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    So a black man cannot be flamboyantly gay, without being accused of being female? Talk about small minded. Sounds like this blogger is looking for a bone to pick and has found several conveniently even without watching the series throughout or having any decent context. Maybe just maybe less subjective biased opinions and more thoughtful contextual analysis would turn this “article” into something actually worth reading.

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    @Heidi, maybe you should have read the entire post before making your comment. Seems the article is addressing the disrespectful language used to refer to Black women. In addition the “flamboyantly gay” Black man consistently uses derogatory language when referring to Black women. The character in the book series on which the show is based does NOT find it necessary to use this language. So maybe, Heidi, you’re being “small minded”. It may be challenging for you to grasp the impact of this on a cultural group that is consistently stereotyped in the media, television and film –but keep reading the posts here and you’ll probably grow.

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