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    Mr. Kimbrough, you have no idea how much this angers me. I read this article over and over and became angrier and angrier. I can’t help but think that this also has something to do with the Zionist Jews who rule the music industry. If “you” don’t march to their beat, you no longer exist. Dre via his gift is saying, “Yassah Massah”.

    Greazy Williams @facebook

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    Jo Lena Johnson

    He was born and raised in Southern California. USC is a prestigious school. Years ago when he was part of NWA he was rebuked by the black ‘educated’ community. He wantedto make a ccontribution that would make a significant statement, and also be well-managed. He and Jimmy are close enough to the University to ‘be there’ and see their vision come to light – and be sustained. While I can relate to the other side of the coin/argument, he made a good choice for him, based on his goals. Anybody who doesn’t like it….how much did YOU donate to anyone last year or the year before? ??

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    Mr. Young could have put that money into a HBCU and he knows it. I can’t see any good excuse, and I do mean excuse, for not having done so. HBCUs need the money and the support.

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    There you go again, thinking somebody owes you something because you’re black. What would you do with it if he did give you the money; people actually want to go to USC. You’d probably have another young black hazed to death. The real question is: why is NAACP President, & BroBama importing competition for the few jobs the NEA run state schools education trains you for?

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    Have a product people want to buy, and you’ll be surprised how rich you’ll get! Boycott Beats!

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    Zionist Jews? Really? The only foot on your neck is your uneducated, unwilling to work own!

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    His wealth, his right. Im sure Dre is aware that his community first and foremost supported and accepted nwa before anybody else did. The best untapped pool of creative and genius minds still resides in our econmomically stressed communities we just have to find a way to get to them and nuture and develop them before the street does.

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    Sarah Ann

    Dr Dre should be asked why NO monies to a HBCU???

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    His money, his rules. He didn’t attend an HBCU, so why in the world is he obligated to give money to one? & with the scandals in the media lately RE: poor financial management at several high profile HBCU’s… why would he throw away an investment like that? Are HBCU’s even still relevant? With poorer facilities, and skyrocketing costs, students of color would be better served going to predominantly white schools & joining black student unions… at a fraction of the cost.

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    hernanday oleary

    I debate in my mind if Dre give anything, maybe it was ALL the jews money. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me a “black” man who spent his whole career calling himself the “n-word” has a resentment to african americans. After all you cannot make your whole career and millions of songs all over the planet about killing black folk then be some great black power activist. all of these rap artist are bought and sold for by whites, every single one, no exceptions.

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