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    I have personally taken on what is considered a ‘hair-growth journey’…which more and more women of color have drastically resorted to-in the ultimate hope of attaining, and experiencing the ‘burried truth’ concerning their natural hair’s potential. It is a journey of discovery and joy, that has particularly overwhelmed me after so many years of ‘hair self-destruction!’ In viewing all of the inspirational videos of younger ladies, who have chronicled their own hair growth/hair health diaries-has illustrated for me-an improved love and respect for the care of my own hair!
    I am currently growing my hair as if it had been one of the easiest feats to accomplish! I do, however, vigorously question the use of certain brands and products, which either contains the same sorts of chemicals (alcohols); or, these ARE NOT products distributed by the A.A. community. In deciding on a planned hair growth regimen, I have adopted the use of five (5), essentially 100% pure ‘products’..which will serve as primary I continue my hair growth journey, to lengths never ever realized before.
    To remedy the issue of ‘our own’..means to distribute our own lines of 100% Pure Product!

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    Danielle Reed

    Support black owned hair and beauty products…

    Try products by:

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    Donna Marie Johnson

    I love to hear news like this. Melissa’s news show is awesome.

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    Donna Marie Johnson

    Also, you asked for my opinion about the participation of African-American’s in the market for black hair care products.

    I abosolutely love to support online hair care businesses founded by African-American women. One of my favs is Smell Goods ’98 by Itiel. She has a great line of natural products that are really do smell great and that are re-purposable.

    I particularly love her perfumed products that are made just for young girls. This has enabled me to finally allow my young girls to wear perfume with out worrying it will cause an allergic reaction.

    It is so vitally important for us to be aware of what black business owners are doing, not just support for their businesses, but also showing support for the business networks that many of them frequent on ning and on Facebook.

    So, that’s my two cents, and I hope that helps someone.

    ~Donna Marie Johnson

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    Nina Ross

    I say that there is a huge shift in consumer attitude and purchasing behavior in regard to Korean markets. There are TONS of AA owned hair extensions companies popping up that know our market inherently. We are in the midst of a revolution.

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    Nina, that is a good thing! I believe Blacks should control all facets of the business of Black hair. This includes manufacturing, distribution, retailing, wholesaling, marketing, technology, research and development. That’s a lot of jobs, business opportunities, and trillions of dollars in revenue. Why just be consumers? Let the REVOLUTION continue!

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