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    patricia s randolph

    Enjoyed browsing through the pics. Some of them took me back to loving memories.

  2. 2

    Sheila Baker

    Beautiful and inspiring collection. I will visit this
    site often. Thank you for opening and offering it to the

  3. 3


    OMG, I so enjoyed looking at these pictures. It was like stepping back in time to the present. Thank you Chris for sending this link to me thru my email.

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    @Patricia – I’m glad to see they brought a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. We have quite a history in this country.

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    @Gloria – haha, that’s good. Yes back to the future. It’s time to step our game up collectively.

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    @Sheila – thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and also spreading the word about the site! peace

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    Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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    Nana Baakan

    Thank you for this. I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane, challenged myself to see if I could remember all the faces. I did good!!! Want to share this with friends and family. Job well done.

    Nana Baakan

  9. 9


    Thank you Nana! Glad you did well and yes, please share with friends and family. Blessings.

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    OElla Pittman

    I have just viewed a wonderful site. I cried and cried when I saw some of the pictures. The tears were of joy and sadness. Thank you for sharing! I really appreciate it and I am passing the site on to others….

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    Margaret Lois Stewart Austin

    What a precious, way to peek behind the curtains of time, peering into my and other’s past. So many almost forgotten scenes! Thank you for refreshing my memories. I will hold them close until I too slip into the memories of those still here. At 80 years young, I know I have more to give.

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    Margret! Thank you so much for viewing the photos and for sharing your thoughts! I’m glad they helped refresh your memories. And it’s wonderful to have someone “80 years young” sharing their valuable insights.

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    The Sanity Inspector

    Great collection, enjoyed them! The picture of the 1890s bicyclists is from Denver, CO, in case you didn’t know. There’s a great cache of similar photos from a Denver historical archive else-web.

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    Jerome F. Thompson

    Beautiful, I enjoyed them and I will pass this on to family and friends.

  16. 16


    AWESOME! Priceless!

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    What a wonderful collection of images. Thank you for collecting and sharing them.

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