who said Kelly Williams-Bolar broke the law:

    Yes, she did break the law but the punishment is not equal to the crime. That’s what most people in this thread are upset about: the crime and punishment were not equal. I think that’s pretty obvious.

    This is a total injustice. If people want to help, don’t just freaking pray. Sign petitions and call social justice groups and write to newspapers. I can’t do anything because I live in Canada (where I know no absurd sentence like this would ever be passed and where people would be in a total rage if it did get passed somehow).

    Sorry to rag on the States, but wtf?! How is stuff like this still happening? Its like the Jim Crow laws were never abolished. Astounding.

  85. 78


    This is ridiculous. This is a serious flaw in our criminal justice system! Not only has Kelly Williams-BOLAR, had her Civil and Human Rights Violated, but the crime does not fit the punishment! To be able to judge the affairs of a Fellow Human Being, The Scales Of Justice Cannot Be Warped! When A Judge Puts On The Scale Of Justice The Deeds Of A Judge,The Truth Of A Judge,And Then, The Mitigating Circumstances…’GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION…”The Judges Of this World Are For The Most Part, ”PART OF A CORRUPT SYSTEM!!! KELLY WILLIAMS- BOLAR, SHOULD APPEAL THIS CONVICTION,and SUE-SUE-SUE!!!!

  86. 79


    History repeats itself like a scratched up CD until the people (both black and white) rise up in unison against this kind of ridiculous and vile inequity. What a shame.

  87. 80


    The trial prolly cost the state more than 30,000.
    Save the court time for real crimes.?

  88. 81


    Bet she used a court appointed attorney, who in twenty years never won a single case.

    Note to all you people out there, learn to defend yourself, the court appointed attorney’s are paid to lose.

  89. 82

    Devil's Advocate

    First I will say that I think that the way public schools are funded needs to be changed so there is less inequality in funding. For those of you that do not know how schools are funded, it is based on property taxes in the local area. So if you have a neighborhood with homes that average $200k+, more funding will be available for schools in that district versus a neighborhood with homes that average $70k. If you live in a poorer neighborhood, then less funding is available for schools in your district. This is what needs to be changed.
    That being said, her father lived in the district of the school so it would appear that she would have the option of having her father become legal guardian of her two kids in which she would not have needed to forge anything. They could have legally been eligible to attend that school. She also had the option of moving in with her father. If he was willing to forge court docs, I am sure he would have been willing to take her in. The kids would be again be legally allowed to attend the school. I don’t know her economic situation but it appears she had choices. Legal choices. Also she was 12 credits away from getting her teaching degree which leads me to believe that she would know the risks involved in sending children to another district. While I don’t believe the courts should “make example” of people, I think she made a poor choice when she had legal options knowing the risks and got caught.

  90. 83


    I think that this has to be the most stupid “crime”that people can say has been commited like really? I never knew wanting a better education and future for your children was a bad thing. This world has come to being crazy instead of worrying about ppl who are commiting real crimes they worry about this? Wow I must say I’m ashamed of whoever this judge is..go judge some real crimes.

  91. 84

    Peter D. Slaughter

    Peace and this is a disgrace. I wonder will black people,black america wake up.
    In spite of all this black president stuff it has not done the poor black masses
    much of any good. Every time I look around ,we dying in the hood and in the urban streets of this country. At the same time all this talk of diversity is going on.
    This is a black woman. How in the heck can she be prosecuted when you have racist white men who have done more than her who are scot free and still spending stolen money right now.
    While black america continues to support all these distorted tv media events,movies,talk shows,sport events. We continue to get roughed off.
    All this hollering for jesus or god or expecting obama to save the day is an insane joke. Black america need’s a reality. Since ohfrey winfrey is so big on TV.
    How come this story is not on her show.
    She might not touch it,don’t want. to be to black.
    Might get her handlers upset.
    Like I said it’s a disgrace.
    At this point a vast % of black people know who were really behind the whole crack cocaine attack upon black america.
    I see why this lady wanted her daughter out of the hood.

  92. 85

    Dewayne B.

    Why is everyone screaming racist crap. She was not the only person caught lying. Many other parents got caught lying to get their kids into the nicer school. The other parents fessed up about their illegal activities and they din not go to jail. This woman kept lying and she and her father filed fraudulent court papers. This is one of the times where the woman should have been honest and she would not be in trouble. As a man of African dissent I think we need to stop screaming racism every time we feel something is not fair. The lady had good intentions for her child but went about it the wrong way. When I was in school my parents moved to a different place so I could attend a better school. It is the students that make the biggest difference in how good a school is. If all the kids from the child’s old school went to the “uppity” school she would have a sub par education. The biggest problem with failing schools is the parents not teaching their children respect and the importance of a good education. I had my nose broke by jealous classmates when I was in the seventh grade for making the honor roll.
    Screaming racism all the time is like the boy who cried wolf. When we really are a victim of racism no one will listen because they hear it over and over again.
    The cover-up was worse than the crime. If you keep LYING and filing false court papers you are begging for trouble. So get your facts straight before playing the race card, it makes it harder for us to get taken seriously when racism really happens to us.

  93. 86

    Trena Brual

    My sister & I did the exact same thing for a different reason though, she used my address to send her daughter to the same school that my sons attended, I had to commute everyday for work and she was their care giver so she decided to send her daughter to the same school it was easier that way, we live in California in the Burb’s and I am an African American and their where other parents that did & are still doing it for reason like the school is new, or it might have better concert or marching band, football team ect., it’s done all the time all over this country for what ever reasons and I feel you should have the right to send your child to whatever school you want and as far as her paying back money is she employed are they taking taxes from her if so she already paid for the school and if not how about asking the goverment to bail her out like the big dogs on Wall Street, what they have done to this mom is just not right.

    @Trena Woodson what are you talking about she has two kids and family was helping her, her father and I assume with the hyphenated last name she must have been married and none of this has anything to do with her as a mother trying to make sure her kids get the best possible education they can. Yes I followed all the rules I am educated, African American women with a husband two kids who lives in the Suburbs of California and I still believe what they did is wrong.

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  95. 87

    Mary Yanacek

    Who in Gods name elected that judge,or was she appointed.I believe in Karma and what she did to this poor mother will turn around and bite her in the ass.What the F__ is happening to our country,we have limited freedoms,this is not a Democrac. .I am so angry reading this injustice I am just ranting.So sorry for this family.God have mercy.

  96. 88


    This woman has been sentenced to a life of poverty, disenfranchisement, disease, and violence.

    She’s a felon, so she has been successfully purged from the voter rolls in Ohio for the rest of her life. One less Democrat voting, yay!

    And, she has had her whole economic livelihood, her teaching degree she’s worked so hard to get and was almost finished with, taken away from her as well.

    So, for the crime of trying to climb out of poverty, she’s now sentenced to poverty for life WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE.

    This is what you get for working hard, studying hard, and trying to get ahead. The judge and prosecutors chose this punishment on purpose, to destroy this woman utterly.

    Seriously, the American dream is not just dead, it’s got a boot crushing it in the face, and another set of boots kicking its dying body, again, and again, and again, in the groin and stomach.

    This is what Amerca has become.

  97. 89

    Orin Lahr

    unreal !

  98. 90


    My mother did it. I am happy she did. She had my brother and I sent to a school in the white neighborhood, so that we could get the best education.

    The school that was across the the street from our house was ranked in reading 495th out of 500 elementary schools in NYC (according to the annual report printed in the NY times). The only times we ever went in that school was for the cities summer lunch program.

  99. 91

    R K

    So, let’s see…

    If the children had moved in with their grandfather, who was paying taxes in the district, that would be OK…

    But if they stayed in their mother’s home, a more natural family environment, and went to school in the district in which that same grandfather was paying taxes, it isn’t.

    And if the mother is working to get a teaching credential to get out of the projects, it’s fitting punishment to deny her that out.

    Why not cut to the chase, and convict her of being “uppity” and sentence her to picking cotton?

  100. 92


    What does this have to do with racism? I fail to see any racism in the court ruling. This woman committed fraud and essentially stole the schooling services by sending her children to a school to which they were not entitled to attend. She should be punished for her crime. Maybe the property taxes in the area served by the “wealthy” school district are 50% higher than the property taxes where she lives – is it fair for her to enjoy the benefits provided by the high taxes paid from an area where she doesn’t live?

    Would the people posting here honestly not be upset if someone forged documents to acquire a scholarship to which that person was not entitled? Why not? That person only wanted to improve his or her lot in life.

    It seems as though people are making a snap judgment and are quick to assume that racism is the reason for a law-breaker being punished for knowingly and willfully violating the law.

  101. 93

    Roberta Manzitto-Collings

    This is so wrong… We let crminals out of jail because of overcrowding and make a criminal out of a woman who wants an equal opportunity for her children? This should be overturned! This should have never happened… Is this the best this state can do for its citizens? There is no justice for anyone if this woman, her father and her children cannot find justice. America REVOLT!!!

  102. 94

    Charlene Adderley

    I don’t believe this could be happening!
    A black man is President!!!!!!!!!!! Is that all for show??
    Where’s Opera,Montell, Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson ect, ???
    I don’t believe they would all sit back and let this happen!!
    That judge whoever she is needs to be disbarred and thrown in jail herself!
    Racist Bastard!

  103. 95

    Jillian Bullock

    When my kids were younger, we lived in an area that was mainly populated by white people. Many black people from outside the district were cheating the school system by using someone else’s address in my neighborhood, so their children could go to this “White” school. The school guidelaws stated clearly that anyone who allowed someone to use their address, who wasn’t in that school district, everyone involved would be arrested and fined. So when a friend of mine asked me to allow her to use my address so her daugther could go to a better school, I said No. I wasn’t going to risk getting caught, messing uf my children’s lives and possibly going to jail. I worked too long and hard to get to the position where I could move out of a terrible, drug ridden area to a neighborhood where my children could not only get a good education, but they could be in an area and not worry about crack and violence.

    So, although, I understand this woman wanted better for her children, she knew what probably could and would happen if she got caught. It’s no different from breaking any other law.

    And yes, I did see a white woman in my neighborhood get arrested for this same thing when she allowed her neice to use his address for school. The school system stated when people do this it takes away resources from the students who truly do live in the district by giving it to those who are entitled to it. Every child deserves a good education, but there are other ways to make this happen.

  104. 96

    Dolores e Reed

    When I saw this message I really could not believe it!! This is truly an injustice for just trying to get a decent education. The judge/jury were probably white. Why people don’t want children of other races not to get an education is beyond me. I hope there will be some justice. And I am forwarding this info to veryone I know!!!

  105. 97

    Kelvin Abraham

    The best way to deal with that issue is to let those seeking re-election know if they do not address the issue then their seat is up for those who will listen. technically she use her association to the area who is her father to get the children into a good school. The hardship is she now has a criminal record for trying to give her children a better education, Her chances for employment and paying the taxes some a complaining about have been taken away by puting her in Jail hence terminating her chances of becoming and upright citizen by denying her the chance to become a teacher through studying for her teaching degree. What Justcie is there for putting A mother in jail for ten days? who gets punish the most the children or the mother. I am base in the uk. Those of you who are in the USA have to help by writing to the judge invole and and your elected representatives letting them know how you guys fell about this. Start a campaign you guys have the most powerful woman in your midst in the form of Oprah and Michell Obama wrie to them get things moving.

  106. 98

    barbara allison

    As soon as this mom gets out, inform her to pull her kids out of the public school system and begin to homeschool them through a cyber school online…It’s her job to educate them and it’s up to her to do it the way she chooses..She’ll receive their materials and all the help she needs. I’m so sorry she lost the way to become self sufficient but that’s our country…You cannot change the heart of a racist no matter how hard you try. Tell the judge ” what goes around, comes around.”

  107. 99


    The judge should be disbarded for imposing a felon on this woman. which prevents this mother from ever obtaining a teacher degree or rising out of the proverty situation she is presently in. What happen to the prosecutor don’t they reduce the sentence or negotiate the lesser of a sentence in advance to sentencing. The hole judicial system failed this woman and I am appalled by it.

  108. 100


    Odd, an American citizen being jailed for what undocumented parents have been doing for their children the past decades. What am I missing?

  109. 101


    After reading this case I felt for the Sister and her family. I walked in simular shoes. I’ve felt distriminated against racially, socially, and ecomonically. I raised one daughter while mostly living in our urban West Philadelphia neighborhood. 90% of the time I sent my dughter to private schools. PrivateSChools came along with a fee ($$) and sacrifise while working a full-time job and attending college. When I got tired of paying tution I rented a condo in a suburban neighborhood and my daughter attended her last 4 years of high school in a better public school distric. I can say to the Sister and many Sisters like her, “don’t ever loose faith and keep working towards your dreams for your family”. Peace and Blessings, Rita

  110. 102


    this is so ridiculous, this mother is just trying to get a good education for her kids, not only has she been denied that, be she is also being denied the chance to educate herself and have a better life. How could the court system let this happen. Where is the NAACP??? I am sure they can get some attorneys that can help this mother get out of this ridculous conviction, are they ever really around when their people need them??

  111. 103

    SAR Swift Justice

    1st let me start with a question, we all agree that this is wrong but what are we going to do about it to help this woman & our ppl n similiar situations? when will we start to stand together against the injustices smashed on our people flat daily? what ARE we going to do for this woman (OUR SISTER) to help her? do you all see how far the judge went to ruin this woman’s life? not only did she take her children out of that school, lock her up & give her probabtion (probabtion cost money in most cases) but she gave her a felony & how hard is it for a person with a clean record to get a job let alone someone with a felony. when this judge goes home to her nice big house in a nice safe community she has the pleasure of knowing that she just damn this woman to a deeper hole that she may or may not bounce back from.

  112. 104

    Ms Ann

    “She wanted better for her children!” She wasn’t being a lazy mother she was going to school to better herself and the girls. I am in the same position now I live in a failing school district and don’t have money right now to move to a better district. So what now? Her children are left without a mother or grandfather for ten days. So many opinions about the situation, but the real victims are the children. This mom is standing here with hurt in her eyes. Why is that where you live determines how well your child should be educated? Every child deserves music programs, clean schools, decent books, art programs, healthy lunches and safe environments. The judge did what she thought was best, but best for who because not only did the children just lose all they’ve known for two years they have also been ridiculed on television. Wow what a story, but there will be light at the end of rainbow. She was willing to lay down her life for someone other than herself. God’s going to send someone to bless her socks off and her babies will be educated the proper way! Mock my words!

  113. 105

    Ms Ann

    “She wanted better for her children!” She wasn’t being a lazy mother she was going to school to better herself and the girls. I am in the same position now I live in a failing school district and don’t have money right now to move to a better district. So what now? Her children are left without a mother or grandfather for ten days. So many opinions about the situation, but the real victims are the children. This mom is standing here with hurt in her eyes. Why is that where you live determines how well your child should be educated? Every child deserves music programs, clean schools, decent books, art programs, healthy lunches and safe environments. The judge did what she thought was best, but best for who because not only did the children just lose all they’ve known for two years they have also been ridiculed on television. Wow what a story, but there will be light at the end of rainbow. She was willing to lay down her life for someone other than herself. God’s going to send someone to bless her socks off and her babies will be educated the proper way! Mock my words!

  114. 106

    Roslyn Nixon-Hinton

    I am currently dealing with a similar case and because I am not financially able criminal justice system is taking advantage of this fact and has made numerous mistake in my situation. I have learned to put my trust in God for many are the afflctions of the righteous but LORD will deliver them at of them ALL Ps.34:19. I am seeking a master degree in criminal justice so that my voice will be heard as an advocate for individual in our sitiuation. So I too say keep the faith and the God I serve will surely bring you out. I have always said we are still on one big planation with limited access in certain areas except you have a relationship with the Jesus Christ theLord who is able to transend ALL racial barriers. God Bless I will be praying for you

  115. 107


    Replying to Victoria_29:

    victoria_29 on January 25th, 2011 9:18 am

    I respect that you have a different point of view, but what you’re saying is one of the most illogical things I have heard in quite some time. By having our schools “controlled locally” it’s going to make it so that there’s no differences between them? That’s ludicrous. By having all of your schools “controlled locally”, they can only be as smart as the people around them. I’m sorry that’s not a very good idea. There do need to be national standards, but we need to see that our poorer schools are funded at a rate commiserate with wealthier schools. Otherwise, we only exacerbate the same problem. Poorer areas get poorer education, wealthier areas get better education.

    “While I do not subscribe to the silly theories that of social justice, this is beyond absurd. First there should be no difference in the quality of schools-BUT you can thank the federal government & the Dept of Education for that-if schools were controlled locally as they were meant to be there would not be the difference…”

  116. 108


    Do the father pay taxes in that city and if so, don’t his taxes benefit schools in that city. It’s a shame how that district robbed his kids.

  117. 109

    Authoress Pauline Rogers

    Dear Dr. Boyce Watkins:

    If you can forward me via my email address any pertinent information on how I can contact Ms. Kelly Williams-Bolar. I have connections to a person who deals with law, advocacy and cases like hers. We also have information about people in her town who could assist her. Could not sleep last night thinking about the cruelty of this case. I cry for her but it is though this situation that she will find why God put her on this earth. This situation is directly tied to her life purpose and one day it will all make sense to her. She is not going through these things in vain because of the simple spiritual law that dictates…NOTHING HAPPENS IN VAIN. Everything happens for a reason. God is good!

  118. 110

    Ignas Bednarczyk

    This is a crime against an innocent.She was enabled by administration which is where the fault lies.This is a setup perpetrated by a psychotic legislation in a bigoted nation.Obama being of her race with the optimism in the black community of his presidency has been shot in the foot here.This could have been perpetrated to humiliate him,never mind the other victim’s.

  119. 111


    > Bob said —
    > It says she defrauded the school district of $30,500. What about the $30,500
    > saved in the district she should have sent her kids to? Sounds like a zero
    > sum to me. She should owe nothing.

    I’m pretty sure the Sheriff of Nottingham didn’t see Robin Hood’s deeds in quite that way, and neither do the courts of today it would seem.

  120. 112

    Vivian Y. Wilds

    Here’s a case that need to be handle by the NAACP. We are not helping to eliminate racism because we have no forceful legal group to set in and assist in
    these public cases. Also, there are some serious needs for changes in our justice system. This unfair treatment for blacks when whites do the same crime is just pathetic!!

  121. 113


    My heart and my prayers go out to this mother. I do not even look at this is a case of racism, but a case of evilness and ignorance. You have mothers who are on drugs, on welfare, and having baby after baby and here this mother is trying to make a better life for her kids and she is punished for it. Those who have money and have their kids in private schools are can afford to live in neighborhoods where their are good schools should be thankful and not judge those who cannot. Until you have walked a day in her shoes you have no idea what it is like to want a better life for your kids than what you are currently able to provide. This judge acted out of evilness and the Lord will deal with her for her deeds.. I am going to pray that God will open a door for this lady and her children and I encourage others to do the same…

  122. 114

    Pauline Footman

    This Judge Should be removed from Office:So now The Mom Won’t be able to Get A Job,While She and The Father are in Jail Where Will Children Be??..The Judge Showed No Concern for the Being Of The Children..And In My view Any Woman that Takes A stand such as She Did Is A Danger Too Women Rights and The Rights Of Children.The Skin Color Doesn’t Matter Too Me.The Fact Is The Mother Wanted a BETTER EDUCATION FOR HER Children and for Me That’s Covered Under The Constitution.If Some People have ever Lived In Neighborhood that was riddled with Gun Violence, Gang Activity or When That Community was put on the Back Burner Should Be Able to Understand That. A Lot of People Just Keep Their Heads Buried In A Hole.You Choose too see only what You Want.If it Was You And Your Children What Would YOU DO??

  123. 115


    Something simliar happen to me in 2000. I lived in a white town and had a great job at the time, but prejudice was a day to day occurance there. As a successful black mother of three I still paid a price that was unjust and was railroaded by the courts systems. I spent over 40,000.00 and went through three atty’s. I was given 6 months to two years but was allowed to still work since the courts wanted money(Work Release).. Even at this day this conviction has stopped me from getting hired in many jobs I was more htan qualified for. My heart goes out to the women and I am trying to find out how I can start a support group or organization for other women like us. I pray that one day things wil get better but this is actually why people have no respect for the judicial system and those crocked Judges who have the resources to make a difference. The ones who hurt the most is the little one’s. What is this women to do now that they have ruin her career? Sell drugs too in order to make a living? It is hard enough to get and keep a job now, yet to have this over her head is a shame on the courts!

  124. 116


    Is some kind of legal fund being planned for her? If so, please let the readers know.

  125. 117


    I’m not from a housing project, so I dont understand what the problem is with their local school. Why did they have to go to a school in a different district?

  126. 118

    Laura Shadley

    What can we do to help this woman? Who do we need to write? I think this is outrageous and wrong! They demand we send our kids to school but they don’t demand equal education for all our children.

  127. 119


    While, I agree that the law must be followed, I am compelled to the fact that because this mother’s expectations for her children were set high, that she took a chance because she did not have a CHOICE! I wonder if the Judge would send her children to the neighborhood school if that was her only option. The interesting thing is; in any other state, if students are caught, they just get sent back to their neighborhood school. And they could have dropped felony charges and made the woman pay the difference as a fine, because, the neighborhood school they should have been at, can send the funds to the other schools. And the unfortunate fact is that there will still be a substantial difference because more money is put in to suburban schools than city public neighborhood schools. And for the judge to make the statement that her chances at becoming a teacher are null and void…it’s spiteful and in her trying to set an example, I hope causes an uproar. To the woman, if she knows the law she should MOVE from that state after her probationary period, continuing pursuing her teaching career and continue to better the lives of her daughters and all children. it is apparent she saw something was WRONG and wanted to make a better life. If that’s worth going to jail…then I think I would do the same. Its very evident that something is wrong when the waiting list numbers are overwhelming for charter schools. school choice is something that could have helped this woman. My heart bleeds for our youth, when I see statistics about our minority students not graduating at high rates. Our standards need to be raised, the bar has to be raised. Education is not a PRIVILEGE…IT IS A CIVIL RIGHT! The judge was trying to set an example…BUT MY PRAYER IS THAT THIS OPENS EVERYONE’S EYES TO HOW BAD CERTAIN SCHOOLS ARE AND CHANGES ARE MADE. Hopefully she has good attorneys who will make an appeal on the felony offense and/or get that expunged from her record if that does not work.

  128. 120


    Sign Petition @change: Gov. Kasich: Pardon Ms. Kelley Williams-Bolar’s Unfair Sentencing For Fraud and Theft

  129. 121


    That woman has social and economical odds against. She just wants to make sure her children get the education that they so rightly deserve. Who knows what was going on at their previous school. That judge and jury must not have had anything better to do, than to convict a woman for sending her kids to another school out of district. I wonder if she had been white or other race and poor, would it have made a difference? And the woman has lost her chance to get her teaching degree. That is some straight up foolishness!!! That is not right and I know they can’t get away with that. Is the NAACP or SCLC or any other civil rights organization aware of the woman’s situation?

  130. 122

    Carman Daniels

    THIS ACTION IS SO UNFAIR! The children have two parents, one of them lives in the district of a good school and the other lives in a project; the children spend time at both residences so why can they go to whichever school is best for their education. If the classes were online it would not matter…who was the attorney in the case????? What does the N.A.A.C.P. have to say about it????? Something needs to be done in Ohio about racism…..I thought slavery was over; OH, not is Ohio…..

  131. 123

    Humberto Silvestre

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!! This is the first time I comment on an article i read online in my life. This is absolute insanity. I can not understand the justice system reasoning for this punishment or any punishment at that. You are penalizing a parent for pursuing a better future for their child. I am seriously infuriated to the point I am going to complain to the courts in Ohio. I hope the mother of those children knows that she was not doing anything wrong.

  132. 124


    This case is shameful and sums up the biased and racism that yet still exists in the USA towards the poor and especially towards blacks. Now this mother, who did what many other mothers in her situation have done and will do for their children, will not be able to teach in the state of Ohio as she’s been charged with a felony? Absolutely Shameful…

  133. 125


    Did this Judge not just verbally violated this ladies constitutional rights to the “Pursuit of Happiness ” with her deliberate statement of “Because of the felony conviction, you will not be allowed to get your teaching degree under Ohio law as it stands today” … ruining this ladies chances of having a better life for herself and her children.

    The ‘Judges’ sentencing may be or may not be “just” in regard to the crime of “defrauding the school system” but her (the Judge)s verbal delivery is not one of a ‘Judge’ but rather smack talk of an egotistical over zealous person pretending to be a judge, who is taking her appointed power a lot to far, by not weighting in the over all picture of the effects of her passing of judgment. She (the Judge)presses no effor regard conscience regarding the long term effect/out come of her ruling on society later as the lives of these people take a drastic and dramatic plummet downward. These people could have been the next ‘difference’ that this world needed but now she (the Judge) leaves this woman and her family little to no choice or hope. Its the effects of her (the Judge)s ruling with out any conscience or care that concerns me. This Judge was more concerned about the effects she (the Judge) herself will have on society rather than the family she hurt. This type of selfish attitude is becoming more prevalent and infectious within our judicial system. Its a shame.

    I would love to see this woman counter, but not on a race violation . I dont think in this case that “being made an example of” had/has anything to do with race or money. She will loose. As there is nothing to indicate racism. But the bragging of the Judge regarding the set out deliberate destruction of this ladies education as a result/punishment (“Because of the felony conviction, you will not be allowed to get your teaching degree under Ohio law as it stands today” )leaves this Judge short on public effectiveness and long on pathetic. The Judge could have came to a better conclusion for the crime incurred without the complete utter destruction of this entire families over all out come and future. The Judge was lazy!

    I know of others who have done this very same thing (putting their children in schools outside of their living districts) as this woman did and the so-called “Judge” in that particular case condone those peoples action as being righteous as parents. Funny how perception works.

  134. 127

    Anna Lisa

    I do not agree with this sentence whatsoever and my sympathies do go out to this lady who just wanted a better life for her kids. Yet I do have a piece of advice for the author – you lost me as soon as you started comparing this lady to a “rich white” woman. “Rich white” women have nothing to do with this. The severity of the American laws do. If you want to be heard and if you are trying to help this woman don’t make this about race. The support of as many people possible is what will help this lady (if anything) to reduce her punishment. Including the support of “white” people.

  135. 128

    Ruth Killough-Hill

    Is there a way to pay for new lawyer for this woman? Could we raise the monies for a new lawyer?

  136. 129


    We all want things that don’t belong to us. The people who take them, or lie to get them, deserve to be punished, end of story.

    “Even if you believe in the laws that keep investment bankers trapped within SEC regulations, the idea that Bernie Madoff should be sent to jail for demanding wealth is simply ridiculous.”

    “Even if you believe in the laws that keep shoplifters trapped in supermarket loss prevention offices, the idea that anyone should be sent to jail for demanding food is simply ridiculous.”

    “Even if you believe in the laws that keep reality-show seekers from saying their son is trapped in a runaway balloon, the idea that anyone should be sent to jail for demanding fame is simply ridiculous.”

    “Even if you believe in the laws that keep Lee Harvey Oswald trapped in the Texas Book Depository, the idea that this man should be sent to jail for demanding a new president is simply ridiculous.”

    “Even if you believe in the laws that keep Officer Farva trapped in front of the Dimpus Burger counter, the idea that this cop should be sent to jail for demanding a liter of cola is simply ridiculous.”

  137. 130

    Zoe Brain

    She broke the law. An appropriate sentence would be some community service.

    The punishment is so manifestly unjust that it causes public outrage, and is a far greater danger to the community than the original misdeed. The felony conviction goes against every principle of rehabilitation, and amounts to judicial misconduct.

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  140. 131


    “MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK” and was the 1st time i ever voted!!!!!!

  141. 132


    I totally support the mother, any mother, doing what she can to improve the lives of her children.

    This mother needs school choice, vouchers, charter schools, and de-certified teachers unions, not another diatribe about how weak she is when compared to the racism of the white bogey man (or woman judge). Sure, you might not be able to find any examples of a white person being prosecuted, but have you even looked, or does your own racism preclude you from even searching? My white mother was told she had to take us out of our school because they suspected that we didn’t really live with our grandmother even though we stayed there several nights per week – it was a warning to move on or we’ll look further. My brothers and I left a better small town school for a Democrat, union controlled school in Portland, and things went down hill fast.

    So regardless of color, and the possible racism of others, the solution is to bring the power and choice back to the individual. Red & yellow, black or white – money talks. If all parents had the ability to send their children to schools which had to compete for the dollars attached to the student, this mother would be empowered to choose the best school. And just as importantly, this woman would be empowered in ways the author and many commenters are afraid of – she wouldn’t need the Demoncrats any more.

  142. 133

    Stuart Grusin

    this judge should be removed or disbarred. sounds like an all white jury too.

  143. 134


    Ok well my mother has done this plenty of times im a white girl from detroit my mom got thrown in jail 2 for the same thing doing it for my little brother. It isnt about color or anything or the wealthy white women My mother was poor when i was growing up i was poor! MY mother is now wealthy somewhat and when this happend she was somewat wealthy. OUR schooling systems our hurting for money shud she be punished for this YES! Be4 you put random dumb “racist” stories up look stuff up. Doesnt always happen to black folks. Sry but she deserves it.

  144. 135


    The article is making complete ASSUMPTIONS that the court made decisions based on color or race. The majority of comments made concerning this article are jumping to conclusions that the verdict was solely determined by race or color by whites. The so called journalists who wrote this article is not trying to disguise his/her own racial bias. The article is charging racism and has nothing in the article which factually supports the journalist charge. This article is written purely on opinion, not solid facts. The headline itself sets the tone. EXTREMELY unprofessional. I am feel I am being generous to refer to the writer of this article as a journalist.
    Poor judgement demonstrated by this “journalist.”

  145. 136


    Okay, as a black woman I must say I’m tired of how some in our community make “heroes” out of those who break the law.

    Yes, I agree that this woman may have had good intentions, but the way she did it was wrong. Does she deserve the harsh sentence? No, but any time you do something shady you risk getting in trouble.

    I mean, if you know as a black person, you’re more at risk for getting the tough end of the stick, why not follow the letter of the law? Some blacks commit crimes and then when they get caught blame their race. But it’s hard to feel sympathy for them because they were doing bad things to begin with.

    On top of that, when there are more legitimate complaints of racism, they get ignored because so much attention has been placed on other situations, (where the “victim” was not innocent).

    Now, as far as this schooling issue…I agree that schools in the inner city are “bad” in comparison to others. But unless a child’s safety is in jeopardy, I would stick it out in the school and make up the education at home. In the meantime, I would use every legal avenue available to make the system better, (PTA, volunteering, etc.). In fact, if she was studying to become a teacher, she could have volunteered as an aide for one of her kid’s classrooms. She would not have teaching powers, but she could still see where the deficits are.

    And if things were so bad that my child’s life was in danger, I would have to consider homeschooling. And yes, I know that the “average” person probably cannot do this due to jobs or whatever, but if she had a caring father he could support her while she homeschooled the kids during the day.

    With all that said, yes I think her sentence was harsh. And I think it’s sad that she won’t be able to teach. But turning to fraud is not the answer. A better solution would be figuring out how to make inner city schools more acceptable, so there is no need to flee to the “white” schools.

  146. 137


    I am really distrubed by the jurors and the judge in handling this situation. I agree with the writer that they could have garnished her wages or something until the debt was paid off. When get people where it hurts. It’s there pocket book! They could have forced her to do community service in that district or something else. And then for the judge to say that she cannot get a teaching degree in the state of ohio?! This is really, really sad.

  147. 138

    the voice

    Okay this Mother broke the law, the way it is the woman was given the harshest sentence that could be given for that affiance, there are dope addict, and dope pushers that get lighter sentences because every time they go into the just us system the system get payed, but a poor mother trying to do good by her family that has no money to give the just us system gets the hardest sentence the law can give, not only was she given hard time, she was also sentence to a life of poverty being that she will never be able to work in the field in witch she was training, to make a better life for herself as well. If no one noticed that is 2 or 3 generations lost, why, because the government would rather help bring aliens into the country give them loans to open businesses and not charge taxes for 10 years or more and send it’s people to the just us system. The problem as I see it is the citizens of the US would rather complain about the problem instead of asking those we leave in charge of making laws and running the country what is
    really happening, the people of the US have forgotten the government works for its citizens not the other way around, we have the right to question the government officials and to remove them when necessary. we have the right to petition the system to help this mother, she may not be able to teach, but she may be able to get probation instead of jail time. Let the law know it still have to answer to the public when the law goes to far…

  148. 139

    Yvonne Dillon

    I pray that this women has a relationship with the Lord Jesus, he will fight this battle, know matter how hard it is for us. In Ephesians 6 Vers12 tells us ( We wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spirital wickedness in high places).God can and will overturn this evilness and will work it out for her good ,let’s all us believers pray for her and her children, and as we do this, God will move on are behalf and will get the glory. He’s the man with the master plan.

  149. 140


    This is a dirty racist shame. Another unfit judge over the lives of a human being who

    was on whats natural….”THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”. Well one day these unfit

    judges will be JUDGED BY THE SUPREME JUDGE, and who will have the power to

    pardon them??? WATCH THE WEATHER…..

  150. 141

    Kerry Cochran

    This is totally effed up. The prosecutors in this racket, should admit that they were wrong, give the woman back her right to education, return her civil liberties, and stop committing crimes against citizens. Complicate with this obvious wrongdoing, the judge in this case is not perfect, and should be allowed to admit that a mistake has been made here.

    DENIED AN EDUCATION CAREER – for seeking education for your children.

  151. 142


    Sign Petition @change: Gov. Kasich: Pardon Ms. Kelley Williams-Bolar’s Unfair Sentencing For Fraud and Theft

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  153. 143


    Maybe this judge better think about all the illegal Mexicans that sneak in our country and send their kids to school and get them all the free bees on the citizens of America. This is just mean. Plain and simple. Of course, there is always two sides to the story, and we do not know the courts side. Only what all the blacks are looking at. I am white and don`t believe that the punishment given to this women should be that stern.But, and I do say But, maybe there is a bad law breaking women here that we don`t know about. AS it is , She should do all she can to get this over turned.

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  155. 144


    Wow, this is shocking. Here’s a mother trying to make a better life for her kids, and she gets treated like a thug. I agree with the author, had it been a wealthy white mom there would have been zero jail time. This woman is a hero, and Obama should step in (at a later time when all this calms down) and pardon her record so she can become a teacher. We have politicians in office who have done far worse and paid far less then this woman could ever do.

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  157. 145

    Diane B

    Is there some good lawyer out there who could fight this judgment? (At times like this I wish I were a lawyer.)

  158. 146


    Unfortunately many people keep saying this woman broke the law; our country was founded on “breaking laws”, read unjust.
    There is nothing wrong with this woman using the father’s address (who lives in the district) to get a better education for her children.

    Everyone who refuses to recognize that this is a class , and much more importantly, a racist case, then they are the poor, uneducated, seemingly middle class whites who refuse to recognize that everyday, in every way, blacks confront either overt or covert racism.
    This country was built on the backs of slavery, black slavery and the legacy is continued perverted attitudes from white who refuse to acknowledge their own racism. Why do you continue to deny your own racism? You are full of ignorant hate and fear.

    Racist whites are not going to realize they are at the bottom of this economic crisis as well! Their racism and hatred is blinding them to the oligarchy that uses congress as its plaything. When the s$#t hits the fan, they are going to be sooo surprised and angry…I’m only afraid that they will start striking out at us blacks first.

  159. 147


    Ohio: 1829, 1878, or 2011?: Black Economic Development by Michael Coard, Esquire

  160. 148

    Sighing Yet Again

    I am white. Shame on Me! If you are black, and I treat you with respect and kindness and am forthright…I am still white. Do I deserve to be lumped into a “racist” white American pool? It’s not always about color, people!!! This situation is unfortunate. Mother was trying to achieve a better life for the children, yes…but she did so illegally. I’m sure she took that into consideration when she embarked on that course, and was willing to take the gamble… but she got caught. Clear and simple. Break law = get punished. Make bad decisions = suffer consequences. Her life can still be put back on a positive course. No education is “wasted”…she can change her major. The article doesn’t say how close she was to a teaching degree. Perhaps she can switch to nursing or business. Perhaps her father can allow her to move in and actually send the children to that school legally. Just because “everybody does it”…doesn’t make it “right”. Stop the enabling and sense of entitlement and give her positive alternatives. If she’s educated enough to seek a degree, she should be smart enough to research a way to live in a neighborhood with a better school system. She WAS teaching her children “you can lie and cheat if it’s for a good reason”….now she can teach them…”we can make mistakes and still triumph”….. or “we can make mistakes, but if we cry RACISM, we can get out of it”

  161. 149

    Author of article is racist

    The only thing clear here is that the author of this story is clearly a racist. Just because the mother had good intentions and she is black doesn’t excuse the fact that what she did was commit a crime. Perhaps she should rob you and your family but claim its to fulfill her American dream to make it okay. How about you donate your money to pay for her kids to go to a private school.

  162. 150

    After the first year of getting away with the crime...

    you’d think she would have moved. I think it’s a shame that this woman has had her life turned upside down over this situation. But, as a black single mother who finagled her way to get the best, by best, I mean a world-class education for my children from one of the best private schools in America… I can’t understand why she just didn’t move in with her father. I moved for one of my daughters. And I was in no position, financially, to do so. I won’t go into the details, but one of my daughters wanted to stay in the private school while the other wanted to go to public school. Thankfully, a white friend let me use her address. But, when it looked like we were about to get caught, and I found out about the $30k fine, I moved into the district. Rent was cheaper than the fine! So, again, I’m sorry for the sister, but after getting away with it for one year, she have made the situation right. Who knows… they may given her plenty of warning. We don’t know all of the details. I hate to sound callous. But as the saying goes, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t stand the time.”

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  164. 151

    Hank Waters

    How does this get turned into a race issue??
    Sure the kids could have lived with their father BUT THEY DIDN’T.

    She knowingly gave an address the kids were not living at in order to send her kids to a different district. That’s stealing from those who live in that district. What about their rights? It’s like saying I have $50 in my pocket and some guy panhandling down the street has 50 cents so I should give them $25 to make things even.

    It’s amazing how this story was twisted into a racial incident… apartheid? really?

    The article says “I’d love to see how they prosecute wealthy white women who commit the same offense. Oh, I forgot: Most wealthy white women don’t have to send their kids to the schools located near the projects.” – What’s your point Dr Watkins? You make a statement then admit it’s a stupid comment. Did you bother to see if there is such a thing as a wealthy black woman? Do they send their kids to schools in the projects?

    Did Dr Watkins bother to look into poor white women who live in the projects? Did Dr Watkins bother to find any poor white women living in the projects who are allowed to break the law because they’re white or are poor white women exempt from the law Ms Bohar broke?
    Ms Williams-Bohar made the choice to break the law for her children, does that make it acceptable? Why not give up custody to the father for the sake of a better education for her girls? Was the father involved in the lives of his girls? Dr Watkins leaves a lot out of the story and obviously slanted this article in order to inflame racial divisions.

    Dr. Boyce Watkins is driving the wedge deeper in race relations in this country. The problem is too many people like Dr Watkins are of the opinion that breaking the law is acceptable if they can twist it into an issue of race and they are owed something more simply based on race. Why not show examples of people who are successful even though they started their lives in poverty instead of blaming poverty on the alleged racist laws of the white man?

    This is American, laws are not racist when a poor black person is equally affected by them just as much as a poor white person. There are many examples of poor black people who became successful living within the law. America is where people should be responsible for themselves and not expect laws to be bent because of race.

  165. 152


    @Hank Waters Please! Take your head out of the sand!! Clearly this is a race issuse!! What this shows that racism is alive and well in america, and this is a prime examplel of Jim Crow in 2011. If Kelly Williams-Bolar where white this in fact would not be a story at all. After 400 years of slavery in this country nothing much has changed for the black people. They just changed the game, they can’t verbally say we are not going to let black people get a educations as it was in slaverly. But they do it with having poor educators in the poor neighborhoods, , and if a black child does go to a predominantly white school he or she experience how the rules appyls for some and not others. It is time for black people to take a stand. Stand together as a PEOPLE. Get angry (not mad) there is a difference.

  166. 153

    Latoya Prendergast

    ***I don’t think a 10 year sentence was necessary***
    Am not sure if this case was determined in a racist way so I will not comment on that. I didn’t know you could broke the law by wanting to give your children a better education so that they can become decent people when then they grow up.
    Even thought she had broken the law in some way, I don’t think she was handled fairly. Ten year is a long time, plus the other consequences that will follow during and after those 10 year. I think they should have thought about the best interest of the children and how it would affect them by sending their mother to jail.

    please bear in my that we still live in a world where there is racism and sometimes in some cases it will be used. It is unfair when someone’s faith is been decided based of their race.


    I am a Jamaican and I am black. I have never had some being racist towards me so I can’t say I know how it feels, however, my husband is white and I have seen racism towards him. This goes to show that racism goes both ways not just white doing it to black but black also doing it to white.

  167. 154


    What’s messed up is the fact that her father lives in the district, and his tax money goes towards the school etc, etc….so its fair to say that its ok for him to pay for a strangers kids “good” education but its wrong for him to allow his blood grandkids to use his address so they can go to a better school, that their grandfather is already paying for?….

    And then to turn around and snatch away this womans teaching degree, so that she will have to live in public housing for surely the rest of her days is just downright wrong, im sick about that part the most…how can the system do that to her and not feel any kind of way….?

    She did wrong ok…ten days in jail is quite enough because her intentions were good, but to snatch away her options of bettering herself for her children is beyond using her as an example its leaving her stuck….so sad:(

  168. 155


    This situation does not surprise me at all because in the criminal justice system the laws are designed differently for white and minorities .In other words if a white individual commits a crime he is given a slap on the risk unless they can prove he/she commits murder the miniority gets jail time and or probation for he same crime. It is what you say destroy, destroy. Minorities always have to walk a thin line. God help us all. By the way where is the NAACP, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton this is disgraceful. She is just trying to get a better education for his children and also hereslf. The nerve of this judge that this woman would never be able to get her teaching license. Wow is this the America I know.

  169. 156


    @MarcusGarvey….black people built this United States. We don’t have to go back anywhere if we choose not to. We must stand up for our rights here and everywhere. Whites should go back to Europe. Imagine how much better so many countries would be if whites ever stepped foot on their soil.

  170. 157


    @Latoya…your kidding, right? Are you a black Jamaican who says you never experienced racism, but your white husband has??? You sound confused if you are really black.

  171. 158


    As for the injustice bestowedupon tis mother; we should start our own schools! Black people and whoever else knows this public school system is not worth the $30K should seriously consider taking our children’s education in our own hands. Schools are dangerous anyway.

  172. 159


    The bottom line is this school more than likely took Federal and state dollars and therefor can’t exclude anyone from attending. It’s public a public system paid for by tax dollars, and we all pay for it. And if this school has the means to support itself with just local tax dollars then I would say it has the right to make itself private and exclusionary. If this sentence stands I would say that school district should have to pay back not only state funds but federal funds so it can dictate who attends. It wasn’t just local dollars so therefor the public nature should allow any child to attend any school. If it’s based on geography then we will always have poor kids attending different schools then rich kids. I thought that’s why schools went public and we created the Department of Education. Pure example of why education is so messed up and needs to be overhauled.

  173. 160

    Caribbean Beauty

    when i read stories such as this, and look at the comment thread, its makes me more than thankful that i live in South America. Let me say the class system exists but not independent of racism…its interdependent so u’ll never ever get one without the other. I have never travelled to the USA and i have no desire to do so because i’ve realised that everyone wants to get infront of the television set, on the radio or newspapers, and other other available media, to talk about racism, so time and again they keep echoing each other about the problems with racism, but no one had come up with a REALISTIC strategy to alleviate it, WE (the people) need to stop identifying ourselves by race, e.g, most persons who’ve commented say “im white and …………” or “im black………..” therein lies the problem just identify urself as an american, european etc….no one in my homeland is allowed to disrespect me and get away with it…u cant address me as black, white, chinese, etc….call me by anything except my name and u’ll be ignored…… it is disheartenin to learn that there is actually a LAW that prevents a child from going to a particular school because of where he/she is from, thats an infringement on free education.

    The worst part of this whole saga is that the Judge has indirectly infringed on the woman’s right to have a career so as to be able to sustain herself and family…………that jail stint will follow her wherever in America she decides to go, so even though by Law she cant complete her teachin degree in Ohio, by Design she wont be able to do so anywhere else in the US of A….cause her record will come up, so the judge has basically sealed this woman’s faith and actually sentenced her to a lifetime of struggle, so despite 10 days initially, she’ll be serving this sentence for her lifetime!!!!

  174. 161

    werd up

    All of you must know that KWB repeatly lied on residency documents, which happens to be a felony. She lied on subsidized housing paperwork, which happens to be a felony. They gave her several chances to make restitution, move or remove the girls from the school, KWB made the decision to go to a jury. The jury, who had several african americans, found her guilty! How is that racial?

    Betterment for your children is one thing. But she clearly broke the law, tested the system and lost.

  175. 162

    Denise G. Mottley

    She needs to take this case all the way to the Supreme Court! If it were me, this would not end here…

  176. 163


    The facts are the facts she broke the law. It’s unfortunate that she had to be made an example of, but she could have just taken them out of district and/or paid a fine. Because she felt entitle because her father lived in the district does not make it right. She should be prosecuted to send a message, because this country is falling apart we are constantly increasing property taxes and paying for other to lie and steal. No more she got what she deserve. And this is coming from a black woman. Educating our children dont stop when the leave the school grounds, we must help at home and she could have easily gotten grants for private schooling if she was really sincere about bettering her kids education. What kind of role model are you when you teach your kids to deceive.

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  178. 164


    This woman deserved to be sent to prison for the fraud she committed. I bet that the people complaining about her punishment would sing a different tune if a poor white person who otherwise could not afford college had committed fraud to obtain a scholarship intended for black applicants.

  179. 165

    mike davis

    wow-so many conflicting thoughts on this
    fact is,while she was trying to do better for her kids…she was absolutely setting a bad example!!!!!!!!and i think people need to understand the solution isnt letting any other person do the hard work for you and then you eating from it…why cant we improve the schools in our own district?and dont give me the usual arguments..fact is,in bad districts,the parents dont care ,dont raise their kids ,and expect(while they are getting high or whtever level of selfish irresponsibility they are on)teachers,and everbody else to do their job,and in a final act of the selfishness,get mad at those same people when the kids complain because it ends up making their parenting skills come into question,as if they ever possesed them…cycle happens,over and over,day after day,year after year..until we come to terms that it doesnt matter who the question comes from,that a reasonable solution benefits us,we will never get it right…how much effort do u think the woman made to better her schools?i know she cant do it herself,but ANY effort?

  180. 166


    I believe that it is time for us to have a serious conversation about wear do we go from hear 2011, we have been used and abused as a people. The american impire would be nothing if it was not for the african american, not only have we supplied america with free labor but also great invention that made these people filthy rich, even still to this day they are continuing to reap extreme riches from ideas and invention created by african americans. What is needed is for all to be taught the truth about our history past and persent as a whole…

    America would lost in the past if had not been for the african american! Remember the blessing of God flow through the children of God, but stolen by the enemies of God… (YAHVISION.COM)

  181. 167


    Thank you to Mike Davis for putting so many of my own thoughs out there.

    The school systems need to be ran by those that it serves, not the federal government. By making the local governments AND parents responsible for the schools, they would see this improvement, When did schools start the decline? When the Department of Education was formed and the federal government took over them . Granted, there were schools in need prior to 1979 but since then it has been downhill all the way. Whatever happened to the American citizens’ freedom of choice of which school to send their kids?

  182. 168


    I’m having a hard time seeing this as “Racist”. Perhaps the author is using that term as a catch-all for anything she thinks is unfair. This author twists this into a “white vs. black” issue but race has little to do with this situation. This is about money. Or “rich vs. poor” if it makes the author more comfortable to see things in absolutes.

    The facts are that people who live in good school districts pay more in taxes and levies that go to improve their local schools, the people unfortunate enough to live in the poorer districts just don’t have the same resources. Is this fair? No. In a perfect world everyone should have the same opportunities for education and employment but the reality of the situation is much different as everyone knows.

    It’s understandable that this woman broke the rules in order to get a better education for her kids but that doesn’t make it right.

  183. 169


    Look people, the schools near the so called projects aren’t treated any differant then schools in white residental areas. The students are just flat out rougher to work with. I feel bad for the womanthat has to go through this, the judgement was to harsh. A woman like this one will be the teacher that makes the difference in a childs life, because she values education . Please dont make it a black and white issue. If you want to state the facts, fault the mothers in the projects that have no interest in her childerns education that care about going to the clubs 2-4 days a week to meet new men and the oldest child has to be the mother to the younger ones

  184. 170


    CHEATING The System…… How about the system has cheated blacks….minorities since forever. First off if Ms .Bolar’s ancestors would have never been captured, taken from their homeland, Enslaved, raped, demoralized, etc etc. She would be in this situation in the first place. The Jews still talk about the Hollicouast,everyone admits how they were miss treated no one tell the to forget get past it !!!!!!! In my the African American experienced much worst only because it continues case in point ms Bolar’s predicament. Ms. Bolar’s because of recognizing the problems within her girls educational system tried to regain what these same legislators took from her now faces Jail time and future ramifications is like spitting in her face,all of our faces who believe in America and what it’s should stand for regardless of your race your should be taken back. But No we live in a country of people that are more upset when Christina Agulare forgets words to our national song at a football game than us as a country living up to those words in our Constitution So to all of you who think she has gotten what she deserves I here to say ” and so will you, so will you”

  185. 171


    What she did was wrong and illegal. She lied and stole from the school district. So what if she did it for her children…..its still illegal and wrong. If you rob someone to feed your kids….its still robbery. Stop playing the race card and stand on you own…….

  186. 172


    i’M just surprised that this even went to court. If I were the judge I would have thrown this out. What a waste of tax payers money. We have murderers, rapists, pedophiles loose on the damn street and we won’t put these folks in jail, but a mother sending her children to another school is such a criminal. And quite frankly i think this goes against her constitutional right to pursue happiness. She was pursuing happiness, by sending her kids to a good school so that they would be successful and thus making her happy. And to the people who even brought this to court your day is coming, what goes around does come around.

  187. 173


    At one time black and white people could not eat together and that was illegal. If a black person were to try and eat with white people and they were to get arrested and jailed. Are you saying that a black person deserved to be jailed because eating with a white person was against the law. Just because something is illegal doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.

  188. 174


    “at one time” there were a lot of laws that were improper. I for one, resent anyone giving me special consideration due to my race, gender etc…….Its time for EVERYONE to take personal responsibility. We All know right from wrong……its time to stop making excuses for bad behavior.

  189. 175


    I just want to say my heart goes out to this women and her family ,also to keep your head up in the mist of this bullshit and don’t “FAINT” keep your belief in god he will not forsake you, racism still exist the laws need to be renewed ,the judge need to retire and she should take this shit to the supreme court and sue the whole entire district for demoralizing her character in the public and making her kids suffer by seeing their mother go to jail for trying to let them have a better education .I bet the jury was all white and wasn’t her peers.Don’t be mad ,because we still have a well educated black man as president .

  190. 176


    This law isnt racist. Everyone pays taxes in your district. If you dont like the district you are in, its America, you are free to MOVE! And this lawsuit crap….thats one reason we are in the state we are. Everyone thinks the have the right to sue just because everything isnt they way the want it to be. Its amazing how some people turn everything into a racial issue. Get a grip, statements like “the jury was all white” is just lame. I was hopeful that having Obama as president would stop this whining, but obviously not.

  191. 177


    The sentencing of this mother for wanting a better education and future for her children is a travesty of justice in America. Given the history of racical injustice in the United States of America, school districts everywhere should be required to open schools for Blacks anywhere no matter where they live in this country. I too, am going to be looking into where is the NAACP, ACLU, Sharpton and Jackson– and the rest of us on this matter.

    America, stop being racist, face up to your past, and do what is right. But whatever the case, the Bible says, you will reap what you sow. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for His mercy and Justice.

  192. 178


    Please understand that many of the comments in this section were put there by right-wing astroturfing operatives, people working for large and wealthy right-wing organization to plant comments online.

    Look at the comment from victoria_29 on January 25th, 2011 9:18 am . It contains the absurd argument that this wouldn’t happen if the federal government didn’t have so much control over our schools. First, the feds have little influence or control over local schools; we have no national school system, and Second, this happened becasue we DON”T have a national school system in which it wouldn’t make any difference where someone went to school. Can you imagine, for example, if social security was run the same way as our patchwork of local school districts. You might have retirees trying to collect their SS checks in richer districts because they could get more.

    We need a national school system where the level of education would be equally high for everyone. I guarantee you that it would be much better for everyone, and you wouldn’t have absurd situations like the poor woman’s plight.

  193. 180


    Bottom line a decent parent wanted the best for her children, and maybe society should look to making that possible for ALL children. People are using this issue to simply make stupid racial comments from their own deep seeded personal feelings and its not about that, its simply about a mother wanting her children to go to a school that would benefit their education instead of ducking bullets, getting beat up and othercrap that was happening. Does society want educated children that will grow into well rounded adults and lead productive lives? Her father lives there, no children of his own, whose kids ar benefiting from HIS tax dollars?

  194. 181


    This is terrible. Who hasn’t done this?? I know I did when my children were in school..I put my moms address down and I am white. This is sooo wrong to do this to this poor woman.

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  196. 182


    Not sure the case is racist, but it is wrong either way. The impact it will have on the Mother’s ability to complete a degree in education and get a better job and life is devastating and unreasonable unless there is much more to this case then what this article states.

    The proper solution in these cases is rather then penalize or criminalize the parents, the school district the children should be in should reimburse the school district they are in for attendance.

  197. 183


    I really feel sorry for the black mother. I find the case quite racist. Why don’t they do this to wealthy whites? I’m sure the poor black mother just took the risk to send her kids to a better school. I hope someone will have a heart to help her…

  198. Pingback: Several news outlets are reporting that Kelly Williams-Bolar, a resident of Akron, Ohio, was recently sentenced to 10 days in jail and probation for using her father’s address to send her kids to a better school district. To read more of Dr. Boyce W

  199. 184

    Janzlou Falf

    Good storyline. I adore how black mother wanted her kids to sent in a better school. So a need for the black mother to strive hard in order to achieve the dream of her kids. Eventually that’s the time her kids will help them to do such things to make her dream come true. There are school whose looking for a aid so I guessed the kids should avail on that so that her future will be okay. Good luck to you black mom and your kids, hope someone will help you.

  200. 185

    Damndif Iknow

    She broke the law by purposely and fraudlently,using the father’s address, thus make the “3rd” statement invalid! “Third, I’m not sure why the court is treating this law-abiding mom like a thug…”

  201. 186


    I bleed for this family. This is SO WRONG, SO WRONG, SO WRONG! Every child is entitled to go to a good school. If I were in her shoes, I would handle it differently.

  202. 187


    Her father pays taxes, her sister pays taxes, every one pays taxes. EVERYONE pays, and pays, and pays, and pays. GET REA|L.

  203. 188


    it’s a sad commentary,its racism but of a different kind, rich and poor.that equates to black or white. i can see if she was pocketing the money,that would be considered fraud. the sad part is she won’t be able to pursue her dream as a teacher. the racial undertone is she wont be able to inspire other underprivilege kids as a teacher,they just snuffed out a generation of kids,of a good teacher.the laws are design to hold people back, when you defeat them , they change it.

  204. 189


    To all the idiots, dumb asses, f* up, that claiming racism in this case check out this case one of the blogger posted on here…

  205. 190


    The law does discriminate, that’s what law does. Many times if not all the time it is based on money. Working in a school, I’ve learned that many people attempt to put their children in a “better” school with fraudulent address and the drive alone is a great effort of dedication on the part of the parent. Money does affect where you will live and where your child will attend school. I’ve never seen someone prosecuted to this extent for such a crime. I firmly believe the punishment is too severe and would not have been if the mother had money. We all believe with enough money people have and will commit murder and walk. Need I make a list? Bottom line: I see a mother who places a strong emphasis on education – shame on you judge – your’e ignorant and an extremist. I don’t know if the courts ever did serve the people but I do know it never fails to serve itself and money. A reasonable man will always fall flat in our court system, this case is based on inequity which is prevantly the norm. BTW: Most judges and criminals tell their kids, “Do what you want, just don’t get caught.”

  206. 191


    If a crime is proven and a set punishment written then we don’t need judges, do we? The judge is the human factor. I believe the judge is morally obligated to do a proper job and give consideration to cases on individual contingencies for reasonable punishment to fit the crime, as oppose to cookie stamping them out. As a previous post points out, the grandfather did live in the school district and paid taxes. Was that taken into consideration? I understand it is theft of $30,500 for two girls to attend two years. Really? Is that correct because that school sounds very poor. So how poor was the school they did not attend. My question is about the school they did not attend, what was the overall grade for that school? If the children qualified for a free or reduced lunch and the school has a poor grade, then the children qualify to go to another school district and in lieu of that,tutors,- at least where I live. This judge lost perspective on why there are judges. There was bias as it is a known fact that women judge other women harsher than women judge men. I understand that but won’t elaborate on it here. Why is the punishment harsh? If a judge is convicted of embezelling from his firm or smoking pot or whatever crime, he will not go to jail first and second his resignation as a judge is considered punishment enough and he will return to work as a lawyer. Justification for this is that to take a man’s livelihood from him is too drastic of a punishment. This theory is not unknown to any judge. And yet, What this judge doled out to this mother was in sharp contrast to that standard; admittedly knowing of the consequences she imposed onto this mother makes the decision harsh and creates a stench that we can’t eradicate.

  207. 192


    Everyone seems to have forgotten the state standards that govern schools. How can one school be “better” than others? The curriculum is managed by the state to insure that all kids have access to the same education. A good parent would have pushed her children to excellence in their own school district . Moving them a few miles down the road won’t change their work ethic.

    The author claims that this woman was charged because of racial prejudice and states ” Had Ms. Williams-Bolar been white, she likely would never have been prosecuted for this crime in the first place (I’d love for them to show me a white woman in that area who’s gone to jail for the same crime).” Note that he says “in this area”… is this a deliberate attempt to ignore the fact that a white woman was tried and convicted of the same offense in new england? This is blatant race-baiting.It is true that race plays a big part in who gets charged with crimes in this country… case in point: the “jena six” Six young men who,had they been white, would have gone to prison
    The willingness to cry racism and the resulting white guilt are the two biggest obstacles to racial equality. Stop. Stop crying wolf, stop looking for klansmen behind every bush…start making your own destiny

  208. 193

    Hate Tamara


    You are a true b#tch! You’d better hope that you never experience injustice as this…

  209. 194


    So, all things being equal… shouldn’t the “cost” and quality of a public education in one neighboring district be equal to the cost of the education in her district? But I do see. The two districts are separate but equal. The mother broke a law, but did so in order to achieve parity in public education. How dare she want a better life for her children. The question is, would you falsify documents if you KNEW that your kids were going to receive a worthless education because you HAD to live somewhere you could afford versus somewhere that you’d like? It’s not like you can put your kids’ education on hold. Did she break the law? Yes. But we as a society should be ASHAMED that she had to.

  210. 195

    Mike Davis is Pathetic

    Mike Davis is pathetic, and so is everyone else who won’t wake up to the realities of institutional racism/classism and how it affects sectors of our country such as the education system. Our education system is clearly BROKEN, and the only way to fix that is to stop blaming on an individual level and learn your HISTORY so something can be done about the future. The lawmakers from 300 years ago all the way up to the 1970s created this problem, and sugarcoating the issue by stereotyping and generalizing all poor parents and children doesn’t solve the problem. Neither does sugarcoating the issue by saying “there are examples of poor people who make it.” Truth is, hard work and determination only get you so far in education because it also has to do with luck, money, and being in the right place at the right time. How dare you blame a child for his/her bleak future when the school system they went through didn’t have the resources to put them into post-secondary education? How dare you dismiss the parents as apathetic, likely druggies? You clearly show that you have no idea about the cycle of poverty and how that relates to race and/or education.

    Regardless of the relevance of our broken education system (along with institutional racism and classism) to this particular case, and let me say that you would be blind to not see it, you cannot deny that these actual issues exist. To put it in terms of money: by this current system, the few people who indeed find educational and economic success will in no way support the growth and economic needs of this country. However, as illustrated in my aforementioned comments, this doesn’t even touch on the ethical problems with the system. We have already determined that “separate but equal” is unconstitutional, so why do we not only have education related laws based on geography but also have funding based on geography?

    Lastly, I must reiterate what the commenter before me said: “Did she break the law? Yes. But we as a society should be ASHAMED that she had to.”

  211. 196

    Mike Davis is Pathetic

    I forgot to mention a few books that I suggest reading:

    Jonathan Kozol – “The Shame of a Nation”
    Jonathan Kozol – “Savage Inequalities”
    Karl Weber – “Waiting for Superman” (also a movie)

  212. 197


    I have recently started a site, the info you provide on this website has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work. “The man who fights for his fellow-man is a better man than the one who fights for himself.” by Clarence Darrow.

  213. 198


    The lady should have claimed to be an illegal alien and started speaking Spanish. Then they would have left her alone.

  214. 199


    This is SAD. Now if the father ok’d her 2 use the address bcuz he 2 knew the benefit…wats the prob? The answer is simply due 2 the fact the children chances were gr8r 4 them 2 prosper in a white sch dist rather than go 2 sch near Moms home makes more sense in the education choices than 2 have her kids in an environment that they might of gotten transferred anyway (if shes attending sch 2 become a Teacher 9 out of 10 her kids were advanced & she didnt want them 2 suffer in the local sch as her kids being advanced, picked on by those who r nt as educated) Just because she lives in the projects doesnt give right to make her a project! My prayers r w U n ur fam! Stay strong n dnt gv up 4 nothing!

  215. 200

    Just saying

    “This case is a textbook example of how racial-inequality created during slavery and Jim Crow continues to cripple our nation to this day.”

    *eye roll* When will blacks stop using the ancient slavery/Jim Crow eras as an excuse for everything that’s wrong with their lives TODAY? Last I checked the vast majority of white people living right now in this country never owned slaves and hadn’t even been born yet when Jim Crow laws were enforced.

    If black failure is really all about white racism then ask yourself this: why is it that immigrant blacks from Caribbean nations and Asians who don’t speak a lick of English are able to thrive in this so-called racist nation while U.S. blacks continue to flounder in their own country?

    For the record, I don’t blame this woman for “defrauding the educational system” in order to send her daughters to a better school. Most parents who care about their child’s education would do the same in her shoes. But I don’t believe that her situation is 100% pure rank-and-file racism. There are other factors at work here.

  216. 201


    Dr. Watkins, as a Black Man in Cincinnati, OH watching my school district being robbed by the homosexual/teacher union coalition running the Democratic Party, I think your article is garbage.

    Urban teachers are paid at least a third more than suburban teachers, and the Democratic Party running the school board forces the tax payers to pay for homosexual insurance. So, when you make the statement “that urban schools are underfunded” that is absolutely not true.

    The Akron school district that this benefit pump (Williams-Bolar) resided in spent $14,000 per student. The school district she was stealing from spent 10,000 per student (my figures come from the Ohio Department of Education). Roughly $4100 came from the state; the rest came from each school districts tax payers. So she was stealing about $12,000 a year from the Copley Township tax payers.

    Racism has no place in this conversation. Black, so called political/social pundits like yourself should check you testicals, if they are intact, use them and began to address the real problem decimating the Black Urban Education, the homosexual/teachers’ union coalition running the Democratic Party…

    The first thing the homosexual/teachers’ union coalition did via the Obama administration was cut funding to the Historically Black Colleges, after President BUSH (who you most likely have called racist several hundred times) raised the HBC funding to $170,000,000…

    Well, you tell me BLACK MAN?

  217. 202



  218. 203



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  220. 204

    James P. Hilton

    I am white. And I read alot. But few stories I read these days pissed me off as much this one.

    I hope this lady somehow finds justice in this bleak situation.

    If I were a rich man I would hire her the best lawyers money could buy so she could give her kids a shot at a better life and then expose this gross miscarriage of justice and the heartless, hypocritical monsters who perpetuated it.

  221. 205


    My favorite part in this whole article is where the writer states that rich white women don’t live in the projects. This implies that only blacks live in the projects. Okay, answer me this, “Doctor,” why are there so many blacks in the projects? Because, “the white man is bringing you down” excuse? No. Blacks are lazy, ignorant, uneducated, and are more raciest than any white person. Get off your lazy asses, go to school, and get a job. I did. I’m a proud, black mother that can send her kids to a great school, own a beautiful home, and feed my children healthy meals. I didn’t get handed my great life, I earned it. Anyone can do it. Nothing held me back. If anything, being a black woman helped me get scholarships. I proved myself to my employer and landed a 70k a year career. I did all this because I didn’t want to stay in the projects, I wanted more for myself, and I got it.

  222. 206


    To Shaniqua, I agree that many Blacks make excuses for not being able to get ahead in life. But this article shows a woman that was clearly trying to get it together. So for that I take my hat off to her. I stay in a white town with only two high schools and I have seen White people by a house on the other side of town for sports alone. So to the mom I can say you go girl. Keep your head up! And don’t let this stop you from giving your children the best.

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  224. 207

    K. Williams

    Can SOME athlete step up and pay to provide a legal team to represent Ms. Williams-Bolar!!!! This is ludicrous for her to have to spend ANY time behind bars for using another address to ensure that her children have a better education so that they can compete with the rest of the world once they go to college! We KNOW that she is not the ONLY person using the address of another.
    Lady Justice, you’ve peeked through that blindfold because you KNOW this is not JUST!!

  225. 208


    I am a 30 year old black single mother to an already very intelligent 2year old. I am a Store Manager as well and I would’ve done the same thing for my child! I am a product of the poor class education system & I absolutely refuse to raise my child through such a struggle for a low rate education (compared to other (better) school districts). I tip my hat to this mother!!! GOD HAS AN EVEN GREATER PLAN FOR YOUR CHILDREN!! GOD BLESS 🙂

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  227. 209


    As a black man who worked his ass off in school to get to where I am today, to say our inner-city schools are set up for faliure and it is the reason so many of us fail is extremely offensive to me. Being in a class with 25 other students, in which only 2 were white, the vast majority of the class had no intention of learning what-so-ever, the 2 white students included. So don not take away my hard work and dedication to suceede by saying it was the result of the schooling system when only 3 other students as well as myself were intent on taking advantage of our educational oppurtunity provided to us. I had some wonderful teachers who truly anted us to succede and to say it was the schools fault and not those kids whos only reason being there was to make friends and not to learn is very offensive to me. We as a people will never rise above our current place in society by blaming all of our faults on white people. They do not force us to do the things we do, and to say that our under funded educational system is what keeps us down is just b.s. Instead of blaming how we turn out on everyone else instead of taking a look in the mirror is just passing the blame. I feel for this proud black woman, but at the end of the day she commited a crime and she must deal with the consequences, although I feel it would indeed be an injustice to prevent her from obtaining her teahing liscense. Fining her is appropriate, maybe even the 10 days in jail, but she does not deserve to be punished for the rest of her life.

  228. 210

    Kirk Dougluss

    this is RIDICULOUS- and a total waste of the legal system funding and manpower- they arrest a parent for going to the wrong schools, while the thugs are selling crack, heroine, and meth on the streets. They should arrest and jail the local, state, and federal government officials, who allowed the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM to deteriorate to this point, causing a parent to be forced to do this. The woman was only looking out for her kids’ welfare and safety ,and wanted them to get a good education, in a safe school. If you are a citizen of the USA, you should be able to attend ANY public school, that you can physically get your children to in the morning, so they can attend. PERIOD. Kids who are lousy students and don’t want to learn, won’t want to travel to go to school, and will quit as soon as they are old enough to quit- regardless. They should institute a nationwide VOUCHER system, so one can attend ANY PUBLIC SCHOOL in the country, they want to. Wealthy people should not have a chokehold on the better public school systems, and be able to monopolize them for their own kids. Not everyone wants to go in debt $500,000 to buy a house and pay $15,000 a year in property taxes, just to go to a good, safe high school. REAL ESTATE prices and property taxes have become the “barrier to entry” for a good public school education. This is what happens when we have no tariff system, and USA mfg. jobs get outsourced to China, to take advantage of cheap labor. Our education system suffers, along with our entire social structure.

  229. 211


    This is a very heart wrenching story. A true tragedy. My comments.

    1..UPDATE…WHITE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN Governor John Kasich has reduced her felony convictions to misdemeanors and given her a “second chance”. He did this even against the recommendations of the parole board to deny her any relief.

    2..For those of you who wrote she did it for a better school…you are wrong. She admitted to the court that her only reason was that she thought her children would be safer after school, not that the 2nd school was better.

    3..Kirk Douglas above is correct…the REPUBLICAN supported “voucher” system would have allowed her to get her children to another school. Liberals, Democrats and teachers unions fight vouchers. I strongly urge everyone to elect Repubicans so that Kelly Williams-Bolar (and “Vonda” above) will get a voucher to send her children to a school of her choice.

    4..”K. Williams” above suggested that others might also be sending their children to wrong schools. Even if that is true does that justify what she is doing? If you murder and get caught, do you argue that there are murderers who have not been caught and it makes it ok for you? I fail to see how pointing to others violators (who have not been caught) somehow makes it ok for her.

    BOTTOM LINE…White Conservative Gov. Kasich came to the rescue. Conservative supported idea of “vouchers” would allow school choice.

  230. 212


    Truth be told- this wouldnt be on this website if she werent black- what about the other races who experience day to day racism from blacks? You read it right- from Blacks- and do they get a voice? F*ck no!

  231. 213



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  233. 214

    Joseph malone

    If she wanted to teach I would hire her. My school does not require teaching licenses. Very Controversial arguments back and forth. Unfortunately neither side is right and both are stupid. The judge showed extreme bias and lacks the required skill of showing fairness in rulings. If this is the situation in Ohio then blacks need a very far reaching plan that does not rely on the idiotic acceptance of white society nor rule of law.

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