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    Time brings about change. It’s a gift from Life. So, now it’s time to take back our hair! No more being ashamed of the beauty that is our hair. No more allowing others to profit from our hair care. It’s time to embrace our hair and learn how to care for it instead of running from it. Nobody wakes up with manageable hair, everyone has to care for their hair. Our caring has always been to make it look like someone else’s by any means necessary. We’re finally learning how to care for and style our hair in the multitude of ways we can can style it. We’re so beautiful and our hair is so awesome. We were conditioned/programmed to not like not only our hair but ourselves and time is catching up to us and waking us up from a long hard self loathing sleep. Hair stylists now need to get on board and learn how to do REAL hair…in its natural state. And we, Black people, need to come up with the natural products needed to care for our hair so we can gain from it and put that money back into our communities.

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