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    Kamm Howard

    Prof., what you have just described is the methodology of 20th, 21st Century economic colonialism. But even more important in your “other” analysi is that this methodology is the same methodology and response that took place in the late 1400’s on the west coast of Africa. Afrikans allowed the Portugese to begin trading with them on the west coast. Then they allowed a few of them to set up trading post on the West Coast, eventually they began to build “castles” that later became the military forts from which they waged enslaving raids and economic and political colonialism on the continent. We allowed them in because of our “zenophilia and ethical” cultural characteristics and then they sought to dominate. Because that is their nature. The “other” is not in white face today. They are Arab, Indian, Hispanic and Asian. However the methodology is the same and, as you have also shown, our response is still the same – let them on in. The lesson is we must reclaim our economic space forthrightly.

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    I used to work at one of these salons… These people are unbelievably disrespectful… They have filled their businesses with “black faces” so the consumer will buy from someone they are familiar with. I was fired from the HAIR SALON for retailing my own products and accessories to MY LONGTIME CLIENTS, just like I did when I worked at black salons with no problem. They stated that my clients had to buy from them, the beauty supply, and not me… They totally disregarded the fact that I am an independent contractor, and demanded me to leave their salon right in the middle of me doing 2 clients…

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